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Student Loans

Graduated from Veterinary School With All Sorts of Student Loans. – Kim

Vet Loan Payments

“Dear Steve, Graduated from veterinary school in 2009 with ~$75k in federal student loans. I am currently repaying federal student loans in the amount of ~$75,000. I’m currently on an extended, graduated repayment plan and my monthly payments are ~$430/month. Financially, I’ve been able to double up on my monthly payments (I’ve actually been paying $860/month) and am starting to ... Read More »

    Is It Possible to Settle a Sallie Mae Student Loan?

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    “Dear Steve, My daughter attended a private university here in san francisco, University Academy of Arts, and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Merchandising in 2009. She borrowed the money from SallieMae for $56,489.19 and I’m (mom) the co-signer. Loan Amount $43,454.00 – Current Principal Balance $56,489.19 Loan $5,000 – interest 6.250% – Principal Balance = $7,583.61 Loan $9,000 – interest ... Read More »

      I Want to Repair My Credit Report and Improve My Credit Score After Debt Settlement. – Brian

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      “Dear Steve, I had 3 charge-offs on my credit report: (1) Capital-One–$5,200 (2) Macys–$1,300 and (3) Dell Financial Services–$4,200. I used a settlement company to pay these off (at about 50% rate, plus 35% of the savings to the debt settlement company). I have ~ 10 derogs reported on my credit report from a student loan lender who marked that ... Read More »

        I Am a Firefighter and EMT and I Need to be Rescued From My Sallie Mae Student Loans. – Cindy

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        “Dear Steve, I am a firefighter/EMT I have 2 grown children my 32 year old son is disabled and lives with me and my husband. I decided to go back to school online and ended up with about 4 student loans. I had some financial problems due to my hours at work being cut so i got deferments on all ... Read More »

          I Was Set to Go Back to School But Can’t Get a Graduate Student Loan. – Grant

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          “Dear Steve, I am fifty years old. I have a 10 year old son. My wife and I never had financial problems until recently. We got caught in a perfect storm. We were upside down on our home when I was laid off from a well paying IT Admin job. She is self employed and due to the economy her ... Read More »

            Should I Pay Down My Private Student Loans or Just the Minimums? – Anthony

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            I am a recent college graduate with $80k in student debt. I attended a private college in Santa Barbara, CA, thinking they would provide the best education, an awesome alumni network, and a solid leg-up above the competition. True, I am working for $32K a year while my counterparts are struggling to work at Borders, however I have a lot ... Read More »

              I Co-Signed for My Daughter’s Student Loan But the Payments Are Going to the Wrong Lender. – Dianne

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              “Dear Steve, I co-signed on my daughters student loan; the loan was sold but I continued to pay the original lender. Now I.n past due with the new loan holder. Can this money be transferred to the new loan holder? I co-signed on my daughters AES student loan and have been paying on time as agreed upon. In September I ... Read More »

                I Co-Signed a Sallie Mae School Tuition Loan for a Friend But They Say They Can’t Pay. – Vincent

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                Hi, i co-signed a school tuition loan from sallie mae about 10 yrs ago for then a close family friend. I recently applied for an apartment and found out he didnt pay anything and it destroyed my credit. This person has a personal buisness and a BMW and only crys poverty when I beg him to pay his debt. The ... Read More »

                  Will My Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt Be Discharged When I Die? – Roz

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                  will my children inhert my credit card/student loan debt? I am a third way through my masters degree as a part time student I am taking mostly subsized sallie mae loans, which will total about $50K upon graduation. I had assumed that my debt would be dischargable upon my death…but am now seeing that may not be the case…I would ... Read More »

                    Mortgage Forbearance for Deployed Reservists? – Karen

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                    The Soldiers and Sailors act is intended to protect credit during military service but, when looking into forbearance for mortgage during a deployment, the mortgage company (first horizon) indicated that they would report any modification to the credit bureaus. Our household income went DOWN more than 60% as a result of military pay in the reserves– which means we couldn’t ... Read More »

                      We Are Trying to Find Help to Consolidate Private Student Loans. – Pam

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                      “Dear Steve, We are trying to find help for our son to consolidate his private student loans. He went to an Ohio college/university for 5 years and ran out of money. He cannot go back because he can’t afford to and because he is working more than full time in order to live and pay his loans. The loans are ... Read More »

                        I Want to Know More About the Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Act of 2010. – Porter

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                        I did not know I had any debt until 4 years ago when I got a call from a creditor. Apparently my parents had put most of my student loans in my name and took out a credit card and racked up $4,000.00. I paid the credit card, but now my Sallie Mae private loan in $32,000. I live very ... Read More »

                          How Can I Lower My Student Loan Payments? – Marq

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                          I was what people would probably consider a disadvantaged student living close to the poverty income line when I first started college. Financial aid was critical for me to be able to attend college. My real debt started when financial aid officials informed me after the semester had started that I had a large balance in my account that financial ... Read More »

                            What Can I Do About My Student Loans? – M

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                            My student loan debts were accrued sometime in 1993 when I deferred. I had consolidated all my loans by then. Due to inability to find a job, I defaulted. In or about 2003, I was able to gather some certain about $70,000 which I wanted to use to pay off my debt. I think my student loans were around in ... Read More »

                              I Work as a Correctional Officer With Loads of Student Loan Debt. – Lynn

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                              “Dear Steve, I enrolled in college and the student loan money was easy to get. Now the money is due and we are being crushed by the payments of the student loans. I have close to 70k in student loans and my income is not going to be substantially impacted by my degree. We put our credit cards with a ... Read More »

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