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Student Loans

How Do I Get My Master Promissory Note From American Education Services? – Rosey

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“Dear Steve, Cannot obtain my Master Promissory Note from my consolidated private student loans. The private student loan consolidation was done through Xpress Student Loans. Xpress Student Loans has become American Education Services. They say they do not have the promissory note for the private student loans that I consolidated with Xpress Student Loans. They told me to contact the ... Read More »

    I Used a Online High School Diploma to Enroll in Hair School. – Jessica


    “Dear Steve, In 2009 I took out a student loan for hair school. The requirements were to have a high school diploma. I used a highschool diploma I got online to enroll. Everything seemed ok fine and went peachy I was approved for pell grant, subsidize , and unsubsidize loan. The lady that enrolled me and did my fafsa there ... Read More »

      Private Student Loan Lender Wants to Garnish My Wages. – Adriana

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      “Dear Steve, Defaulted loans on private college I have been getting emails and calls saying that my loans have defaulted and my wages and taxes are at risk to be garnished, I had to withdraw from school due to financial problems as they required an unpaid externship to graduate and I simply could not afford to work 1 month for ... Read More »

        Single Mom of Three. No Child Support But Student Loans. – Lisa

        Student Loan Corkboard Concept

        “Dear Steve, I am a single mom of 3 with some college, am getting no child support, and several years ago made it three quarters through lpn school only to get booted out because I wasn’t fast enough in clinicals. I have a mountain of student loans. To top it off I work at Arby’s as a prep person. Is ... Read More »

          My Sallie Mae Student Loans Make Me Suicidal and Anxious. – Angela


          “Dear Steve, I have a massive amount of school loan debt from a school that was very overpriced and I didn’t finish to get my degree. The company I am involved with is Sallie Mae and they have been very unforgiving with payments so it doesn’t really matter how much I send. The debt keeps rising. I’m really at a ... Read More »

            My Life is on Hold Because of My Student Loan Debt. – Sandy

            help woman

            “Dear Steve, Deep in student loan debt ~ Approaching $300,000 ( I cannot go and look at the exact total as it will freak me out) The federal ones are manageable $136/month AES $95 a month (been paying over 3 years and it has barely made a dent in the loan payoff total) Sallie Mae – $1170 a month, and ... Read More »

              I Tried Making Student Loan Payments But They Are Rude. – Annette

              angry caller copy

              “Dear Steve, I owe student loans and I have even tried calling the compainies to make future payment arrangements, but for some reason the people are so rude and in considerate. Once I stated making payments of a large sum and was promised after 6 months of payments I could be placed into a loan Deferment program but after I ... Read More »

                Nation Wide Consumer Debt Relief Took My Money and Did Not Refinance My Student Loans


                “Dear Steve, it has been over 5 months I have paid NWCDR $1500 to refinance my student loan. Nothing happened so far, and all emails I am sending them is coming back to me. Unfortunately this is SCAM….. Mr Blackmon called me in January since then no phone calls and his email address is not working. I have paid him ... Read More »

                  How Do I Make Nelnet Remove My Father as a Cosigner. – Steve

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a private loan through Nelnet with about $24k (from $35k) left. My father is in the process of buying a business and needs me to take him off as a cosigner but when I called Nelnet they would not do this because I was 15 days late on a payment back in 2008. Are there other ... Read More »

                    My Wife Signed Up With Student Loan Service.US and I’m Worried. – Michael

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                    “Dear Steve, I tweeted your account on twitter also. My wife and I have a good amount of student loan debt. She registered with a site she found online “” they are associated with “COASTALCREDITSOLUTIONS.COM” I cannot find any information about them. She gave them all of our banking information and they are set to charge our account on friday. ... Read More »

                      Student Consulting Group / Fix My Student Loan – Review. Are They a Scam?

                      SCG Home (20130307)

                      Company Name Student Consulting Group Marketing Message “It would be great if I had some extra cash right now.” Who hasn’t said that more than once? I sure have. Whether it was to pay for a nice dinner, to go on a vacation, or to just buy something I wanted. It really hurts doubly when you say that and you ... Read More »

                        How Do I Get Release as a Cosigner From My Student Loans With My Ex-Wife. – Bill


                        “Dear Steve, My previous wife and I have a consolidated loan with Direct Loan Services. When I log in it shows loan A which is mine for about 39,000 and then loan B which is hers for about 13,000. I have been paying the monthly payment on it since they keep sending me the statments on it. When I call ... Read More »

                          I Left the United States Because of My Student Loan Debt. What Now? – Blair

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                          “Dear Steve, I earned a Master’s degree and spent a year on the job market before taking a job with the City of New York. It required said Master’s but didn’t pay enough for me to maintain a decent standard of living (a shared flat without rodents, a diet that didn’t consist of 50% instant noodles) while repaying my $130,000 ... Read More »

                            I’m in the Military. Can I Settle My Federal Student Loans? – Tony


                            “Dear Steve, Received 2 federal loans total of $10200 and now owe over $25000. I am military.. The loans have been in forbearance and deferment for ever it seems.. Married 3 kids to take care of plus my mom lives with me and my wife’s brother who has early on set Alzheimer’s. I owe a little over $25000 on my ... Read More »

                              I Am Willing to Sue My Mother Over My Private Student Loan. – Elaine


                              “Dear Steve, I attended college directly after graduating from high school in 2005. Having a full scholarship, I did not have to take out any loans for my undergraduate degree. However, my mother took out a private student loan in the amount of $27,000 with me unknowingly as the cosigner. I learned of this loan this past year due to ... Read More »

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