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Real Estate

All I Want to Do is Get My Mortgage In Just My Name. – Tom

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“Dear Steve, Myself and my business partner own a very nice duplex rental property in Canton, Ohio. We have also jointly owned a couple other properties together, but have recently decided to go in different directions in terms of our investing. We have sold most of the properties to get this split completed and have one lingering property to complete. ... Read More »

    Tila Solutions Wants to Charge Me for a Loan Audit. Is This a Good Idea? – Marilyn

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    “Dear Steve, I sent you a message several weeks ago concerning UFAN. I have read two of the posts where you answered questions about this entity, so I went with my intuition and the advice posted and did not proceed. I had inquired a about lawsuits against HSBC, my current mortgage holder. Briefly, my situation was created when I was ... Read More »

      I Was in Foreclosure, Settled, and the Mortgage Company Still Sends Me a Monthly Bill. – Maud

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      “Dear Steve, I was in foreclosure in 2004. I got a lawyer but my lawyer sold me out. I paid paid him $3000. And the mortgage company paid him $5000. I asked him why did they give him money and I didn’t get any cash. He told me they gave him the money to settle the case. But on the ... Read More »

        I’m Desperate to Get Bank of America to Modify My Mortgage. – Mae

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        “Dear Steve, Out of work 20 months – have tried to work with BofA on a loan modification for 2 1/2 years. Submitted paperwork to them 9 times and can’t get a modification just the run around. Doing a forensic and securities audit of my loan by an outside agency – can this really help with gaining leverage from my ... Read More »

          I Was Going to Sign the Retainer for UFAN but Now I’m Scared I’m Being Scammed. – Tony

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          “Dear Steve, I do not have information to share but rather need information. My date for sale has been given by the bank as Oct 15th, I was already to sign up with the UFAN group until I found some discrepancies with the retainer contract and what the affiliate explained to me prior and then reading your posts all made ... Read More »

            UFAN Sent Me a Form 1012-R Mailer to Keep me in My House

            “Dear Steve, Received a Form 1012-R mailer from UFAN I called the # 1-866-395-7446 i was transferred to a legal assistant named Jacob Rasmussen. After explained all my situation he said that I will have to sent in a copy of the DOT (Deed of Trust) and the engagement agreement signed in order to be set up for a consultation ... Read More »

              Regions Bank Would Not Help Lower Our Mortgage Payment. – James

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              “Dear Steve, I’ve been a business owner or was a partner in business for 30 years. In 2002 I had a estate home built. Regions bank held mortage (but told later after bankruptcy that Freddie and Fannie held the loan). In 2007 when the economy was going south I watched a 50 year business drop. We closed the doors in ... Read More »

                Precision Law Center Said Bank of America Violated Our Mortgage. – Lane

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                “Dear Steve, Was approached by Precision Law Center about Tort litigation. Was told that BofA violated some of the MERS rules/regulation (electronic document transfers) Was told that BofA is likely to settle. Part of the settlement is a loan re-organization at 80% current value @ 2% interest on a 30 yeat fixed. Was also told that ther could likely be ... Read More »

                  Did I Give The Right Advice to Sell the House? – Dawn

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband and I have a good friend who is single. He inherited a 3br 2 bath home from his parents on their passing. He is in his late 40’s, has trouble keeping steady employement, and is always struggling with money. I suggested he might want to consider selling his 2000+ sq ft home and downsize to somthing ... Read More »

                    How Do I Find Out if We Qualify for a Mortgage Modification? – Linda

                    “Dear Andy, We are one of the many Americans who has a mortgage loan that is much higher than our home value. If we were to sell our home today, we would take about a $100,000 loss. I would like to know where I can go to find out if we qualify for any of the home loan modification programs ... Read More »

                      Should I Pay to Join a Mortgage Mass Joinder Suit to Lower My Mortgage? – Don

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                      “Dear Steve, Struggling to keep a home I purchased for 278,000 back in 2007. Now the house is worth 130,000. My initial payment was 2068 a month. After the loan modification I now pay 1728 a month. I got a letter from Precision Law Center regarding a TORT LItigation stating that I could get monetary compensation and reduce the principal ... Read More »

                        What is a Short Sale Property and Will it Help Us?

                        “Dear Andy, Hello Sir. We own a second home in California (good part of SF Bay Area) with a renter. Two years ago contacted Citimortgage for loan mod but they did not help because at that time we were only behind a couple of payments. Citimortgage did offer us a fixed 5-year interest that time (not sure if that was ... Read More »

                          GMAC Mortgage is Rejecting My Full Payment. What Do I Do? – Michael

                          “Dear Andy, I have a mortgage with GMAC. I scheduled to have a full payment electronically withdrawn from my checking acct this thursaday, aug 4, 2011, with the assistance of a GMAC representative via a phone call to GMAC. They accepted the payment and gave me a confirmation number. This payment was set up on july, 30, 2011. GMAC called ... Read More »

                            I’m Separating From My Husband, Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Want to Do a Short Sale. – Tina

                            “Dear Andy, Originally purchased house in 1999 for 162,500. We have refinanced about three times over the years to help pay for some credit card repayment and also home improvement. The cost of refinancing has added about $10K on average each time, with the last re-fi adding on $20K (special loan because of PMI issues). (The last re-fi was done ... Read More »

                              Should I Do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or Short Sale With Bank of America? – Pat

                              “Dear Andy, We originally had Countrywide Mortgage provider 2005 ( a fannie mae loan), we were then one day just notified that our new mortgage holder was Bank of America. We have been paying a PMI of around $220.00. In September of last year we filed for a short sale and were approvedin Feb, three months later now they say ... Read More »

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