I Went to St. George’s University, Got Bad Information and I’m Deep in Debt

Question: Dear Steve, $568,000 in student loan debt between undergraduate and medical school. I went to St George’s University a massive for-profit medical school in Grenada. The education was fine, but the cost of attending was extremely misleading, and I was told I could do my clinicals in Connecticut (my home state), which would have …

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Can I Apply for Borrower Defense if I’m in PSLF for Loan Forgiveness?

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Question: Dear Steve, I just found out my school is now one of the schools part of the Borrower Defense lawsuit, Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I’m currently under the PSLF program, needing four more years until forgiveness. If I apply for the Borrower Defense discharge, will it affect my current PSLF application? Bill Answer: …

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I Was Homeless, Mentally Ill, Disabled, and Desperate But They Enrolled Me

Question: Dear Steve, Under borrower defense to repayment rules, my student loans should evaporate, but collection agencies keep selling the account to each other, and they bother me always. Why do I think borrower defense to repayment applies? The college recruiter and the head of the Financial Aid Department at Greenville College lied to me …

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