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Statute of Limitations

I Moved to Virginia from New Hampshire and I’m Being Sued for An Old Credit Card Debt. – John

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“Dear Steve, I have a court,in May. I moved to Virginia from NH about six years ago. This debt orginated in NH, the debt is from a credit card from about six or seven years ago. I know that a debt can be transfered from one state to another. I would like to know to how far back on a ... Read More »

    What is the statue of limitations in Iowa on revolving credit or debt. – David

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    i bought a motorcycle with what the called a revolving credit card. the salesman told me i would get cash back and three months no payments. i didnt read the fine print. :( the money back was for the first three months payments. i didnt get a past due notice till after the third month then a week later i ... Read More »

      Statue of Limitation for Louisiana – Clara

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      I have past due accounts, not credt card accounts, I believe they are contract accounts I would like to know what are my options? What is the statue of limitation for Georgia? What is the Statue for Louisiana? The past due accounts were when I lived in Georgia but I have relocated to Louisiana. Thanks, Clara P.S. Have a wonderful ... Read More »

        Why Would Anyone Pay a Debt Outside the Statute of Limitations? – Mike

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        “Dear Steve, I had a credit card several years ago that I never paid and was never sued on within the statute of limitations and when it passed the seven year period it dropped off my credit report. I changed my phone number before I stopped paying and the original creditor and the collection agencies never found my current phone ... Read More »

          Debt Collector Wants Money I Already Paid. – Larry

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          “Dear Steve, I had Aetna medical insurance through December of 2008 and enrolled in Kaiser beginning with my 2009 health insurance. I just received (dated Nov 2) a collection notice from the bill collector, RMS, representing Aetna stating that I owe the Aetna Mail Order Pharmacy for two prescriptions in 2008. They give no information of what the medications were, ... Read More »

            Can I Be Sued for Encyclopedias I Bought 13 Years Ago? – Katie

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            “Dear Steve, In 1996 or 1998 i purchased some encyclopeida from a sales man and at the time he quoted every one in our little town a price which was under 500.00 and then he talked us into them and then i had had to pay a down payment of 75.00 and the rest was in installedment when the invoice ... Read More »

              We Dropped Out of the Everest Debt Solutions Program. – Andy

              “Dear Damon, We had been carrying $30,000 in CC debt for about two years making the minimum payments. We were waiting for a business deal to go through so that we could pay off the debt. We hadn’t missed a payment but we missed the small print on a letter that they sent us that allowed them to double our ... Read More »

                I Have a Question About My Girlfriend’s Statute of Limitations and Her Gateway Computer. – Brian

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                “Dear Steve, This is my girlfriends past debt. Back in 2000-2001 her then boyfriend bought a gateway computer from Gateway for about 3000$ in the state of Arizona. In 2002 she moved to Idaho. Last payment was made in 2003. No further action was taken on her part to resolve this debt. There is now a collection company called Asset ... Read More »

                  JD Enterprises is Chasing My Husband Over An Old AT&T Debt. – Jennifer

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                  “Dear Steve, Jd enterprises contacted my husband at work about a debt from AT&T that is over 10 years old. They told him we owed $1300, but would accept $800 today. If we didnt settle today he couldnt’t gurantee anything else and we would be served to go to court and then would owe $2500 for legal services. My husband ... Read More »

                    I Have $190,000 in Credit Card Debt I Can’t Pay. – Patrick

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                    “Dear Steve, Soon I will default on $190,000 in credit card debt on 8 different cards. Until now I have never missed a payment and my FICO score has been above 700. I have a good job making well over 100K but there is no way I can pay back 190K! (at my age of 55). I have alot of ... Read More »

                      Kansas Statute of Limitations Question. – KansasDebt78

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                      “Dear Steve, I am currently working on fixing my credit….now I am finding some hiccups My question is fairly simple. I have been back and forth with a well known junk debt buyer. My defense is easy…..SOL has expired. The key problem I am having here is proving that this credit card is indeed considered under the TILA an “open ... Read More »

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