Repossession Payment Plans With Debt Collectors

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“Dear Michael, Defaulted on a motorhome. It was repossessed and sold at auction. The balance owed after the sale was assigned to a collector. That collector and I made an agreement (contract?) that I would pay a certain amount each month until the debt was satisfied. I have made those payments faithfully for over 2 years-never late. Now the original ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed, My Wages are Garnished and I’m Not Sure if Bankruptcy is Right for Me. – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, I have gotten myself into some serious financial problems. While I know that mine is not as bad as some I am behind on every bill and my car was repossessed last night. I am a single mother to 3 girls and I yes I do have a full time job. My husband passed away in 2003 so ... Read More »

I Turned My Toyota Back In and Can’t Afford to Pay the Big Bill Due? – Alma

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“Dear Steve, I purchased a vehicle from Toyota back in 2011 I believe , we’ll I got a really screwed up deal, payments of 530 a month with a co-signer , 60,000 miles on it and it was used. 19% interested rate, we’ll I was able to make payments for a while until I got pregnant and couldn’t afford to ... Read More »

I Signed for a Car for My Ex-Boyfriends Brother. – Jessica


“Dear Steve, I signed for a car for my (now ex) brother in law. It is a very expensive car. Its been in my name for about a year now, and as of right now, there is about 37,000 left on the loan. He has been habitually late, 30+ days late, 9 times! I am not with my boyfriend anymore ... Read More »

My Bank Won’t Give me an Auto Loan Because of My Past Repossession


“Dear Steve, Almost 7 years ago I voluntarily turned my vehicle in for repossession. I wasn’t behind, but I knew I couldn’t afford it and handle a mortgage since I was purchasing a house. Fast forward to this day it is on schedule to be removed off my credit in January of 2014 according to my bank (auto loan department). ... Read More »

Capital One Wrongfully Repossessed My Car and Now Someone is Trying to Collect. – Gregory

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“Dear Steve, 2006: purchased a car through Capital One Auto Finance. 2007: got behind on payment, went into the military, vehicle was repossessed while I was at basic training. early 2008: tried to pay on it a bit, but couldn’t afford to so I stopped. late 2012: Honorably discharged from the military. 2013: Got written word that Capital one wrongfully ... Read More »

The Auction House Says They Will Hold Our Car for Two Days. Can They Do That? – Lorrie


“Dear Steve, Car was repo’d two weeks ago, owed just over $1000 to pay of our six year loan. Was not informed that the car was going to be taken until after it was gone. Paid off the amount plus fees, we now owe $0. The car was being held at an auction place the papers from the finance company ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed. Should I Just Let Them Sell It? – Astrid

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“Dear Steve, I recently had my car repo . Now they are charging me these crazy fees to get it back . I actually made the payment but my online banking payed it to my old car loan for my previous vehicle i was never notified my payment wasnt recieved. My payment was for two months worth. Im dont know ... Read More »

Helped a Friend Get a Car. Now They Won’t Pay. – Mel

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“Dear Steve, I friend of mine, Friend A, purchased a car for Friend B in Friend A’s name in January of 2011. They agreed verbally that the car would be the “possession” of Friend B (even though it is in Friend A’s name) and that Friend B would pay all the payments for the five year term of the loan ... Read More »

Farmers National Bank Took Our Truck. – Crystal

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“Dear Steve, We received a letter from our bank stating that we are late in making our payments we were three months behind the letter stated that if we paid the amount due of $1319.63 by the last day for payment which was 11-08-2012 that we may continue with the contract as though were not late The bank sent a ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed But They Never Gave Me My Stuff or License Plate. – Jane

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“Dear Steve, My automobile was repossessed in Massachusetts on 12/20/12, in the wee hours of the morning from the parking lot at my apartment complex. The loan was in default, so that’s not the issue. Once the car was repossessed, I never rec’d a Post-Possession Notice or, in fact, did I have any communication from either the lender or the ... Read More »

My Car Was Wrongly Repossessed by Capital One Auto Finance. – Richard

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“Dear Steve, My car was wrongfully repossessed by Capital One Auto Finance. They acknowledged that it was their error. However they are now refusing to provide documentation for me to send to the credit bureaus. Every time I contact them they state they will have it removed but now as a result I have a repo and a closed account ... Read More »

I’m Getting Out of the Army and Can’t Afford My Truck Payment. – Mark


“Dear Steve, I am getting out of the army soon and can no longer afford my truck payment. I called my lender located in texas and they said I would be brought down on criminal charges if I didn’t continue to pay or bring the vehicle back to them. They refuse to repo and demand I bring the vehicle back ... Read More »

I Could Not Afford My Credit Union Car Payment and Gave My Car Back

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“Dear Steve, I took out a car loan with my credit union and i had a hardship and they were able to lower my loan. However it was not lowered enough to satify my ability to afford the monthly payments. Therefore I contact the credit union for further help and they were unable to further lower my paynents. My payments ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed in New Jersey Without Notice. Can TD Bank Do That? – Kayla

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“Dear Steve, My info is a little long but I really hope you can help: My vehicle was repossessed in the state of New Jersey. I had no idea that the bank was going to, or were even thinking about taking my vehicle. However, I did experience financial difficulties and couldn’t make my payments on time. I was in CONSTANT ... Read More »

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