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Security Clearance

I Was Told Not to File Bankruptcy Due to Severance I Might Receive. – Diane

“Dear Lewis, In May 2009, I was laid off. I had an appointment with a bankrupcty lawyer the day after I was escorted out (I had fairly high security clearance). She told me to hold off on the bankruptcy due to whatever severance I might receive. I held off and held off…and had a really rotten relationship in the meantime. ... Read More »

I’m an E5 in the Army. Should I Go With Wites & Kapten Instead of Bankruptcy? – Vic

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“Dear Steve, Well i’m about 40k in debt. I’m and E5 in the army. I have a security clearance. I got a letter from wites and kapetan. Its sounds decent. Has anyone heard of them. should i go with them. I can not file bankrupcy because of my clearance. if i did that, my clearance would be gone. Vic” Dear ... Read More »

How Settlement Companies Can Maximize Income and Have Happier Clients by Teaching People How to Settle Their Own Debts

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Charles J. Phelan has been helping consumers become debt-free without bankruptcy since 1997. A former senior executive with one of the nation’s largest debt settlement firms, he is the author of the Debt Settlement Success Seminar™, an 8-hour audio-CD course that teaches consumers how to choose between debt program options based on their financial situation. The course focuses on comprehensive ... Read More »

Can Churchill Debt Settlement Claims be Substantiated or Believed?

Churchill Debt Settlement Leader

Update February 3, 2016 I would like to publicly thank Brian Robinson from Churchill for sending in the following statement. Clearly it appears the company has grown a lot since this article was originally posted. It takes a company with a good heart to admit they made a mistake and learned from it. “In 2010 we had just opened our ... Read More »

CrediQuest Corporation and LegalAudix Marketing Services Face-to-Face Enrollment Agreement

Monthly Enrollments

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following agreement on face-to-face marketing services by CrediQuest. I love my tipster (send in your tips here)s. They always send in the most interesting things. CrediQuest apparently provides services to Law Firms that want to sell debt relief services to people. I’ve bolded the interesting parts of the agreement. After ... Read More »

Will My Security Clearance Be Denied? – james

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I have about a little over $3,000 in debt with no established credit history. I do intend to pay off this debt in time. About $2,000 worth of the total debt is owed to the Dept. of Education. I don’t think this is substancial enough to matter just would like some input. Thanks! Will a top secret security clearance be ... Read More »

Use of Credit History in Hiring is Another Form of Unfair Discrimination

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From the title alone some readers might have a visceral response that this article is going to be another liberal rant about the need for bigger government and more regulation. It’s not, so keep reading. There is no understanding of how many employers use credit histories in their hiring process. Consumers are afraid of the background check and employers are ... Read More »

Military Members Drowning in Debt

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My friend Michelle Singletary of the Washington Post had a great column recently talking about the amount of debt military service members are carrying. It’s a topic worthy of discussion and awareness. The article points out that: Military personnel and spouses are generally heavier users of credit cards than civilians, the survey found, and they are more heavily indebted to ... Read More »

FreeDebtSettlementAdvice.com Appears to Misinform Consumers to Sell Debt Settlement Services

FreeDebtSettlementAdvice.com today distributed a press release title “Why Bankruptcy Should Always Be The Last Option For Debt Relief” that appears, in my opinion, to sell consumers into debt settlement services through blatant misinformation. Disgusting. Obviously from the title the intent of the release is to try to encourage people away from bankruptcy. But here is what the release says: Bankruptcy ... Read More »

We Are One Disaster Away From Financial Ruin. – Matt

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“Hi Steve, My wife and I have approximately $20,000 in credit card debt as well as an additional $20,000 in student loan debt. We’ve also wracked up $6,000 in dental bills recently. We are always on time with our payments but making ends meet has become a major problem and I only see it going totally over the edge with ... Read More »

We are Using Your “Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro” Book and Have Some Questions. – Joanne

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Joanne “Dear Steve, We are using your “Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro”, We have Credit Card Debt and Loans from Business’s that were sold in 2006, We moved to Asia so my husband could take a very good paying job. The contract that he signed states that there could be no bankruptcy in our past. I am assuming that ... Read More »

How Being in Debt Can Affect Your Military Career

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Being in the military poses unique problems for military personnel and their families. Sometimes, as a result of circumstances like relocation or deployment of a spouse, a military member may fall behind on payments of his or her debts. A person who is behind on payments may be viewed in the military as irresponsible, even when the person fully intends ... Read More »

Will I Be Able to Get a Job After Bankruptcy? – Erin

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Erin “Dear Steve, My husband has been out of work for over a year, and my current job does not pay well. So far, we’ve been able to keep up minimum payments on all our bills, but we have student loans and medical bills coming due that we are currently not able to pay. We are considering bankruptcy, but are ... Read More »

I’m Worried That Debt Settlement Will Hurt My Security Clearance

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“Dear Steve, I’m in a situation right now where my credit issues are being questioned because of my security clearance. I first made arrangements with the vehicle collection agency to settle the amount of $5080.00. I have made the first payment and received paperwork asking about my credit situation from the Government. In feeling very pressured to do something about ... Read More »

Is My Top Secret Security Clearance in Jeopardy From My Debt? – Mark

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“Dear Steve, I currently have a Top Secret Clearance with my job but i also have alot of debt. I’m current with all my payments but things are getting really tight. I’m worried my debts are gonna get out of control and that it could affect the clearance i have. I have worked really hard to get where i am ... Read More »

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