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Security Clearance

Do I Need Good Credit to Get a Top Secret Clearance? Can I Get a Security Clearance if I Go Bankrupt? – Alex

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“Dear Steve, Hello Steve. I appreciate the advice that you provide us with (=: I’m 27 years old, naturalized citizen (born in Russia). Currently in the Army National Guard (Intelligence). My chain of command hasn’t filed clearance paperwork yet because they’re waiting for me to resolve my $25000 unsecured credit card debt (including 1 personal loan). I’ve accumulated this debt ... Read More »

    Debt Harmony Review

    Debt Harmony - Freedom Business Group BBB Rating

    This review is the result of a question I received asking me about this company. Address: Freedom Business Group, LLC 3370 Capital Circle NE Tallahassee, FL 32308 Website: DebtHarmony.com The domain name was originally registered on April 11, 2007. Description: Debt settlement company. Management James K Steinmetz Jacqueline N Steinmetz Contacts Krista Setinmetz – info@debtharmony.com Kyle Steinmetz – kyle@fbgrp.com Phone ... Read More »

      Julian Debt Resolution Company Review

      This review is the result of a press release that was sent out by Libby Gill & Company to brag about Julian Debt Resolution. See Debt Settlement Company Says “If We Don’t Do Our Job We Shouldn’t Get Paid.” Address: 525 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend, Oregon 97701 OFFICE: 1-866-324-3384 FAX: 1-866-397-7840 Website: JulianDebtResolution.com Domain is owned by Robbie Diggs and ... Read More »

        Why Does My Husband Have to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Jill

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        Jill “Dear Steve, Husband has gotten soooo far into debt with his charge cards. Went to a bankruptcy lawyer and our only option is Chapter 13, for 5 years. I am not involved in it as I am not joint or nor do I own anything. We are not late on anything or behind on anything. He just owns too ... Read More »

          I Was Thinking of Taking Your Advice and Filing for Bankruptcy. – Miss M

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          “Dear Steve, I was thinking of taking your advice and filing for bankruptcy. Of course, I’d like to apply to buy a house, especially during this time when the housing market is down (Good for us buyers but bad for current owners). Also, I expect to get my clearance background cleared and updated (I had a re-open investigation when I ... Read More »

            Divorce Debt Mountain While Trying To Get Security Clearance – Robert

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            “Dear Steve, I went through a divorce in 2004 and i was stuck with most of the bills. I am in the military and i am trying to get a security clear., but am having trouble due to all the bills that went past due and charged off from the divorce. I have paid on alot of the bills working ... Read More »

              Should We Stop Paying Our Mortgage. We Are So Stressed. – Beth

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              “Dear Steve, A little over a year ago my husband lost his job. He got a new job two hours from our home. We were approved for and bought a home in the new town with the idea that we would be able to sell our first home. Of course, at that time, the economy took a total dive and ... Read More »

                Kevin in Roanoke, VA Talks About His Debt

                Kevin and I met through Twitter and we made arrangements to meet up on my travels around the country. I’m @GetOutOfDebtGuy on Twitter. On August 1, 2009 I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin, sitting down in a local coffee shop and talk about his debt. He was kind enough to share what it was like for him in hopes ... Read More »

                  Dude, I Am Totally Freaking Out Over My Debt! – Margaret

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                  Margaret “Dear Steve, Help! We need serious advice! My husband and I have combined CC debt of almost $50,000. We have never been late on payments, but that is all about to change because we are about to hit rock bottom. In a year we have both watched our credit card scores fall from 748 and 720 each by almost ... Read More »

                    We Had to Charge Some of Our Daily Expenses to Get By. – Tracey

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                    “Dear Steve, My husband and I have over $65,000 in credit card debt. We have to charge some monthly payments, such as insurance, and all of our daily expenses so that we can pay all of our bills on time. This, of course, just makes the credit card bills continue to go up. Bankruptcy is not an option because I ... Read More »

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