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What are some good companies to call about my huge amount of secret debt?

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I’ve got to stop lying to myself and my husband who I have not told I owe not including my mortgage and student loans, $15-16,000 in heinous, frivolous purchases? Today I awoke from my spending stupor because I can no longer afford to pay my mostly maxed out cards AND OUR MORTGAGE. I deserve to be in a scary place, ... Read More »

    Father struggling with credit card debt and mom doesn’t know about it. – Quilley

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    I recently pulled my annual free credit report and was surprised to find that the balance on a credit card my father opened many years ago has grown to $19,000 (there was no balance when I checked last year). It shows up on my report, and my brother’s as well, because we are both authorized to use the card (although ... Read More »

      I Can’t Afford My Harley Davidson Motorcycle Anymore. Harley Davidson Financial Wants to Repossess My Bike. – David

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      I bought motorcycle and can no longer pay for it . I’ve had the bike for over a year and half, the day after I bought the bike home my wife and I attempted to return the bike to Harley Davidson financial company stating that we couldn’t afford the bike, they refused to accept the bike. We relented kept the ... Read More »

        Made horrible mistake getting car loan for boyfriend. Please help get this car out of my name! – Jocelyn

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        I really made a big mistake with a car loan for someone else. I bought a house by myself earlier this year which is going fine. I have a 157K mortgage loan. My long-time boyfriend was unemployed and his credit isn’t that good and of course, he needed a car, perfect timing. We initially went into a seedy place that ... Read More »

          My wife is mexican, she left me with a credit card debt of 18000, she is now in mexico? is there a way to make her responsible for what she owes?

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          We got married on 2001, I am legal in USA, but she was not, the thing is that as long as you have a job you can get credit, that is what she did, now she went back to mexico and left me with that huge debt, do I have to respond for that? is there a way to track ... Read More »

            My Partner Was Kicked Out for Domestic Violence and Now I Can’t Afford the House. – Victoria

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            “Dear Steve, I own a home with my fiance. He was arrested for domestic violence (that didnt start until we bought the home, go figure) and has a restraining order on him. He has stopped paying his half of the mortgage and our bills. I contacted our lender (Bank of America) and they said my debt to income is too ... Read More »

              My Parents Cut Me Off. They Didn’t Approve of My Boyfriend. – Chantel

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              “Dear Steve, About one year ago, my parents announced that they would be cutting me off because they did not approve of my boyfriend. I come from an upper middle class family, and up until this point I had my college, car, insurance, sorority, rent, clothes, etc. completely paid for, so I was devastated and had no idea what to ... Read More »

                My Husband Took Off and Left Me With Two Kids and Debt. – Christina

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                “Dear Steve, Looking for laws about money being withdrawn from a checking account without my knowledge or consent I was married for 10+ years and in the first 7 years of my marriage i was the provider with a very below average paycheck. definelty not enough to support a household. so we paid what was important and did what we ... Read More »

                  Divorced, Lived Off Savings and Now Using Cash Advances Off Credit Cards. – Jill

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                  “Dear Steve, Divorced and lived off of savings. Started a business with savings and credit cards (cc). Looked for jobs and could not find one. Right after divorce, I obtained my masters. Living off of cc now. Have a rental house in another state with a tenant. Had great credit for 15 years. It has dropped 100 points this year. ... Read More »

                    My Ex-Husband Wants Me to Pay a Loan We Had. – Angela

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                    “Dear Steve, We were divorced about 2 years ago. I left him. He has everything. The house and all it’s contents. By the way house is still in my name. The truck he drives is still in both our names. He changed the locks on the house 3 days after I left so I was not able to get my ... Read More »

                      I’m a Nurse and Just Barely Making Ends Meet But My Husband Won’t Help Financially. – Kaye

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                      “Dear Steve, I am married and work as a nurse, making a good salary. I currently have around $32,000 in debt. This includes a debt consolidation account, car, bank loan, student loan medical bills, and back taxes. I am able to pay my monthly payments but have not been able to cover the taxes and medical bills. My husband was ... Read More »

                        Wife Left, Business is Down, and I’m Out of Money. – James

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                        “Dear Steve, Ex left 5 years ago. I took on the house that is 70k upside down the 4 kids, the credit card debt , the tax debt, the parent plus loans, the counseling fees for the kids. @ the time my contracting business could handle all of this.The my work load was cut in half twice and I was ... Read More »

                          If I Get Remarried Will the Creditors Come After My New Husband? – Laurel

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                          “Dear Steve, My ex-husband left my two children and me with our joint debt of around 150k which he has no intention of paying even though he makes btwn around 70k per year. The divorce decree states that we pay what is in our own names. All our debt is joint. If I get remarried, will the creditors come after ... Read More »

                            I’m 61 and Back in Credit Card Debt. If We Divorce, Will He Be Responsible? – Gail

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                            “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married 12 years. We are both permanent legal guardians for my biological twin grandsons since birth. We live in NV. I am 61 , he is 75. He is retired military and still works as a dealer. I have not worked since the birth of the boys. We make aprox $72000.00/yr. We ... Read More »

                              My Ex-Husband Was Supposed to Give Me Half His Retirement And He Spent It. – Nory

                              “Dear Lewis, my ex husband was court ordered to pay me half of his retirement, he spent it all, he and we both have attorneys, my attorney was going after him for my fees, now my attorney wants me to pay him. I have no money and this all took place over a month ago, when does my ex have ... Read More »

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