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Credit Acceptance Corporation Repoed My Car by Mistake! – Toni

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“Dear Steve, Company was.credit acceptance corporation, bought at. billy navarre, Well, my.suv got repossessed about two Weeks ago. I bought the vehicle in march 2012, so I haven’t even had it but 10 months. I signed up for autopay thru western union, and they would send confirmation of payment to my email every time they get paid, which is every ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Car Payments Anymore. Should I Give the Car Back? – Jon

Cheerful female driver huging her new car

“Dear Steve, Bought a used car when working, now no longer working and can barely make car payments. While I was working I could afford to make a close to $300 car payment. Now I’m no longer working and I really need to unload this car even though as much as I love the little car, Due to credit card ... Read More »

I Made My Truck Payment But They Repoed My Truck Anyway. – Susan

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“Dear Steve, I made a truck payment a month late. My truck payment is usually do on the 7th of every month. I made December’s payment on January 10th, called and gave my reference number to the finance company. They said they were going to try there best to fax the cancellation of repo order, but it may be done ... Read More »

We Can’t Afford Our Furniture Payments or Payment Plans They’ve Offered. – Jason

furniture store

“Dear Steve, My wife lost her job we became 7 month’s behind on our furniture payments the debt was bought out by a third party they called with an offer we couldn’t afford 300$ a month for 5 months I asked if we could do 150$ because we couldn’t afford what They were asking they said no and then came ... Read More »

Crescent Bank and Trust Repossessed My Car. – Yolanda

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“Dear Steve, My vehicle was repossessed by Crescent Bank and Trust which is a second chance bank. I was never notified by the bank that my vehicle was going to be repossessed. Is it required for the bank to contact me by mail or phone before taking my vehicle in the state of Texas? I moved from my prior residence ... Read More »

Can My Ex-Boss Repossess My Car? – Holli

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“Dear Steve, my ex boss borrowed me 1600.00 for a car, we made a personal contract between the two of us that he printed of the internet, i no longer work for him and it did not end well, on the contract it states i will pay 150.00 a month until paid in full, it does not say whether or ... Read More »

They Took My Truck After I Made My Payment. – Tee

tow truck

“Dear Steve, My truck was reposed on 11/27 from my finance company the repo man had a paper in his hand saying the repo was issued to him on the 11/7/ and my payment was made 11/06/ I even showed the guy my bank statement where it was taken out…. I called the company this morning and they advised me ... Read More »

My Friend Just Found Out Her Repossessed Truck is Being Used as a Farm Truck By Her Dad. – Jen

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, A friend of mine just found out she has a repossession on her credit on a vehicle that has been used as a farm truck by her dad since she moved out of the state and still to this day. The repossession shows it was 6 years ago. She was not aware of any of this. She moved ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed. Can I Get It Back if I File for Bankruptcy? – David

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have a card which I owe $4,600 on. They garnished my bank account which had nothing back in April. I called them in April and told the collector I would be claiming bankruptcy by August as I came up with the $800-1200 for a lawyer. My car was seized today which was co-signed by my mother and ... Read More »

What Can We Do About Threats From Ford Motor Credit? – Marvin

“Dear Jon, My wife and I have been struggling to pay bills due to her employment situation. She has been unemployed and currently works part time. Ou home have been modified and we just is barely making ends. We were excellent customers with Ford Credit until she lost her job. The account manager have been harassing us calling my wife ... Read More »

Can I Get My Repossessed Truck Back if I File Bankruptcy? – Melissa

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, Truck repoed yesterday and they want us to pay 22,000 in 10 days is it true if we file for bankruptcy we can ask for the truck back or is there anyway we can get it back we dont have that much and its our only means of transportation for my 3 kids Melissa” Dear Melissa, You might ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed. Do I Have to Pay The Entire Loan Back? – Barbara

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“Dear Steve, My car was repossessed and the lender told me I will need to pay the entire sale price plus fees occurred and my pass due fees. I live in Georgia and I need to know is he correct for doing this and giving me only 10 days to come up with $4000 instead of $600 Barbara” Dear Barbara, ... Read More »

I Brought My Account Current But My Car Got Repossessed Anyway. – Nelson

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“Dear Steve, I make a payment on saturday at a shared branch of my credit union that brought my account current and the receipt stated my next payment is due 4/28; however, my car was repossessed this morning. can the bank actually do that? is it wrongful repossession after bring your account current and your vehicle get repossed two days ... Read More »

Does the Car Lender Have a Right to Reposes My Car After I Made a Payment Through MoneyGram? – Abby

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“Dear Steve, I have been known to be late on car payments, but I do always make them, I made my payment this am, through an automatic moneygram deal, and they repossessed my car that day. Did they have legal right to take it, after accepting my payment? and what do the fees to “redeem” cover, is it a penalty, ... Read More »

How Much Time Do I Have to Get My Motorcycle Back After Being Repossessed? – Ashton


HSBC just repossessed my motorcycle and they want the lump some that pays it off in order to get it back. During the past few months I called and changed my address with them which turns out they never did and made arrangements with them to make the account current and avoid repossession and again they have no record of ... Read More »

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