How Can We Get Out of This Credit Card Debt Since We Are Unemployed and Laid Off? – Bobbie

“Dear Steve, We have about 50K in credit card debt. My husband got laid off the end of Jan. 2010, with little in savings we can’t make our monthly payments with my income and his unemployment. Trying to figure out if we should try to work with the credit card companies themselves or do to … Read more

Unemployed, Broke, No Family, and in Debt. – Shelia

“Dear Steve, I recently lost my job due to a conflict with the boss’s son. I had no chance. My claim for unemployment benefits are still pending investigation, while the bills have already spiraled out of control. I don’t even open the mail anymore, as I can’t pay 1 cent and seeing those threatening messages … Read more

We’ve Spent All Our Savings Making Payments But Still in Debt. – Norman

“Dear Steve, I am presently laid and cannot find work! Between my wife and I our income is $661.00. We have about $39,000.00 in debt. That includes 2 vechicles credit card and irs bill. We do not have a home ,rent and have no other bills.We have only 1 and a half years to pay … Read more

You’ve Been With Me on Many Sleepless Nights. – Colleen

“Hi Steve, I have $100,00 in credit card debt. I am an independent travel consultant and due to the economy my business is at 0. My monthly expenses are around $2000 per month this includes the credit card payments. My husband deals with the rest, such as mortage, food, etc. I am not late yet … Read more

I Got Laid Off and My Credit Cards Won’t Reduce My Monthly Payments. – Michael

“Dear Steve, I got laid off a couple of months ago and we cannot get any of the credit card people to reduce monthly payments for us. we are starting to drown. they all tell me that the only way they can help is if i stop paying, then they can help me. How can … Read more

I’ve Been Living Off My Credit Cards for a While. – Tai

“Dear Steve, I am a married woman 27 years old. I have a two year old daughter and I am on a fixed income. I am considered disabled by the state in which I reside and receive $642 per month from SSA and SSI combined. My husband is not working and does not contribute to … Read more

We Are Flat Broke And Need to Drain Our 401(k). – Susan

“Dear Steve, Currently collecting unemployment after being laid off from my job back in Feb 2009. It is exactly enough to pay my rent. My husband’s income is mostly from tips and some side jobs he does. We have very poor credit and our utilities are behind and have no savings. We have 2 children, … Read more

I Think Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Might Be My Only Recourse. – Steve

“Dear Steve, I have just under 32 K in cc debt, paid down from a much larger amount. After reading comments on your site I am coming to the conclusion that a Chapter 7 might be my only recourse. I talked to one bank about the debt but all they did was reduce my credit … Read more

What Options Should We Consider to Avoid Foreclosure? – Joshua

“Dear Steve, 210,000 mortgage – 196,000 owed 4 months behind, foreclosure has not yet started but may within a month or so KS provides 120 days for the foreclosure process 15-20k unsecured credit debt/medical bills My wife has 18k in student loan debt 2 cars, not behind on and I’m not certain how much equity … Read more