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I’m Living With My Ex-Boyfriend and Can’t Afford to Move Out. – Kelly

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“Dear Steve, My name is Kelly and I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have a car loan with the remaining balance of $28,417.00, I make $652.59 payments every month. I’m trying to look for my own place, bec I currently live with my ex-boyfriend. But in order for me to be able to afford a place of my ... Read More »

    I Just Filed Bankruptcy But Want to Keep My Car With Toyota Financial. – Nancy

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    “Dear Steve, I’ve just filed bankruptcy and will be keeping my car, but one month behind and will be caught up in 8 days. I tried to make a payment on my car with Toyota Financial online and noticed that it didn’t go through. I called and they said that I no longer have access to the online payment center, ... Read More »

      I Co-Signed for My Daughter’s Car That Was Repoed. But the Lender Won’t Accept a Settlement. – Carmen

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      “Dear Steve, I co-signed for my daughters car loan. She lost her employment at almost the same time I lost mine. The company called me a I returned the car back to them. After that I called to settle the account and they ignore all the letters, faxes and telephone calls. They want to settle for $9000.00. I do not ... Read More »

        Can I Add My Past Due Truck Payments On the End of My Loan? – Ryan

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        “Dear Steve, Last fall I bought a $8,000 truck and signed on a $17,000 loan. I’m at $15,500 now and two payments late facing collections and repo. I contact the auto loan company weekly but no help. I pay $367 a month and cannot afford it due to cut backs at work. I’m stuck sir, and need real help. Can ... Read More »

          I Took Out a Cart Title Loan With Lone Star Loans I Can’t Afford to Pay Anymore. – Nancy

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            I Made a Payment And The Bank Took My Car and Sold It. – Mary

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            “Dear Steve, I hope you can help. About 2 yrs. ago my car was repossed by the bank i had made a 1/2 payment the teller said it was ok . the next day my car was gone? They auctioned off my car and sent me a huge bill ? the car was half paid off.I obtained a attorney in ... Read More »

              When I Was in the Air Force I Bought a Vehicle That Got Repossessed. – Diana

              “Dear Damon, I purchased a vehicle in FL while I was PSCing to SD for the Air Force. A year later (2005) it was repossessed due to me being unable to make the increased payments that they imposed. The last contact I had with them was in October of 2005. I was just served with papers in April 2011, which ... Read More »

                Can The Credit Union Keep My Car Title Till My Visa Card is Paid? – Shelley

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                “Dear Steve, I had a car loan through a credit union in Florida where I live..it was paid off in March of 2010…I also had a Visa through them, that went into default and was charged off…They refuse to release the car title..they sent the visa out to a collection agency, and the credit union said they will not release ... Read More »

                  I Have Lupus, Can’t Work and Ford Motor Credit is Suing Us Over a Lease. – Allison

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                  “Dear Steve, Married, Unemployed and going through a disability case for determination. My name is included on our house and 2 cars. My name is not on the bank account. Due to my disability, I had to quit my job and eventually my husband could no longer make my payments on my credit cards so we quit paying. Being sued ... Read More »

                    Nationwide Credit Keeps Trying to Collect on an Old Credit One Car Loan I Fully Paid Off. – Selena

                    Collection Letter

                    “Dear Jeremy, I completed paying off my car loan as of 12/2010. I own some late fee’s and the collection company has been giving me a hard time verifying who they are and has threaten to repo my car, given me a actual date in when they were coming pick it up. Which that date has come and gone. Now ... Read More »

                      My Friend Can’t Afford Her Car. What Do We Do? – Vivian

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                      “Dear Steve, I am asking the question for someone else. I help people with setting up budgets and I do not know how to answer this question for this woman that I am helping. She is a single mom with a 18 yr old daughter that does not drive. She lost her job in Oct 2010, has over 15,000. in ... Read More »

                        Two Months Late on Car Payment But Want to Avoid Repo. – Linda

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                        “Dear Steve, I am two months late on my car payment, and I can’t afford to pay it. I have done refinanced the car last year so they won’t be able to do it again. I just deferred two payments back about 3 months ago, so trying to defer a payment is out of the question. I don’t know what ... Read More »

                          I Financed a Truck for My Soon to Be Ex-Husband. – Elizabeth

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                          “Dear Steve, I made the huge mistake of financing a truck for my soon-to-be ex husband and the account is not in good standing. The payments have been late several times before and are again. I am separated from my ex and he is supposed to be sending me the payments to pay the truck but always has an excuse ... Read More »

                            My Credit Union Says They Can Reposes My Car Because I’m Behind On My Credit Card Payment. – Mike

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                            “Dear Steve, I am up to date on my car payments but behind on my Visa payments. My credit union in Atlanta, Ga says they can seize my car because the Visa is secured by it and I never new about this, or the fact that they I had a secured Visa card. I do not live in Ga. I ... Read More »

                              Who Can Help Me Get My Truck Payment Lowered? – Mike

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                              “Dear Steve, My wife has been ill for the past six months she had a heart attack in Nov 6th.I had to take a 25%pay cut my company kept me but took the pay away,I was upside down in my truck the payments are 368.00 per month is is possible to get the payment lowered My wife has a 2005 ... Read More »

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