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I’m Unemployed, No Job, Can’t Afford to Pay My Credit Cards, and I Need a Job. – Kim

“Dear Damon, Currently I’m unemployed and I have no job prospects for the future despite applying for at least 10 jobs a day. I have three major credit cards and I will not be able to make my monthly payments. I’m current on all three, I’ve used up my entire savings to pay my bills, but I no longer can ... Read More »

    I’m Eight Months Pregnant and Getting Sued for a Debt. – Tracy

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    “Dear Steve, To put a long story short, i received a letter in the mail saying that one of my credit cards is suing me and my court date is two days after my due date. I don’t work, I’m 8 months pregnant. I’m afraid to the judge will order me to pay my debt, when financially I wouldn’t be ... Read More »

      Is Bankruptcy the Only Option for Me? – Mark

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      “Dear Steve, I owe $58000 on an $82000 manufactured home (in other words, no value there). I owe $80000 in credit card debt. No car loans…no other loans of any kind. My wife works, but I am currently unemployed; receiving unemployment. I’ve never been late on a payment of any kind, but struggling. Is bankruptcy the only alternative for me? ... Read More »

        I Had Cancer and My Husband Was Unemployed. We Are Struggling With Payday Loans. – Kim

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        “Dear Steve, I will try to be brief: I owe about $12k to installment payday loan companies such as Checkngo. I owe about $2k in medical bills I owe $9k on my car I owe $2k to the IRS (new this year) Credit isn’t great – about 680 but I do have a good job that I’ve been at 6 ... Read More »

          My Unemployment Ran Out and I’ve Just Had a Hard Time Making Payments on Time. – Christine

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          “Dear Steve, I no longer use my credit cards and have been just trying to pay off the balances for several years to which I’ve always paid the minimum and sometimes more on all my credit card bills, but recently the due dates have been changing from month to month, varying from the end of the month to the beginning, ... Read More »

            I’m Using Stock Sales and Cash Value from Life Insurance to Pay my Credit Cards. – Thomas

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            “Dear Steve, I lost my job in December of 2010. I owe $41140.00 in credit card debt. My monthly minimum payments are approximently $1112.00. My unemployment is $1320.00 a month. My household expenses are about $1100.00. I am currently drawing from stock sales and a life insurance cash out. These assets are about $20,000.00. Right now there are no definate ... Read More »

              I’m Panicing About My Debt Situation. – Walter

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              “Hi.. I’m Walter.. a single (never-married) 38yo.. guy in Richmond Va… no kids.. renting small apartment w/ no room-mates.. (except for 2 free-loading cats).. Was laid-off September 2010.. During the initial shock and horror of this, I drew out the majority of my retirement savings.. from an IRA-account,Only to realize that claiming unemployment was (in my situation) more “user-friendly” than ... Read More »

                I Got Cancer and My Credit Went South So I Went With First Choice Debt Resolution. – S

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                “Dear Steve, I had pristine credit for 10 years and then got cancer in 2008 and also lost my job that same year so at that point I was unable to keep up with my credit cards. I had unfortunately been in a really bad relationship for 5 years and I allowed that person to run up credit card balances. ... Read More »

                  I’ve Been Aggressively Paying Down Debt But My Unemployment Ends in Three Months. – Shelia

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                  “Dear Steve, I had been aggressively paying down debt over the past couple of years (eliminated car loan and student loan long ago, and I have paid down credit card debt). I lost my job in July of 2009, and I have not yet been able to find another to replace it. I have enough to cover my bills in ... Read More »

                    I’m Two Weeks Away From Unemployment. Is Bankruptcy Something Worth Looking At? – Mel

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                    “Dear Steve, Two years ago I lost a job of 9 years to a change in command. I was doing well there making $96k a year. I found short term job for 4 months but they had to down-size to stay in business. After that I was off for 1 year. My wife and I, stupidly, used credit cards to ... Read More »

                      How Do I Pay My Debt Off When I’m Unemployed? – Brandon

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                      “Dear Steve, My credit card debt really got bad when I was working and living in one town and also paying the mortgage on my house in another town. I basically lived off my credit card since rent and mortgage took all but $100 of my paycheck. By that point I was paying $200-300 in interest alone, so paying it ... Read More »

                        I Now Lost My Job and We Are Unable to Make All The Payments. – Petra

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                        “Dear Steve, Both my Husband and I were making ends meet with only a few bucks to spare to save up a little bit. We are making the minimum payments on our credit card bills, have a mortgage, tax debt, 2 auto loans and the usual bills like water, electricity etc. We were in the process of refinancing our house ... Read More »

                          Credit Consultant Said They Would Charge Us Up to 25% of The Debt. – David

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                          “Dear Steve, My wife’s company is about to close next week… she owes $21,000 in credit cards to Direct Merchants Bank, Bank of America and Chase. Her minimum payment every moth is $655 per month. She has never been late. I was laid off in April and no work yet. My mom had some debt with Sears and Discover for ... Read More »

                            Wife Wants to Declare Bankruptcy But I’m Ashamed to Do It. – David

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                            “Dear Steve, I was laid-off 4 months ago and have been unable to get a job so far. I’m 63, no savings, no retirement. Before i was laid-off we had difficulty meeting our financial obligations. We had asked 2 of our credit cards for hardship help; they closed our accounts, lowered interest rate and payment. Now that I’m unemployed i’m ... Read More »

                              We Have Enough Cash to Make it Four More Months. – Laura

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband was downsized from his company and due to previous bouts of unemployment we had to make house payments w/credit cards and amassed major debt and did not get that paid off prior to him losing this position. We have enough cash to make it for another 4 months and then we will be tapped out. I’m ... Read More »

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