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Buy here lot wants to repossess my vehicle but they want me to bring it back to the state. – Tim

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I purchased a vehicle from a buy here pay here company when i was living in georgia. i moved back home to my home state back in may. since then i have hit a financial downfall. im not disputing that i owe them money or anything. to make a long story short it is now up for repossession, they do ... Read More »

    My friend left the country and left a repossesed car behind. What risks would I take if I drive it?

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    My friend had to leave the country and left his car behind…I keep it in my garage (different address from him) and drive it back and forth to work, from garage to garage. It is already being looked to be repossesed by the car dealership (for lack of payments for a few months). Does police get involved in this issue ... Read More »

      Can I Sue My Finance Company for Wrongful Repossession? – Angela

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      I live in California ans my car was recently reposessed. I want to know if I can take the finance company to small claims court and sue for money lost, etc. I was 1 month behind on my payment. I made a payment arrangement to have my finance company take the past due amount out of my bank account on ... Read More »

        What are the chances of Toyota Financial negotiating the ‘REINSTATEMENT’ amount? – Crystal

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        I regretfully made the mistake of not communicating with Toyota Financial and confessing to my change in my financial situation, due to being laid off from my job. So of course the dreadful results of Repossession took place… The combination of losing your job and getting your car repossessed is beyond stressful, Toyota Financial repossess the car, sends me the ... Read More »

          How soon can I get a mortgage after paying off a repo? – Samantha

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          My car was repossessed in June 2010 and auctioned for less than the loan amount shortly after. So the account appears on my credit reports as a charge-off and delinquent for the deficiency amount. I would really like ti buy a home so six months ago I started working to repair my credit (which also had an old cellphone bill ... Read More »

            My Ford Explorer Just Got Repossessed. – Donna

            “Dear Steve, i have $8000.00 let on my 2006 Ford Explorer. Was behind two months and they took it 330 this morning. I live in southwestern Connecticut and they took my car to RHODE ISLAND!!!!! 2 and half hours away!!!! Can they do that and what do you think the towing cost is?? Today in Sat so I can:t get ... Read More »

              I Have a Lot of Credit Card Debt, a Repossession and a Judgment. – Eric

              “Dear Mitch, I have a lot of old credit card debt. Recently I had a repossession go to judgment in which I received a letter in the mail. I contacted the law firm but was not left felling comfortable.. They answered the phone by just saying “law office” , the person I spoke to seemed completely uniformed of anything. I ... Read More »

                What Can I Do About My Car I Can’t Afford Anymore? – Jared

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                “Dear Steve, About a year ago I had a great job selling life insurance making a lot of money(to me at least), wrecked my old car, so I needed to buy a new car. After awhile of thinking I had come to the conclusion that for my job I needed a nice car (for appearance purposes) and since I could ... Read More »

                  Girlfriend Just Had Our Baby and My Car Got Repossessed. – Steve

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                  “Dear Steve, Situation * my girl friend just had our child she was out of work and i am in deep financial hole. car got repossessed due back payments. i would like to file for bankruptcy but i did not file my tax return for last year ,because i knew i was going to owe. can i still file it ... Read More »

                    Does the California Repossession Law Let Them Take My Car? – Freyja


                    “Dear Steve, We have a car loan with the dealership and we made a payment on July 20th. Our payments are usually do on the 8th and we a 10 day window before a late fee is assessed. On Aug 4th they repossessed my car and when I called the dealership they told me I never made a payment and ... Read More »

                      Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Repossessed My Car. – Tammy

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                      “Dear Steve, I got out of the Army in the beginning of March. In May, after I realized I couldn’t keep up with a $600 a month car loan, I contacted Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and asked if there was a way to get lower payments. I explained my situation to them and also informed them I am living off ... Read More »

                        I Made a Partial Car Payment But They Repossessed the Car Anyway. – Denise

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                        “Dear Steve, I made a partial car payment and I called the car company and told them the rest of the payment was in the mail and on it’s way a few days later they came and reposed it so they have my money and the car Now they want me to pay for the repo I think they are ... Read More »

                          I Made a Payment And The Bank Took My Car and Sold It. – Mary

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                          “Dear Steve, I hope you can help. About 2 yrs. ago my car was repossed by the bank i had made a 1/2 payment the teller said it was ok . the next day my car was gone? They auctioned off my car and sent me a huge bill ? the car was half paid off.I obtained a attorney in ... Read More »

                            The Repo Man Took My Motorcycle and Sold It. – Shelby

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                            “Dear Steve, I had a motocycle, never missed a payment for 2 years. Lost my job and I am getting unemployment. I got 2 months behind on my bike payments and the repo man got the bike. The bike was sold in auctiion and I am being sued for the difference. I received a judgement against me and they put ... Read More »

                              I Don’t Know Where the Car is That My Car Loan is On. – Jose

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                              “Dear Steve, hey how u doing, heres my situation.. in jan 2007 i asked the bank for a loan to buy a car, now because i didnt have credit, my uncle signed as cosignor, anyways , i paid the car for a year and 3 months, but then i couldnt keep paying, so my uncle told me that if i ... Read More »

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