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Student Loans

Looking for Medical School Student Loans Forgiveness or Help. – Ace

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“Dear Steve, Time delay and did not finish Residency until 2006. Another Time delay and did not procure steady work until 2009. Principle Loan Values as Follows- Currently have 12,000 in Treasury Offset from National Student Loan Program Currently have 48,000 past Due from Wells Fargo formerly ACS. Currently have 220,000 in Sallie Mae Loans in Deferment Currently have Perkins ... Read More »

    Is There a Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program for Me? – Jennifer

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    “Dear Steve, Is there a student loan forgiveness program. I have a student loan with Illinois Student Assistance. Its 24,000+. They have been taking out of my check for about 4 or 5 years and taking my tax refunds. The balance is going UP instead of down. Its causing a hardship having to pay that money twice a month. do ... Read More »

      I Graduated With PSU Student Aid But Struggling to Pay My Student Loans. – Dricka

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      “Dear Steve, I am currently a graduate school recently I gather information and gave information to a debt collect agency which I was referred to and now their calling me and threaten to garnish my wages. I am in graduate and I called because I found out that my loans from undergrad were no longer in deferment and is in ... Read More »

        Private Student Loans Disability Discharge – Erica


        “Dear Steve, I became chronically ill about three years ago and my health declined rapidly. I almost ended up in a coma, and by the time I was finally diagnosed, it was discovered I have a metabolic disease that is progressive, incurable and there is no proven treatment. I have been unable to work for the past 2 1/2 years ... Read More »

          Consolidate Parent Plus Loans – Carol

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          “Dear Steve, I have two PLUS loans that I took out for my daughter for her first two years in college. My husband passed away at the end of her first year. I have two other children, who at the time where young enough that I was able to collect Social Security for them. Now that I can not longer ... Read More »

            How to Settle Student Loan Debt. – Jessica

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            “Dear Steve, Didn’t learn how to be responsible with my money until it was too late. I was approved and took 19,000 in a student loan which has since defaulted and went into collections. I have previously filed for bankruptcy but this particular loan stayed on. I want to try to settle, but due to the bankrupcty, I cannot get ... Read More »

              My Brother is Mentally Ill and Has a Tremendous Amount of Student Loans. – Laura

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              “Dear Steve, I have and estranged brother for 30 years. He became suicidal and started sending me emails. As a result we got him home and he was such a mess we immediately took him to a psychiatric facility where was admitted for several weeks. He came home to live with me and I realized he has psychosis. He is ... Read More »

                If I Get a Cosigner for My Private Student Loans Will It Hurt Their Credit If I File Bankruptcy? – Melissa

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                “Dear Steve, Thinking about getting a cosigner for a small private student loan, theyre worried about the possibility that their credit will be affected if I ever file bankruptcy, which is highly unlikely, but I know in that case I will have to and plan on always paying my student loans anyways so I dont think it would affect them ... Read More »

                  Sallie Mae is Garnishing 15% of My Wages. – Derek

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                  “Dear Steve, I graduated college in 2007 with a mountain of student loans. I had three sets of loans, one large chunk through Sallie Mae amounting to around $52k, and two private loans amounting to about $10k each. I had an agreement with Sallie Mae to defer those loans for a year after they were up for repayment and I ... Read More »

                    I Have a 30 year Old Student Loan. – Rose

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a student Loan that is 30 years old. The original principal amount was $9,399 now the amount is $26,000. I am unemployed and my husband is self employed. Are there any programs out there that offer interest forgiveness? I want to get rid of this debt. But need help. Rose” Dear Rose, Is this a private ... Read More »

                      Can Sallie Mae Garnish My Social Security? – Pam

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                      “Dear Steve, I have no taxable income I receive VA compensation for being 100% disabled and Social Security can these benefits be garnished for the debt, and if so once my benefits are garnished am i stuck paying forever and this kid gets away scott free? Do I have any options, like suing him or his parents in civil court? ... Read More »

                        I Took Out a Student Loan for My Stepson. Stepson and Ex-Husband Refuse to Pay It. – Heather

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                        “Dear Steve, Married 7/1998 Divorced 1/2006 Agreed to take out a Parent’s Plus loan for my step son at my ex-husband’s pleading and against my better judgment in 6/2004 with the understanding step son would repay and ex husband’s assurance he would pay if step son didn’t. $12,000, $5,000 has been repaid by step son. Both step son and ex-husband ... Read More »

                          Sallie Mae Wants Loan payments to Start Before My Daughter Leaves College. – Jeff

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                          “Dear Steve, My daughter is still in college 4 years she has not completed her nursing degree and is switching degree over to social services, the problem is sallie mae states her $19,000 student loan is due for repayment, I understood that aslong as she is in college that student loan payments are deferred for 6 months after you complete ... Read More »

                            I Went to Helicopter Flight School and Can’t Afford My Student Loans – Shane

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                            “Dear Steve, I went to helicopter flight school and finished in 2007. I have not been able to find a job flying and struggling to pay my bills. My wife left me leaving me with the house and it is 50k underwater. I owe Sallie Mae about 125k in private loans. Is there anyway to file chapter 7 or something ... Read More »

                              I Went to College 21 Years Ago and Still Struggling With Student Loans. – Cheryl

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                              “Dear Steve, I was divorced in 1990 and went back to school to earn a degree. Graduated summa cum laude in 1995 with a degree in English. Toiled away in low-paying jobs to support my children. Got forbearance on loans, but interest accrued. Went to grad school to try to better my situation, but family responsibilities forced me to withdraw ... Read More »

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