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Student Loans

I Just Got a Notice That My SSI Payments Are Going to Be Garnished for an Old Student Loan. – Alexandria

“Dear Jeremy, I withdrew from my doc studies three months before graduating becuase my spouse became terminnaly ill in 1997. He passed away Dec 20, 2010. From 1997-2011 I became his full time caretaker. I could not work. The student loan people hired various agencies that proceeded to abuse us every day 7 days a week calling family, neighbors, friends, ... Read More »

    I’m in Prison for 35 Years. How Do I Repay My Student Loan? – Kay

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    “Dear Steve, I met with a young woman I have written to in prison for eleven years on Monday. She has a student loan that has gone to collection and is accruing 5% interest annually. Do you know of any options for someone who earns just $600 annually? Her sentence is another 35 years and she has no other options ... Read More »

      I Work for a Non-Profit. Can I Get Some Help With My Student Loans? – Faser

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      “Dear Steve, I have worked 40 hours a week for the past 6 1/2 years for a nonprofit. i had accumulated a good bit of medical debt which has all been paid off (since about 2009). i am a college grad with a student loan debt of $52,000. i have paid my monthly payment without missing a payment for 6 ... Read More »

        My Student Loans Have Just Come Due and I Can’t Afford Them With My Credit Cards. – Deb

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        “Dear Steve, I would really like some advice on what I can do to pay down my credit cards and student loans. I currently have a mortgage ($91,000), second mortgage ($21,000), credit cards ($19,500), and student loans ($30,000). My annual income is $40,000-$42,000. I have my home rented out to cover only my mortgage payment and my student loans have ... Read More »

          I Went to Rasmussen College Online and Now Can’t Afford to Pay The Bill. – Brittany

          “I started attending Rasmussen online. (Biggest mistake i’ve ever made) I only took two classes, and the grand total was about 2700. Their semesters lasted about two months because it’s accelerated. Well they kept pushing me to start this semester and I said I didn’t have all the documents ready for loans. They still insisted we’ll get it all done.. ... Read More »

            I Went to National Business College and Now ACS is Collecting on My Student Loan. – Beth

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            “Dear Steve, I went to National Business College for 2 years. At that time I was a single mom (21), and thought that was the best thing for me and my son. I now deal with ACS. They worked with me on lowering my payment each month, but now I still can’t afford it. ($245). I make $10.00/hour, and of ... Read More »

              I Am Afraid ECMC is Going to Garnish My Wages for an Old Sallie Mae School Loan. – JoAnn

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              “Dear Steve, I have a 24 year old student loan that started out at $2,300 and is now over 10,000. Sallie Mae had the loan and kept some of my taxes years ago. 5 years ago I put it on a Bankruptcy not knowing it was not discharged. Now ECMC has the loan I tried to get it out of ... Read More »

                I Can’t Stop Paying My Credit Card Because the Consolidation Company Has the Checking Account Number. – Jeanie

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                “Dear Steve, It looks like I cannot stop paying my credit card because the consolidation company has my checking account nubmer and withdrawing the payment online. If I stop it what shall I do when they harrase me for payment? and now I am wondering how long can a consolidated student loan be on deferrment? Do you think those lenders ... Read More »

                  I Was Homeless and Took a Student Loan But Now I’m Drowning in Debt. – Jeanie

                  “Dear Damon, I took a student loan while I was homeless…I was totally convinced what I was told that the more education I have the better because I can then have a good job, get out of my situation and at the same time pay off what I owe (student loan) but it did not come true for me having ... Read More »

                    Student Loans and Suicide. I’m a Lawyer Living in a Hovel in New York With Private Student Loan Debt and Thinking of Becoming an Escort.

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                    “Dear Steve, I have defaulted on $90,000 in student loans. The remainder of my loans (I believe they are now somewhere around $100,000) are in forbearance. Last year I made a total of about $40,000, first as a temporary administrative assistant and then as a full-time employee of a corporation. Unable to find a job, I attempted to start my ... Read More »

                      We Are Trying to Get Out of American Educational Services Student Loans

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                      “Dear Steve, My wife returned to school several years ago and took out some student loans. Those loans were eventually sold to aes. One was for about $10,000 and the other for about $8,000. She has been paying the minimum statement for five years, (about $9,000) but the amount owed hasn’t decreased! The payments are for about $150 a month ... Read More »

                        I’m a Single Parent With a Child That Had Cancer. I’m Drowning in Medical Debt and Student Loans. – Star

                        “Dear Damon, I am a single parent finishing master’s degree, had a son undergo cancer treatment in 2007 and still being seen regularly. Treatments stopped in 2010. Have incurred huge amount medical debt and still incurring. Was in the final stages of Bachelor’s degree at that point in time. Had minor credit card debt under $5,000. However when sickness happened ... Read More »

                          Stevens Transport Charged Us to Attend Their School But Did Not Give People Jobs. – Lucas

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                          “Dear Steve, I got laid off from a bakery in 2007. From there, the only company that i could get a job with (due to the economy and lack of jobs) was a trucking company named stevens transport. In order to work there, i had to attend one of their “schools” for 21 days and IF, i worked at stevens ... Read More »

                            I’m Living in Japan and Owe on Some Old U.S. Stafford and Perkins Student Loans. – Steve

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                            “Dear Steve, I posted this in the forum, but it has been sitting their for almost a month and no one has addressed it. It is listed under Creditor Questions & Answers titled Statute of Limitations and Collection Agencies. I know; wrong category:) I am adding more information to this inquiry. The key point to my situation is that there ... Read More »

                              My Student Loan Story From Hell. – Jody

                              “Dear Jeremy, My student loan story of hell. Between 1985 and 1989, I took out student loans to the total of approximately $14,000. Being a single mother, thought education would get me a better job than a factory job. So I got my education and could not find a job that would pay me enough to pay rent, electricity, gas, ... Read More »

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