How Can I Best Avoid Paying Taxes Using the Accepted for Value Process? – Steve

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“Dear Steve, In looking for relief of the burdin of paying taxes on income I have been reading the UCC-1, Accepted For Value,The Law Of Nations, as well as web sites and there is one inparticular educationcenter2000. Mr. Rhode through all of your vast knowlege of studies have you ever found away to avoid paying taxes on income by using ... Read More »

    I’m Disabled, On SSI, and Capital One is Suing Me. – Patrisha

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, Capital one is sueing me for a dept. They want $880 which is the intrest rate, i don’t owe that. My minnim was $500. I go to trial September 15th i was with capitalone for almost 2 years, i just didn’t have enought to pay them, when i signed up i put down i am disabled and recieve ... Read More »

      American Express is Coming After Me and I’m Out of Work. – Jan

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      “Dear Steve, I have an american express debt of 7200 tried to call when i couldn’t make monthly payments to get payment lower; they wouldn’t have continued to send them $25 per month although they have debt collectors calling me. i haven’t worked since October and have a summons to go to court. i have 26000 in stocks set aside ... Read More »

        I Got Sued by Capital One. What Do I Do Now? – Leslie

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        “Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and we split the credit cards down by whose name they were under. I received the Capital One bill :( My husband wanted the divorce so bad he gave me the house and agreed to pay all divorce proceedings which he hasn’t (I hope to be sue him for it..) I work ... Read More »

          When I Was Served a Summons for Credit Card Debt the Guy Hit on Me. – Charlotte

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          “Dear Steve, Thank you first for the informative website,you dont know how many times i tried to find someone or something that would tell me or help me figure out what to do. Ok my story,,..Like everyone else,i lost work and was in a major accident about 4 years ago, I tried to reason with the card companies to reduce ... Read More »

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