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Student Loans

Regarding student loan forgiveness; I’ve been paying for 22 years…

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I’m a private school teacher who’s been teaching for 7 years, after a career as an artist (read: no savings, a little bit of credit card debt). I’ve been repaying my student loans since 1989, but some of the loans dated back to 1981, when I borrowed to attend a private college for two years. That proved too expensive, so ... Read More »

    I Feel Like I’m Drowning in Student Loan Debt and Can’t Breath. – Britt

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    “Dear Steve, My husband and I have a huge amount of student loans and some credit card debt. Thankfully, we aren’t behind in any payments. The problem is that my lonas are getting ready to come out of their grace period. We owe about $118,000 in loans (about $42,000 is direct loans). The rest are private loans through Chase and ... Read More »

      I’m Suffering With Migraines and Can’t Find a Job to Pay for My Student Loans. – Tina

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      “Dear Steve, My name is Tina, married with a child and a disabled parent. I have a little over $60,000 in student loans because I cannot get a job in this economy. I started online classes in 2002 for CJ. Graduated in 2008 with a BA in CJ. Went to interviews all over the country and here I sit, with ... Read More »

        Do I have any hope for my future or am I betting killing myself over these student loans? – Allison

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        I have been attending college since 2003. I started as a music major but when the ecnonmy crashed, I changed majors. Since then, I have lost my father, gotten a divorce, accumulated a lot of credit card debt and my student loans have gotten out of control. At this point, I am still trying to finish school and the only ... Read More »

          Collections attempt on a “supposedly” defaulted school loan from 30 years ago

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          I’m now 59 years old. I took out a relatively small (about $4,500) gov’t insured student loan in the mid-70’s & paid faithfully up to filing bankruptcy in 1982 when I fell on hard times. I believe I still owed about $2,500 at the time of my bankruptcy. I recall bankruptcy attorney said it was unpredictable if the school loan ... Read More »

            Obama forgiveness program for student loans

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            Tons of student loan debt. I have over 100,000 worth if loans. Direct loan and sallie Mae. I’m paying sallie Mae. But was able to defer the direct loan portion because I’m unemployed. 1. How do I apply to the Obama forgiveness program? 2. Am I eligible even if it’s being deferred? 3. Why does my loan balance screw up ... Read More »

              Reselling of college loans creates fees and penalties.

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              My daughter had college loans through both of the universities she attended as well as Sallie Mae. She was contacted by one of these loan consolidation companies to bring down her interest, etc. She filled out the paperwork and everything was consolidated. The arrangement was made that the loan company would take the payment out of her bank account every ... Read More »

                Student Loan Forgiveness Program for Low Income Teachers

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                I am a student enrolled in a masters program for special education. When I began school I decided to enter the student loan forgiveness program, which qualifies me to receive up to $17,500 of my loans being paid off, as long as I teach in a title 1 school for five years in a highly qualified area (which I qualify ... Read More »

                  Drowning in student loan debt. What Can I Do? – Laurie

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                  I’m completely lost and don’t know where to turn. When I started college, I went to the first and only school I applied for. An Art Trade school (that later closed down). I was young and stupid and didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice except for the “experts” of the school, who totally took advantage of my stupidity. ... Read More »

                    Can I bankrupt the judgement on my student loan that was obtained prior to the 2005 student law changes?

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                    I got a student loan in 1996. I failed out of my school shortly thereafter, but quickly transferred to a new school and continued my education. I was then re-accepted back into the first school and failed out again, finishing my degree in the second school. So, I got my degree, and it was a fight. I made some payments ... Read More »

                      If I commit suicide will my next of kin have to pay my student loans?

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                      I know it’s a terrible question, but they say that student loans never go away. I’m about to graduate with my masters, and it will end up costing me over 100,000. It makes me want to kill myself, especially considering how incredibly hard I worked through undergrad to graduate with almost no debt. I wish I could turn back time- ... Read More »

                        Directv Let Me Go. How Do I Pay My Student Loans Now? – Jim

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                        I have 2 separate student loans one is with a private lender ( acs ) and the other one was with sallie mae. I was able to consolidate the sallie mae loan with ( direct loan ) which is a consolidation firm, but the other loan I couldn,t because it is a private loan. I am paying every month $ ... Read More »

                          What happens to your U.S. debt if you were to move to another country? – Jazz

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                          I’m am 30 years old, and became very ill back in 2008, right during my senior year in college. Ended up defaulting on my student loans and credit cards because I was in the hospital for so long. However, I am also engaged to marry a New Zealand citizen, and was wondering if I were to move to NZ, what ... Read More »

                            Loan forgiveness for international student with National Collegiate Trust student loans? – Laura

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                            Hi, I have a South Sudanese friend who studied in the US and has now gone home to work in development/humanitarian assistance. He has a loan from the AES/National Collegiate Trust that he is currently unable to pay off due to agreeing to take a lower salary in his home country. Is there a way for him to file for ... Read More »

                              I cosigned Sallie Mae student loan and now they are coming after me. – John

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                              I cosigned student loans for my son for 3 years. He went for a loan for his senior year of college and they refused because it was up to $100,000,00. He had to quit ollege and they immediately made him start repaying back. (this is a Sallie Mae Loan). He cannot pay it and now they are coming after me ... Read More »

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