If I Kill Myself Will Sallie Mae Take My Life Insurance Money to Pay the Student Loans? – Sam


“Dear Steve, Took out student loans at 8.5 % interest rate in middle 90’s to enable me to get Bachelors degree to be a teacher, have been making payments off and on since depending upon if I could afford them or not. Have used up all forbearances, etc…options, and am currently in about month 6 of a year long income ... Read More »

    I Want to Kill Myself Because of My Student Loans. I Dream of Dying.

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    “Dear Steve, I have seen that there are others who have posted that they have contemplated suicide in order to get out of student loan debt and I can tell you that they aren’t alone. I was laid off twice since I graduated and I can’t afford to pay my loans back. I couldn’t even if I found a job. ... Read More »

      My Bipolar Boyfriend Killed Himself But Ran Up My Debt Before. – Bonnie

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      “Dear Steve, My boyfriend was living with me and about 1 week before it was to be our one year, he committed suicide. He survived for two years in a vegative state. He passed away 2 years ago and I am stuck paying his debt that he racked up on my credit card, by buying tools and then pawning them ... Read More »

        My Sallie Mae Student Loans Make Me Suicidal and Anxious. – Angela


        “Dear Steve, I have a massive amount of school loan debt from a school that was very overpriced and I didn’t finish to get my degree. The company I am involved with is Sallie Mae and they have been very unforgiving with payments so it doesn’t really matter how much I send. The debt keeps rising. I’m really at a ... Read More »

          I’ve Put My Gun in My Mouth Many Times to Deal With My Debt. – Matthew

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          “Dear Steve, 37 years old, 2 kids 11 and 10. I served in Iraq. Suffering now with severe mental issues. I grew up abused and joined the Army at 21. I have gone to Iraq. Moments after leaving home my wife moved my kids across the country and filed for divorce. While serving in a combat zone I was going ... Read More »

            Is Suicide My Only Option to Get Out of Debt? – Raj


            “Dear Steve, I’m in deep trouble and the only option left for me is Suicide. I just can’t think of anything to overcome the hassle I created by myself. Im so stupid that I trusted someone wholeheartedly broke me into pieces. I came to USA in 2009 on a F1 student visa , borrowed money from my family members for ... Read More »

              If I commit suicide will my next of kin have to pay my student loans?

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              I know it’s a terrible question, but they say that student loans never go away. I’m about to graduate with my masters, and it will end up costing me over 100,000. It makes me want to kill myself, especially considering how incredibly hard I worked through undergrad to graduate with almost no debt. I wish I could turn back time- ... Read More »

                I’m So in Debt I’ve Lost the Joy of Being Alive. – Carol

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                “Dear Steve, I am so deep in debt that i have actually lost the joy of being alive. so i just searched the net for help and stumbled upon this site. I think i made a series of mistakes, lived above my means, love to make everybody happy in my family, enjoy being labeled ‘good’, helpful’, ‘nice’….and soon i was ... Read More »

                  I Feel Like a Loser and Keep Trying to Kill Myself and Commit Suicide Because of My Debt. – Scott

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, My situation is no different from the others who contemplate suicide as a means to an end.My problem is,I have already attempted,but,obviously failed.The medical bills incurred from the attempt have now balooned to over 7k.I own a home with 50k remaining on the mortgage,and a trust of @150k earmarked to pay the mortgage note ONLY..My current position,(which I ... Read More »

                    Easy Suicide Would Be a Way Out of My Debt. – Amy

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                    “Dear Steve, I’m desperate, depressed and have been suicidal on a regular basis over debt and money issues. I am disabled and on SS, and my husband is working full time. We do not have a very high combined income, but too high to qualify for extra help (food stamps, etc). We’re renting in a shared situation that is precarious ... Read More »

                      My Brother is Mentally Ill and Has a Tremendous Amount of Student Loans. – Laura

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                      “Dear Steve, I have and estranged brother for 30 years. He became suicidal and started sending me emails. As a result we got him home and he was such a mess we immediately took him to a psychiatric facility where was admitted for several weeks. He came home to live with me and I realized he has psychosis. He is ... Read More »

                        I Often Think About Suicide to Ease My Pain of Debt. – Pete

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                        “Dear Steve, I lost my job in January. I never really saved outside of a two month rainy day fund. I’ve used most of my savings to pay bills until I can land a new job at my old salary…still waiting. I’ve fallen behind on the mortgage, utilities, car, loans, etc. I’ve fallen into a deep depression and often think ... Read More »

                          I’m Losing Control of My Sanity Because of My Debt. I’m Having Bad Thoughts. – Frank

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                          “Dear Steve, Wife and I both had decent paying jobs and able to spend as much as we wanted, she lost her job and soon after unemployement debt I no longer had the overtime,bonuses and other perks, and 2 kids came along. we acrued a debt of 26k and now it is about to go to collection I have a ... Read More »

                            I Am Afraid My Brother is Considering Suicide as the Result of His Student Loan Debt. – Alex

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                            “Dear Steve, I am the brother of the person in question. I love him very much and fear that he is close to suicide. My brother Paul has both clinical depression and OCD. He has tried to work since leaving school but has never been able to live entirely independently. One or another family member has always bailed him out. ... Read More »

                              I’m Desperate, in Debt, and Thinking of Hanging Myself. – Evelyn

                              “Dear Steve, I’m desperate, with about 75,000 on credit cards, two repos and about (on one the sold the truck and sent a bill for about 7,000 waiting on the second but I sure is going to be a lot more) 2576.66 for mortgage (taxes and insurance not including taxes and insurance) 4 kids (19,16,12 and 7) plus 26,000 on ... Read More »

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