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Desperate in Dubai Over Car Loan With Friend From Philippines

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My friend ask me to help him loan a car from our company. we are getting some discount if we purchase car from our company. I helped my friend because he is a good person and trusted as well. He is from India and I am from Philippines. in 2008, we took a car and got good discount. we ageed ... Read More »

    My Late Husband Sold His Car But They Are Trying to Collect Money From Me. – Donna

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    “Dear Steve, My late husnand sold his car because he had cancer and could no longer drive and since then it has had a traffic offence, I had a call to say they were coming today to remove my house hold goods as i’m the wife its down to me to pay off the debt. Is it down to me ... Read More »

      What Happens to My Credit if I Make a Partial Car Payment? – Nicole

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      “Dear Steve, Just a curious consumer. I have paid partial payments on a car loan and I wondered what will reflect on my credit report. If I paid a partial payment on my loan can the loan company still report me as late on my credit report?also I was wondering if hypathetically I was say 28 days late on a ... Read More »

        I’m Getting Calls From Two Lenders On My One Car Loan. – Nicole

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        “Dear Steve, Im a single mom who recently relocated from florida to Georgia after loosing my job.i moved hete to help lower the cost of living expence..i am on florida unemployment. A year prior to loosing my job I purchased a car from a small lot..i recieved financing at a rediculose intrest rate..3 months later my finance company sold my ... Read More »

          What Are the Ramifications About Refinancing My Car Loan? – Jessica

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          “Dear Steve, I have a really high car payment and no income. The car absolutely cannot go back. I had to trade in two vehicles because I signed (not cosigned) for my mother in law to get a Smart car, and she died. My father in law did not want to keep making payments and pay insurance so we traded ... Read More »

            I Need to Rebuild My Credit After Bankruptcy. – Dennis

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            “Dear Steve, I own a Honda Fit with around $58,000 miles on it and I have the title. I also just finished a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and so my credit is shot. I wanted to borrow against my title about $7,000 and make payments over 3 to 4 years in order to get back on my feet. Do you recommend ... Read More »

              My Job at the Hospital Didn’t Take Taxes Out of My Check. – William

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              “Dear Steve, My name William. I’m only 25 and have a bus load of debt!! I currently work at [xxxx] Hospital in Washington D.C. I make a realitively small amount of money ($11.75 per hour). I live with my younger brother who I have taken care of since our parents passed away approximately 6 1/2 years ago. I have attended ... Read More »

                We Fell Behind in Car Payments. Can We Settle the Debt and Keep the Car? – Patti

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                “Dear Steve, Purchased a car in 2006 for son in college. Made payments until last year and fell behind. Still have car and need to settle balance. We purchased a car for our son in college and fell behind in the payments. We owe 3980.00 total. After checking our credit report I see that they have refered it to a ... Read More »

                  I’m a Teacher But I Can’t Afford My Toyota Camry Payment. – Sloane

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                  “Dear Steve, I was a public school teacher until health problems forced me to quit teaching so therefore, I retired. The doctors have not given me clearance to return to work; so at the age of 61, I doubt that I will be unable to return. About six months before my health problems began, I traded my vehicle for a ... Read More »

                    What Can I Do About My Car I Can’t Afford Anymore? – Jared

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                    “Dear Steve, About a year ago I had a great job selling life insurance making a lot of money(to me at least), wrecked my old car, so I needed to buy a new car. After awhile of thinking I had come to the conclusion that for my job I needed a nice car (for appearance purposes) and since I could ... Read More »

                      How Can I Negotiate a Lower Loan Payoff on My Travel Trailer? – Mo

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                      “Dear Steve, I had a 2008 brand new Travel Trailer. It was just “Totaled” by a hail storm. I was insured by GMAC. They claimed ” FULL RV REPLACEMENT” without depreciation. When I checked that route it wasn’t what was promoted by them (long story), so I took the cash settlement instead. This went directly to the bank (Bank of ... Read More »

                        I Have 3 Kids in College and Just Making It Month-To-Month. – Catherine

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                        “Dear Steve, I am a single Mom struggling with putting 3 kids through college. Every year I seem to get further in debt. I am currently buying a used car through one of those ‘bad credit’ companies, and am getting raped financially. In order to pay tuition this fall, I stupidly (I know) let my insurance lapse on this car. ... Read More »

                          Son in Military Can’t Afford Truck Payments

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                          “Dear Steve, This is about the situation my son is in. He is in the military and being young and naive, thinking that he had plenty of money coming in, bought a used truck for quite a bit of money. He also got married and they recently had a baby. His wife also had a car payment. Now with the ... Read More »

                            My Mom Has Been Car Leasing But Her Arthritis Keeps Her From Driving.

                            “Dear Damon, My mother is 84 years old she cannot drive the car she leased any longer what are her obligations to the cadillac dealer for the remiaining payments she also has minimum income…she has a letter from her doctor that she can longer drive due to her arthritis. please advise..does she need to pay up teh remaining lease payments??? ... Read More »

                              I’m Living With My Ex-Boyfriend and Can’t Afford to Move Out. – Kelly

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                              “Dear Steve, My name is Kelly and I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have a car loan with the remaining balance of $28,417.00, I make $652.59 payments every month. I’m trying to look for my own place, bec I currently live with my ex-boyfriend. But in order for me to be able to afford a place of my ... Read More »

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