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Student Loans

I Got Pregnant and Didn’t Finish College But Owe Sallie Mae. – Jennifer

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I am in serious student loan debt because I got pregnant and didn’t finish college. I now am married with two kids and falling into depression because of my loans. I pay the minimum amount to sallie Mae ever month but they are interest only payments and all my other loans are in forbearance which I have done multiple times ... Read More »

    Who Can Sallie Mae Get Away With Not Following Direct Loan Rules?

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    I am confused on how Sallie Mae gets away with this. My Sallie Mae loans is considered a private loan, so why am I unable to declare bankrupt on it? If they are a true school loan then won’t they allow me to have income based payback option? Why don’t they have to follow the same rules as Direct Loans? ... Read More »

      I am on disability, owe a lot of money on parent plus loans, what can I do? – Bonny

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      I was working full-time when I took out the first parent plus loan in 2000. The consolidated loans payment is $225.00 per month at 4%. I have continued paying on this loan, no deferment yet. I was unemployed, collecting unemployment benefits when I took out the second set of parent plus loans, and now those payments are over $300.00 a ... Read More »

        My wife says she paid off her student loans but the collector wants 4x the amount. – John

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        My wife has some outstanding student loan debt…although she has told me that she has paid back the majority of it, or even all of it (thru the IRS taking her refunds away to pay this debt in the past). She was recently contacted by a lender who now says the amount she owes is almost 4 times the original ... Read More »

          Leaving the US to get rid of school loan debt. – Leah

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          I am 22, and swimming in a mountain of debt. Probably about 2,000 in credit card debt, 7,500 from a car repossesion, 4,000 in medical bills, 2,000 from a car accident that I got into while I was uninsured that was my fault, and the biggest pile of all, 40,000 in school loans. I heard that leaving the US and ... Read More »

            How Do I Get Out of PLUS Student Loan Debt? – Jay

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            I have recently put two of my kids through college (one out of state) using Parent Plus and US Dept of Education loans. My children have also borrowed from the US dept of Education. We deferred payments and interest during college and are now in repayment. I owe the US Dept of Education approximately 50K @ (7%) and private lenders ... Read More »

              IBR Medical Student or Teacher Qualification Questions. – Melody

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              Hi I’m currently a medical student who is thinking about changing careers and going into teaching. I also have over $200,000 in debt and I know I won’t be able to pay that back easily with a teacher’s salary. I looked into the new loan program that Obama has set out. It looks like I would qualify for IBR on ... Read More »

                Tulane University Says I Owe Them a Lot of Money. – Zach

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                I attended Tulane University and a lawyer recently contacted me on their behalf stating that i owe them 13k plus the 4k in lawyers fees that they needed to hire him. I called the lawyer and he asked me what i could realistically pay and i said 400 down and 150 a month, they then told me that they want ... Read More »

                  Student Loans – received by Citibank and not the government – Cathy

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                  Maybe to can help me understand the Student loan forgiveness program. My son has a $114,000 student loan(s) thru Citibank to pay for his college. His monthly payment is $1,400 – he has sporatic wages (company slow in paying him – hasn’t paid him since Oct.) Since the loan was taken privately is there a way he could receive help. ... Read More »

                    I want help to sort through all of it and don’t know where to turn. – Whitney

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                    I am 32 mother of two and was just let go from my teaching position. My question revolves around financial aid. I feel like I can’t find any information about how to handle my financial aid debt. I want to find a credit counselor to help me consolidate my loans but am having no luck finding one that I trust ... Read More »

                      Defaulting vs paying forever and never touching principal – Shaz

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                      In 2010 I made the most money I’ve ever made (Unfortunately I’m now making $20K less now)… but in 2010 I paid over $15K towards my extreme student debt. At the end of that year I looked at my statement and despite all that money paid my principal balance actually went up by $508. I’m failing to see the point ... Read More »

                        I Trained to be a Professional Pilot And Now Have a Mountain of Student Loans. – Matt

                        “Dear Michael, My situation is this, I trained to become a Professional Pilot at a school that offered only ratings and not a degree. To do this I used the Key Alternative Loan, a private student loan through Keybank. It took 30sec online and I suddenly had 40,000.00 in funding sent to the school. I was quoted 6mo to finish ... Read More »

                          Is there a way to get student loan forgiveness if I became disabled during my last year in school? – Jade

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                          I have an autoimmune disorder called Lupus, and during my senior year in college, I had a massive flare-up that hospitalized me for 7 months, to the point where I needed chemotherapy! I was released, but suffered from Transverse Myelitis, which is a neurological disorder, caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. I now struggle to walk, suffer from incontinence, ... Read More »

                            Where Can I Get Help for a Nurse Practitioner to Lower Student Loan Payments? – Daniel

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                            I have 103,000 dollars in student loans. I am a nurse practitioner. I do not yet have a retirement started and my monthly loan is 800.00 for the next 30 years via the federal debt consolidation. My son is 9, so I will be paying my loan plus his if I don’t get financially savy. Money is so tight that ... Read More »

                              The FAFSA I Had to Complete for My Son to Get a Student Loan is on My Credit. – Kim

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                              When my son graduated from high school I had to complete the FSFA in order for him to get a student loan. We went into this knowing he was responsible for the loans and I would always help when I could. I never realized that his loans which are still not due are showing up on my credit file. From ... Read More »

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