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Smells Like a Scam

Consumers Benefits Alliance Says They Can Help Lower My Interest Rates. – John

Big Scam Dog

“Dear Steve, We are struggling with credit card bills, car payments and college bills. I have resisted using ‘credit counseling’ services, as I understand that our credit score will suffer just as badly as if we declared bankruptcy. I came across Consumer Benefits Alliance LLC. Do you have any information about these people….? I have been talking with Matthew McLevich ... Read More »

American Loan Corporation Wants Me to Get a MoneyPak Green Dot Card First.

no bullshit

“Dear Steve, American Loan Corporation is offering me a loan. But they are requiring me to use a Green Dot Money Pak to send money to show I am able to make the payments on the loan. They say the money sent by way of the Money Pak will be refunded Is this a rip off or for real. they ... Read More »

Fairmount Financial Group Charged Me a Fee to Get a Loan. Are They a Fraud? – Aaron

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“Dear Steve, I am not sure this company is a fraud company. I was seeing if you can find that out for me? I was trying to get a loan online and this company called “Fairmount Financial Group” called and they wanted money up front because my credit score is not the greatest, so I sent the money through moneygram ... Read More »

Sands Tourism Sent Me Two Scratch Off Tickets and Say I’m a Winner. Is This a Scam? – Luena

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I received an envelope thru my post office box, front of the envelope no name only our mailing address which is PO. Box etc… as I open this envelope it was promotional brochure from sandstourism on their 9th anniversary and there is a 2 scratch and win promo ticket which I scratch the first one it said “thank ... Read More »

I’m Working at a Debt Relief Call Center in Florida and I Think It’s a Scam

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“Dear Steve, I am working at a call center in florida, just started the job, and I think its a scam. The company is only doing business in Canada under two companies, that we are told to say we are a separate entity from us. They used to be called Vortex before, and I have heard they change their name ... Read More »

I Am a Recently Divorced Woman That Has Been Taken By a Con Man. – Cheryl

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“Dear Steve, I am a 53 yr. old female. Recently divorced. I have no job right now, but after hooking up with a “conman” , I have maxed out my credit cards. I owe just over 18,000 on two. The “conman” has promised to help, however, he has began to cut off communications with me. His credit is in the ... Read More »

Something Seems Fishy About My Homeowners Advocate and Impact Debt Settlement. – Josh

“Dear Steve, I recently ran into this loan modification company and wanted some help researching them. Something just doesnt seem right here. The companies website is http://www.myhomeownersadvocate.com/. It appears Sean Horan owns the business from what the BBB has here http://www.bbb.org/san-diego/business-reviews/real-estate-loans/my-homeowners-advocate-in-san-diego-ca-171997987/. They have an F Rating Its odd that this Loan Modifcation company is located at the same office as ... Read More »

Will I Ever Get My Money Back from Real Talk Network? – Marvin

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“Dear Steve, I have several accounts in collections that I need to resolve. I was working with RTN until they went under. I kind of just accepted it and did nothing until I found a letter from ICEE the other day. A Google search led me to you. Question 1 : Is there any way you know of to get ... Read More »

What is the Government Monitored Debt Relief Program?

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“Dear Steve, I received letter from the Government Monitored Debt Relief Program re: consumer, medical, unsecured, and credit card debt Is this legit? My guess is no. But, would like to hear from you … GMDR 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW 6th Floor Washington DC, 2004 1-800-753-0376 James” Dear James, It is not a legit program. There is no such government ... Read More »

What Government Agency Will Bail Out My Debt? – Carrie

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“Dear Steve, I have more than 10,000 dollars credit card debt and some my husband’s cards are over 20 percent APR-====do I have to pay someone to help me securing the money that has been for helping to bail people out or can I do it on my thru a govt. agency? Will it affect my credit? Carrie” Dear Carrie, ... Read More »

Real Talk Network Linked to Ponzi Schemer. Consumer Loses Yet Again.

The Real Talk Network, a Colorado based debt relief coaching group that was shut down earlier this year by the Attorney General in Colorado, has been linked to another money losing enterprise. harold Brubaker at Philly.com is reporting that Jim Melvin, a consumer that fell for the Real Talk Network pitch of paying $3,000 for their debt coaching hoax, was ... Read More »

Is There a Government Program That Will Reduce Your Credit Card Debt by 90%? – Richard

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“Dear Steve, Is there a government program that will reduce your credit card debit by 90% or is this just a scam? Richard” Dear Richard, Yes, it’s a scam. Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you. Big Hug! Get Out ... Read More »

I Heard About a Government Program That Will Reduce Your Debt Without Hurting Your Credit. – Judy

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“Dear Steve, My partner and I started a small business in 2000 and used our credit cards for the start up and for cash flow when business was slow. At the peak of our indebtedness, we owed $103, 000 dollars in credit card debt. Now, my partner owes roughly 28k, I owe about 26k. In 2007 we decided to shift ... Read More »

We Are Supposedly Clients of Credit Card Defense Network (CCDN) But They Won’t Answer the Phone. – James

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Where Do I Find Real Information on Getting the Obama Credit Relief Package? – John

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“Dear Steve, Where do I find real information on getting the Obama credit relief package that I have heard and seen advertised, or is it a farce? John” Dear John, It is all a big fat lie. There is no such thing. Recently I even wrote about mailers that had been sent out promoting some of these bogus offers. Read ... Read More »

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