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Retirement Related

My Active Duty Military Husband Says We Should Not Start Investing Till He Returns From Being Deployed. – Barbara

“Dear Paul, We are an active duty military couple (14 years in) with one child and gross income of about $120,000 (with pay and allowances) per year. I’m 40, he’s 34. I have a Bachelors in Business and have almost completed a Masters in Finance. We’ve had money issues in the past, but dug ourselves out back to having a ... Read More »

    No Retirement, No Savings, Drowning in Debt. – Randy

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    “Dear Steve, Self employed – earned about $80K in 2010 (up from 2009); 58 years old. $10K in savings; no retirement plan other than to work ’till the end. Home owner – mortgage etc. about $2K/mo; no equity, but not underwater either – just about even. Unsecured debt is about $50K. Not behind yet in anything, but between self-employment taxes ... Read More »

      We Are Seven Years From Retiring. How About This Plan for Eliminating Our Debt? – Alan

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      “Dear Steve, We are 7 years from retiring ( we are on target to have 5K a month in retirement annuities) Owe 110K on house Have 68K in college loans for 4 kids to pay off Have 28K in credit card Have 25K in 2 car loans The wife and I bring home 102K combined each year I would like ... Read More »

        My Husband is a Liar, Cheat and Thief and Spent Our Equity Line of Credit Without Telling Me

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        “Dear Steve, I habe been married for 8 years. I got the mail recently and found the account summary for our Equity Line of Credit. All but 3500.00 of the 50,000 has been taken by my husband for the last 4 years. he has only been paying the 167.00 interest payment. I was shocked for he never told me he ... Read More »

          I Am a Professional Pilot in Debt. – Mike

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          “Dear Steve, Professional pilot. About $140k annual income. 10k in high interest CC debt. 10 K in lower interest home equity. I really want to eliminate both debts. 1 Car loan of lesser concern, but want to attack after cc debts are eliminated. 43 yrs old married two teen kids. Started late on retirement – about 60k saved. I recently ... Read More »

            How Can We Pay Down Our Debt to Save For College? – Marie

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            “Dear Steve, I will try to make a long story short…Currently have approx $38K in credit card debt, $30K in HELOC, $195K in first mortgage, $8K in car loan. Husband is collecting disability for heart condition and works part-time. Our combined income with disability for husband and payments for our children, his part-time income and my full time income is ... Read More »

              How Can We Pay Off Our Debt and Put Kids Through College and Save for Retirement? – Bill

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              “Dear Steve, I have just turned 50 and my wife will be 49 in two months. We currently have roughly $177,000 in unsecured debt, mortgage for $183.000 on our home, a Home Equity Line of Credit for $50,000 and a loan of $64,000 against some acreage. We also have two car payments that total $575 per month but these loans ... Read More »

                I’ve Never Participated in My Companies 401(k). – Steve

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                “Dear Steve, I am 40 yrs old and have been working at the current corporation for about 10 years now. I have not participated in the 401K plan(they do not contribute or match at all). I feel like i am the only one there who doesnt. Now everyone probably have some decent money towards retirement and I have nothing at ... Read More »

                  Should We Use Retirement Money to Pay Off the Car Loan? – Libby

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                  “Dear Steve, I am 56 and my husband is 62. We both lost our jobs last year. I am receiving unemployment benefits and my husband has a new job in another state. Our main debts are our home and a car. I have rolled my 401k over into another retirement plan and have just received the paperwork to receive my ... Read More »

                    How Do We Eliminate Our Debt? – Brenda

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                    “Dear Steve, Husband is employed and I am a stay at home mom. We have loads of credit card debt and need advice on how to eliminate it. Ok, here goes. My husband and I have about 60K in credit card debt. Ugly, I know. I am now a stay at home mom with 3 little kids. We have always ... Read More »

                      I Am a 53 Year Old Pilot With a Side Small Business in a Lot of Debt. – Rich

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                      “Dear Steve, I’m a 53 year old pilot making 85K/ yr. I also own a small business that I invested heavily in hoping to start reaping profits by now. Instead, I’m now in debt for about 40K in outstanding business expenses with about additional 25K in credit card debt and 18K unsecured loan. I loaned my Dad 9K before the ... Read More »

                        Is Taking Money Out of My IRA to Pay Off Credit Card Debt a Smart Thing to Do? – Sarah

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                        “Dear Steve, I have about 25k in my IRA and about 2k in my 401k. I owe about 11k on credit cards and every month I go more into debt because I make less money then all of my bills. If I were to pay off my credit cards, I would have enough money to live on and wouldn’t need ... Read More »

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