My Shopping Addiction is Being Treated But My Husband Says I Need Credit Counseling. – Mary


“Dear Steve, I make $38000 per year, my position is “live-in” so I have no rent/mortgage nor utilities to pay, only my cellphone. I have about $15000 worth of credit card debt. I was close to being maxed out on most of them but never missed a payment (minimums) & always had money left over to shop online with after ... Read More »

    I Just Discovered My Wife Has $90,000 In Debt. – Jim

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I discovered that my wife has run up $90,000 in credit card debt. The minimum payments alone are $2,300/month. I have looked at one of the links on your website and they talked about debt settlement. How does debt settlement work – is it for everyone? The site showed a $2,000 payment as settlement for a $17,000 BofA ... Read More »

      I Read Your Site and Now I Need Some Advice. – Jean

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I have read some of your answers to others a few times now and thought I would dive in too. I have myself deep in debt; mostly credit cards but a few vehicles and student loans. I’ve borrowed from my 401k too so nothing there to help me. Not only did I get myself in debt but my ... Read More »

        I Am a Shopaholic and I Have Learned My Lesson. – Michelle

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, I was a Shopaholic and charged everything and anything that I wanted. Vacation, dinner out…etc Then it became neccessary to charge food and gas….I owe 103,000.00 in charge cards… I am trying to convince my husband that we should File Chapter 13, so that we could get out of debt in 5 yrs. I went through credit couseling, ... Read More »

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