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I Recently Separated From My Husband but Don’t Make Enough Money. – Nea

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“Dear Steve, Im recently seperated from my husband . I only make enough money to cover bare basic needs. My mort right now is 820.00, my car note is 320.00 and My car insurance is about 120.00 Im currently in the process of home loan Modification.. which will lower my interest rate by 1.5% . I received paper work from ... Read More »

    My Grandma Cosigned for My Car Loan and She is Going Bankrupt. I Think the Wrecker in Front of My House Wants to Repo It. – Mark

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    “Dear Steve, My grandmother and myself are on title of my car, as Mark and_______, she is filing bankruptcy and I still owe 3,000.00 on car. I live in Ky, and saw a wrecker outside my house last night, it has only been one week. Can they take my car now, before going to court, or can they take it ... Read More »

      I’m Being Sued for a Previous Car Repossession. – Nichole

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      “Dear Steve, Wat should I do about a lawsuit in reference to a car loan that is at least 5 years old. I live in Maryland and CAC is trying to sue me for a vehicle that has been in their possession since April of 2005. I got the vehicle in Feb. 2004 and shortly after that I lost my ... Read More »

        They Repossessed My Car and Now Say I Owe Eleven Grand. – Don

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        “Dear Steve, My car was repossed. I fell behind on the payments, the transmission went out, and I didn’t have a place to live for a short period of time. I had to choose and having a place to live won out. I’m employed and have just received the deficiency notice. I owe $11,000 which of course I don’t have. ... Read More »

          Reaffirmed Car To Be Repossessed After Bankruptcy – Ray

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          “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy and reafirmed my car. I then lost my job. Now my car is going to be repossed. I am several months behind. How can I keep my car now that I have found steady employment and can make the payments Ray” I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted ... Read More »

            Will My Car Get Repoed if I Take it to the Dealer for Service? – Mike

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            “Dear Steve, I fell way behind on my car payment, I am on unemployment, and now my car needs to be fixed and it has to go to the dealership to get fixed. It might get repo’d if they realize its so far behind. If they do take the car, I know will be responsible for the amount still owed, ... Read More »

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