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Student Loans

We Are Having Problems With Alaska Student Loans. – Daren

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“Dear Steve, This situation applies to both my wife (and by extension me) and my Mom-in-law. Both have “Alaska Student Loans” which total, between them, some $200,000. The original loans were for only about $20,000 in total. My wife and I live in Texas and my Mom-in-law in Florida. We have a couple of questions: (1) While these loans are ... Read More »

    I Now Work for a Non-Profit. Can I Get My Defaulted Student Loan Forgiven? – Terry

    “Dear Steve, I defaulted on my student loan during the recession. (It was a federally insured loan, I’ve been paying on it for 15 years, consolidated once, and it’s still over $30,000, which is what the principal was.) I have found a job again, and contacted the collection agency to get on a payment plan. My new job is at ... Read More »

      I’m Getting My Wages Garnished for a Tractor Trailer School I Never Went To. – Daniel

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        Wells Fargo Private Student Loan Problems. – Julia

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        “Dear Steve, My sister (44) took a loan from Wells Fargo some years ago to go back to school for her MBA. She has had some financial difficulties since then (lay off, divorce etc.), and had an arrangement of interest only payments of about $150/month. She’s saying that Wells Fargo has sold her loan to some company that she cannot ... Read More »

          My Husband is Dying and Can’t Pay the Student Loans. – Connie

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          “Dear Steve, Our son has about $70,000 in student loans, my husband is the co borrow on all the loans. Our son is in the army and can’t pay them off. My husband has a rare brain disease and is dying, but for now he is still working but we have so many medical bill and other bill we can ... Read More »

            ClearPoint is Suggesting a Payment Plan That Does Not Tackle My Student Loan Debt. – Teri

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            “Dear Steve, I am 26 and a single mom living with my parents. Im not receiving child support but might be soon. I graduated from college but not before a huge mix up had me owing my school 5000 dollars. This money was due a year ago and I’ve been trying to make small payments when I can but its ... Read More »

              Financial Asset Management Systems is Garnishing My Wages for a Student Loan. – Mima

              FAMS Studebt Loan Garnishment

              “Dear Steve, My issue with FAMS/SLM is that I cannot get them to send me any documentation of proof for the debt amount stated on the attached document. I do not deny the student loan I took for my son, but only the additional $8,000. What I find frustrating, is that when I took the loan I was employed at ... Read More »

                Can I Be Bailed Out of My Student Loan Like Greece? – Josh

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                “Dear Steve, I have a private student from a bank at a very high interest rate(8.25)%. I made few payments but lost my job, now I am doing a job at half my previous salary. I dont have enough income to support my kids and pay the loan as well. The bank says refinancing is not an option. Can i ... Read More »

                  Can Student Loans Take Part of Our Inheritance? – Lisa

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband is recieving a 22.000.00 inheritnance, he has student loans out there, Student loans take a percentage of his disability, my question is can the Student Loans take his inheritnance money? We want to pay our credit cards off, pay my mother back for money borrowed and put back money in my savings account that he has ... Read More »

                    My Husband Was Ill So He Went to College. – Rhonda

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                    “Dear Steve, My husband be ill and couldn’t go back to job. So he went to college. and now we are drowning in debt. Im at the end of rope just trying to find out how I can pay all this off. wanting the best way to pay debt off Rhonda” Dear Rhonda, I’m not sure where to best start ... Read More »

                      NELNET is Going to Garnish My Wages and Leave Me Broke. – Sabrina

                      “Dear Steve, I was enrolled in college in 2004, I withdrew and did not recieve any credits. I recieved a loan for about 4000.00, which is now 10,500 because of the fee’s. I have re-enrolled in a new college this year (2011) and I am paying out of pocket via Nelnet, monthly. I just found out my wages are going ... Read More »

                        I Went to a Private University on Sallie Mae Loans. I Can’t Afford the Payment. – Aline

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                        “Dear Steve, I went to a Private University and took out a loan from Sallie Mae. They are asking me to pay back almost $1,000 a month … money i physically do not have and cannot afford to give. I told them i was willing to pay $300 a month, while it would still put me in a difficult financial ... Read More »

                          What Government Grants or Student Loan Forgiveness is Available for My Sallie Mae Student Loans? – Trina

                          “Dear Steve, I am 41 years old. I started repayment on consolidated student loans through Sallie Mae 15 years ago. They have been sold to a different company at least once, I have deferred them several times but have never paid more than minimum amounts. I have mostly worked part time over the last 13 years due to having kids. ... Read More »

                            I Was Denied by the Military Because of My Private Student Loans

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                            “Dear Steve, Right now it just seems like nothing is working out. My plan a years back was to get an education and get a job. Sounded easy, so yeah not so much as I’m sure many know. Any way at this point all I’m trying to do is get out of debt, pursue what I want as a career ... Read More »

                              Will You Pay My Student Loan for Me? – Renee

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                              “Dear Steve, I went to college and expensive one, and owe Sallie mae close or more than $100,000 in school loan debt. They are not working with me and want me to pay them close to $1,000 a month. That is more than my house note, and we cannot afford. I am scared to go get a job teaching ( ... Read More »

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