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Student Loans

I Missed my Sallie Mae Student Loan Payment. Can They Lower My Payment? – Jo Alice

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“Dear Steve, Got loan from Sallie Mae – private student loan I have not been able to paid my student loan since the monthly due amount is higher than expected (almost my whole paycheck) My account is in default right now. I have several loans from them-different amounts. Some of them are in a collection agency… HELP! Where should I ... Read More »

    Can I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Get Rid of My Sallie Mae Student Loans? – Verka

    “Dear Mitch, I received sallie Mae student loans to go to school. After going to school, my disability became worse and I am now unemployable due to having seizures. There is a debt of over 20 thousand and my social security income of $720 a month. I have informed them multiple times of my situation and explained that I am ... Read More »

      My Sister Died and Owed Sallie Mae. My Other Sister Co-Signed. – Arthur

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      “Dear Steve, My sister (Annemarie) had a Sallie Mae Loan in the amount of around 78,000.00 dollars for education. My younger sister (Diane) co-signed the loan. On 16 May 2011 my sister Anne passed away. I sent a Certificate of Death to Sallie Mae, thinking this would clear the debt, instead they assigned the debt to my younger sister who ... Read More »

        I Enrolled in Everest University In Tampa But Didn’t Finish. – Kristin

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        “Dear Steve, I enrolled in Everest University In Tampa Florida In November 2007. Due to family financial problems and an unexpected death I was unable to finish. With the job that I have now I am just making ends meet. I have however started a small savings account in hopes of saving enough money to take some classes at my ... Read More »

          My 24 Year Old Student Loans are Unmanageable and Ballooned. – JoAnne

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          “Dear Steve, 24 years ago I left college owing about 9000.00 in student loans. Over the years I was not able to pay and it ballooned to 20,000.00. I have been working the last seven years. For the past five years my wages have been garnished. I have tried to find out who has my loan but have been unable ... Read More »

            While in Bankruptcy My Student Loan Balance Exploded. – Maria

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            “Dear Steve, When I graduated in 1998 I had approx $40,000 in stafford loans. In 2001, I had to file bankruptcy and while in bankruptcy my loans interest was compounded. Now my balance is $94,000 and the majority of the balance is interest. I feel that the interest should not have compounded while I was in bankruptcy. My interest rate ... Read More »

              I’m a Single Mom and Up to My Eyeballs in Student Loan Debt. – Debbie

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              “Dear Steve, Single Mom. In debt up to my eyeballs. College loan from 1985 just wont go away. Originally owed 12, 400, approx. Now I owe over 24,000. I have exhausted all options to get help. I am on a graduated repayment program. The only thing left for me. This means my payment will go up every year until its ... Read More »

                Does the Obama Plan for Student Loan Debt Relief Apply to Me? – Alberto

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                “Dear Steve, I graduated in 2004 and have student loans of approximately $66,000. I consolidated my loans with American Education Services (AES) and I have one payment on two loans (subsidized and unsubsidized). I currently pay 3.5% fixed interest. My loan payment used to be about $265, however, it has recently increased to $340. I’ve been paying on and off ... Read More »

                  I’m Trying to Get Back Into School But My Old School is Holding My Transcript. – Danae

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                  “Dear Steve, I went to a school in New York for about 1 year I paid the school out of pocket some with the help of a grant after the one year I moved to a different state and decided to go back to school and retake those classes(I did not tell the school I had previously been at a ... Read More »

                    How Will Student Loan Reform Help Me Get My Defaulted Loans Back in Shape? – Jennifer

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                    “Dear Steve, I defaulted on a student loan and need to get back on my feet. It has CRUSHED my credit (currently at 520) so i do need to improve. How does the new student loan reform affect those that already defaulted? Can those with a defaulted loan get some relief and improve their credit rating? Jennifer” Dear Jennifer, Well ... Read More »

                      We Are Having Problems With Alaska Student Loans. – Daren

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                      “Dear Steve, This situation applies to both my wife (and by extension me) and my Mom-in-law. Both have “Alaska Student Loans” which total, between them, some $200,000. The original loans were for only about $20,000 in total. My wife and I live in Texas and my Mom-in-law in Florida. We have a couple of questions: (1) While these loans are ... Read More »

                        I Now Work for a Non-Profit. Can I Get My Defaulted Student Loan Forgiven? – Terry

                        “Dear Steve, I defaulted on my student loan during the recession. (It was a federally insured loan, I’ve been paying on it for 15 years, consolidated once, and it’s still over $30,000, which is what the principal was.) I have found a job again, and contacted the collection agency to get on a payment plan. My new job is at ... Read More »

                          I’m Getting My Wages Garnished for a Tractor Trailer School I Never Went To. – Daniel

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                            Wells Fargo Private Student Loan Problems. – Julia

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                            “Dear Steve, My sister (44) took a loan from Wells Fargo some years ago to go back to school for her MBA. She has had some financial difficulties since then (lay off, divorce etc.), and had an arrangement of interest only payments of about $150/month. She’s saying that Wells Fargo has sold her loan to some company that she cannot ... Read More »

                              My Husband is Dying and Can’t Pay the Student Loans. – Connie

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                              “Dear Steve, Our son has about $70,000 in student loans, my husband is the co borrow on all the loans. Our son is in the army and can’t pay them off. My husband has a rare brain disease and is dying, but for now he is still working but we have so many medical bill and other bill we can ... Read More »

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