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What Can the Auto Title Lender Tell My Mom? – Cindy

auto title loans

“Dear Steve, I have an auto title loan in AZ. I am currently behind by one month and 1/2. My mom went into that place today and gave them my name. The auto title loan people pulled up my account and told them how many months behind I was and how much i owe them now. I thought in Auto ... Read More »

    How Can I Get Rid of My Car I Financed? – Andrea


    “Dear Steve, I’m 22 , I made a bad decision to buy a car that was nice at first but not very accommodating. How can i get rid of my financed vehicle? I understand i may end up upside down on my loan but what happens after? how will this negatively (if so) affect my credit? Andrea” Dear Andrea, In ... Read More »

      I Purchased a Lexus But Can’t Afford It. What Should I Do? – Lex

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      “Dear Steve, Purchased a car ( Lexus ) 4 years ago. I paid payments for 2 years and got behind on payments. The dealership ( finance company) Would not work with me on catching up my payments. I have been told me only option is to give the car up ( and it goes into auction and they will come ... Read More »

        My Fiancee Died and I Can’t Make My Truck Payments. – Jody

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        “Dear Steve, i purchased a truck.then my fiance died now i cannot afford high payments,and i have bad credit so my interst is high and no one will refinance it i found out that in the 18 months i been paying they have put all except 800.00towards interest.then i called to get a payoff it was not even any lower.Now ... Read More »

          I Filed Bankruptcy But Can’t Afford My New Car Payment. – Tarsha

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          “Dear Steve, I filed chapter 7 last year and instead of my situation getting better, its getting worse. I financed a car through a company name first investors and in the beginning of the loan I was keeping up with the payments. But, due to a decline in my yearly salary the note is killing me. I pay far to ... Read More »

            What Can We Do About Threats From Ford Motor Credit? – Marvin

            “Dear Jon, My wife and I have been struggling to pay bills due to her employment situation. She has been unemployed and currently works part time. Ou home have been modified and we just is barely making ends. We were excellent customers with Ford Credit until she lost her job. The account manager have been harassing us calling my wife ... Read More »

              Got a Bad Credit Car Loan and Want to Refinance It

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              “Dear Steve, I have bad credit and am in the process of cleaning things up, but this past February I had to replace my car and got a high interest loan. First off my wife loves your site. Any time she has questions, your site is the first site she goes to get answers and advice. I have bad credit ... Read More »

                Deployed in Afghanistan With a Navy Federal Credit Union Car Loan They Want Me to Pay. – Devon

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                “Dear Steve, Well here goes: I had an auto loan with NFCU (Navy Federal Credit Union) back in 2007. I paid all my monthly payments on time up until I was honorable discharged from the military in Dec 2008. Now I would’ve stayed in knowing all my obligations to creditors and various other bills, but at that time there was ... Read More »

                  I Want to Buy a Motorcycle to Get Around But I Don’t Have the Money. – Loraine

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                  “Dear Steve, Got about 10k in debt, and they’re all in collections, but I recently got a decent job. Now I’m starting from square one and i want to see if I can finally become debt free. But I don’t really know where to start. I have lost my mode of transportation and I really really need to get something ... Read More »

                    Single Mother With Tons of Bills, Upside Down on Car and Private Student Loans

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                    “Dear Steve, Car payments are to much and i have to much negative equity. Single mother with toms of bills including a high interest rated private student loan. Cant afford the payments on my car I tried to refinance and trade it in. Wasnt successful I have to much negative equity on the car. What should I do? Is a ... Read More »

                      My Car Was Repoed and Nationwide Credit Says I Owe a Huge Balance. – Kathryn

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                      “Dear Steve, i have a car loan under my name and sister. i was unable to pay it any longer so it was repoed. my sister has no job so her car was repoed also.. i am now getting letters from nationwide credit inc stating i have to pay them 7349.00 but can make a settlement .if i dont pay ... Read More »

                        My Son-In-Law Bought a Truck He Can’t Afford. How Does He Get Out? – Doug

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                        “Dear Steve, My son-in-law bought a used truck he could not afford and payments are $700/mo. The dealer had him lie about my daughters emploment situation as she is not working and she signed the loan papers. The truck was over valued and the dealer has offered to buy it back for aprox. $20000 less than he paid for it ... Read More »

                          I Can’t Afford My BMW Lease. How Will That Hurt My Credit?

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                          “Dear Steve, I have a very good score credit and I have been very punctual and responsible with all my bills for all these years, but since October 2011 I’m jobless, however I have been paying all my bills on time with my savings . I still have some cash to continue searching for a job and very basic necessities. ... Read More »

                            Motorcycle Financing Company Wants More for Late Payment Interest. – Bill

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                            “Dear Steve, I have had a loan through the manufactuer of my motorcycle, the question is it is now the end of the loan term and they told me that I still owe $2000 because of late payments over the term of the loan. I took advantage of there loan modification 3 times in 7 years because of my financial ... Read More »

                              Made horrible mistake getting car loan for boyfriend. Please help get this car out of my name! – Jocelyn

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                              I really made a big mistake with a car loan for someone else. I bought a house by myself earlier this year which is going fine. I have a 157K mortgage loan. My long-time boyfriend was unemployed and his credit isn’t that good and of course, he needed a car, perfect timing. We initially went into a seedy place that ... Read More »

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