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Student Loans

Where Can I Find Government Help to Pay My Student Loans? – Juan

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    Private University Said I Had a Full Ride Scholarship But Now I Have Sallie Mae Student Loans. – Ryan

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    “Dear Steve, Hello I am Ryan, a recently graduated college student, and I just found out that I have $12,500 dollars in student loans. When I was first starting college for my BS in Business Administration the dean promised me a few things. First, he promised that the universities career placement program would place me at an entry level management ... Read More »

      I’m Drowning in Interest Only Salle Mae Payments

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      I have three private loans with Sallie Mae the first one is 13.25% and the other two are at 10.25% I’ve been paying them since 2006. I was unable to consolidate in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011. I’m at a point were I can only afford interest only payments nothing towards principal because I can’t afford it with rent and ... Read More »

        Mary Kay, Freelance Editing, And Working to Pay Student Loans But Feeling Like Suicide. – Briar

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        “Dear Steve, I need help. I graduated college in 2010 from a good school with a multidisciplinary BA. I was able to find a job within 4 months of graduating, before the student loan grace period ended. I have a federal loan of $122.44/month for 10 years. I also have 2 private loans that are killing me. My Sallie Mae ... Read More »

          My Son Fraudulently Signed My Name to His Student Loans. – Bob


          My son whom has been rehabbing from a drug addiction, signed my name to 80k of school debt, did not finish school yet but is working hard to get his life on track . The lenders are hounding me now for this money . He is telling me to contact them and tell them he has committed fraud, However as ... Read More »

            Living With In-Laws, Deep in Debt, Husband in Denial, Marriage on the Rocks, and I Need Debt Relief! – Sharla

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            My husband and I both have federal student loan debts (US Dept of Ed and Sallie Mae). We have already each consolidated and are on 20 year repayment terms. He used credit card in college so we had $8000 credit card debt when we began our marriage. We were able to make payments, but have never paid it totally off. ... Read More »

              Bankruptcy Attorneys Report Major Problems Brewing for Holders of Student Loan Debt

              The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys conducted a survey of its members. Of the 860 bankruptcy attorneys that participated in the survey, 81 percent said potential clients with student loan debt have increased “significantly” or “somewhat” in the last three-four years. Nearly two out of five of bankruptcy attorneys (39 percent) have seen potential student loan client cases jump ... Read More »

                The Student Loan Death Trap: Private Student Loans Drive the Future into Poverty. – Rachel

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                My situation is so horrible and massively complex it’s difficult to explain in a way without running off on other subjects, but mainly my problem is I can’t seem to find out how to survive with a life worth living while having my student loans on my shoulders. If it were just the federal loans..I wouldn’t care…I could do income ... Read More »

                  My Wife is Getting Garnished for a Federal Student Loan She Cosigned For 23 Years Ago. – Robby

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                  My wife was married to her ex at the age of 20. It only lasted a year, but during that year she cosigned the joker’s student loans. They are fed loans. My wife is now 43 and with in the last six months they started drafting her paychecks. At first it was a huge amount, to the tune of $300 ... Read More »

                    Dealing with Student Loan Debt When Active Duty Military

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                    I am active duty for the last 15 years and I have been struggling to pay my student loan. I still owe 50,000 thousand dollar, and I simply cannot afford to make the payments. Is there a program that can help me as a military men to help me pay for this debt. I am going crazy with this situation ... Read More »

                      Regarding student loan forgiveness; I’ve been paying for 22 years…

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                      I’m a private school teacher who’s been teaching for 7 years, after a career as an artist (read: no savings, a little bit of credit card debt). I’ve been repaying my student loans since 1989, but some of the loans dated back to 1981, when I borrowed to attend a private college for two years. That proved too expensive, so ... Read More »

                        I Feel Like I’m Drowning in Student Loan Debt and Can’t Breath. – Britt

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband and I have a huge amount of student loans and some credit card debt. Thankfully, we aren’t behind in any payments. The problem is that my lonas are getting ready to come out of their grace period. We owe about $118,000 in loans (about $42,000 is direct loans). The rest are private loans through Chase and ... Read More »

                          I’m Suffering With Migraines and Can’t Find a Job to Pay for My Student Loans. – Tina

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                          “Dear Steve, My name is Tina, married with a child and a disabled parent. I have a little over $60,000 in student loans because I cannot get a job in this economy. I started online classes in 2002 for CJ. Graduated in 2008 with a BA in CJ. Went to interviews all over the country and here I sit, with ... Read More »

                            Do I have any hope for my future or am I betting killing myself over these student loans? – Allison

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                            I have been attending college since 2003. I started as a music major but when the ecnonmy crashed, I changed majors. Since then, I have lost my father, gotten a divorce, accumulated a lot of credit card debt and my student loans have gotten out of control. At this point, I am still trying to finish school and the only ... Read More »

                              Collections attempt on a “supposedly” defaulted school loan from 30 years ago

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                              I’m now 59 years old. I took out a relatively small (about $4,500) gov’t insured student loan in the mid-70’s & paid faithfully up to filing bankruptcy in 1982 when I fell on hard times. I believe I still owed about $2,500 at the time of my bankruptcy. I recall bankruptcy attorney said it was unpredictable if the school loan ... Read More »

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