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I Don’t Want to Go Bankrupt for an Old Car Loan Debt.

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“Dear Steve, I’m 20000 in dept (Car loans ) my wife no longer works , I don’t make enough money They want to much and said they would sue one already has. We already retained an attorney we don’t want to go bankrupt I don’t know what else to do.” You have a few choices: Pay the debt in full. ... Read More »

    I’m Upside Down on My Car. How Can I Get Out From Under It? – Bill

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    “Dear Steve, My wife and I have a car that we are in desperate need to get rid of. I currently owe about $13000 for it still, but it is really only worth about $5400 according to KBB and the Car Dealership we are working with to try and get a new one. After the dealer has run their numbers ... Read More »

      Can My Lender Repossess My Car in Another State?

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      “Dear Steve, Due to some financial challenges, I have been behind my car note for almost 4 months in the State of Tennessee and the Credit Union wants to repossess the car. I told them I’m not in town because right now I’m in another state (Maryland) with the car for a program. They called me and requested to tell ... Read More »

        I Bought a Car I Don’t Own. – Prizica

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        “Dear Steve, i bought a car from a person who obtained it through the Bank Loan, i paid him in full but got a call from the repo man that the owner is no longer paying the loan and that the car is going to be repossessed. We had agreed that he will make the full payment to the bank ... Read More »

          I Have 4 Years Left on My Car Loan And I’ve Got Problems With My Car. – Ketra

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          “Dear Steve, Upside loan – undiagnosable issue with car – remaining 4 years to pay off 17k I purchased my 2005 Jetta in 2007. As of now, I had no major issues. Recently it began making a large grumbling noise. I first took it to a specialist, and then was recommended to take it to a dealership service shop. The ... Read More »

            My Car Lender Sent Me My Clear Title By Mistake. – Phil

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            “Dear Steve, I lost my job a year ago and can’t afford a large car payment. Strangely, a few years ago, I received the pink slip in the mail for the car, showing no leinholder on title. I still owe 9k on the car, but with the 20% interest rate have paid substantially on this vehicle over the years. Can ... Read More »

              My Credit Union is Suing Me for Repoed Car. – Liz

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              “Dear Steve, I had a 2006 Honda Accord EX and a signature loan from my credit union. I got laid off and couldn’t make either payment. The CU put both loans together at one point, but I still couldn’t make the payment, so I voluntarily returned the car. They sold the car, and I still owe $22,000, which I cannot ... Read More »

                My Credit is Bad From Worn Tires on a Leased Car. – Sheryl

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                “Dear Steve, I leased a car from GMAC and at the end of the lease we turned the car in and they evaulated it and decided we had too much wear on the tires, so they billed us over $700, I called and negotiated a lower price of approx $500. and paid that right away, but what I was unaware ... Read More »

                  I Recently Became Late on Several of My Bills Including Two Car Loans. – David

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                  “Dear Steve, I recently became late on several of my bills including two car loans. I maxed out a credit card to cover me when my wife become unemployed and pregnant. She has been unable to gain employment since then. I purchase a 2009 Dodge Caravan several months ago and now may have to relinquish it to the lien holder ... Read More »

                    I’ve Been Living Off My Credit Cards for a While. – Tai

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a married woman 27 years old. I have a two year old daughter and I am on a fixed income. I am considered disabled by the state in which I reside and receive $642 per month from SSA and SSI combined. My husband is not working and does not contribute to household cost as he did ... Read More »

                      The Car Dealership Wrote Off My Loan I’m Paying On. – Kyran

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                      “Dear Steve, I had an auto loan through a buy here/pay here dealership. Paid way more for the vehicle then it was worth. With just over $6,000 to go on the loan, I noticed on my monthly credit report notifications that the dealership had wrote off my loan, terming it bad debt. This is ridiculous since the last payment I ... Read More »

                        Should We Take Money From Our IRA to Buy a Car? – Brenda

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                        “Dear Steve, Retired – husband 69 and I am 65 Husband worked for a now defunct airline for 28 years so pension is minimal from PBGC. I have an IRA worth about $210K (withdrawing $10K lump sum annually). We are both currently collecting social security. My husband has two part-time jobs and I have one part-time job producing an insignificant ... Read More »

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