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I Was in a Bad Relationship Which Has Left Me in Major Debt. – Cynthia

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I was in a bad relationship in which has left me in major debt. I have not been able to keep up with payments, a debt consolidator slipped through a payment in which my checks are now being garnished by 25%. I cannot afford for my debt to take over. I want to be debt free. What are ... Read More »

    I Just Bought a House And My Soon to Be Husband is Going to File Bankruptcy. – R

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I just bought a house, in my name only and will be getting married next month. He is planning on filing bankruptcy due to his ex foreclosing on a house that was in both names. When he does this, will it effect my loans? Can they come after my assets, that I had before getting married? R” Dear ... Read More »

      I’m Getting Divorced and Can’t Afford My Bills. – Kate

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I am currently in the middle of getting divorced, and have about $23,000 in credit card debt and $30,000 in student loans. I currently can not afford all the debt payments as well as household expenses and my soon to be ex-husband is a stay at home dad who has been unable to find work. I had contacted ... Read More »

        I’ve Been Living Off My Credit Cards for a While. – Tai

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, I am a married woman 27 years old. I have a two year old daughter and I am on a fixed income. I am considered disabled by the state in which I reside and receive $642 per month from SSA and SSI combined. My husband is not working and does not contribute to household cost as he did ... Read More »

          I Left an Abusive and Controlling Husband and Now I’m Drowning in Debt. – Lynn

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, I left an abusive/ controlling husband a few years ago with literally not a penny to my name. Because of shady practices on my ex’s part and a lawyer who did not serve me well, I ended up $5000 in debt right from the start with legal bills and a poor settlement. In spite of working overtime as ... Read More »

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