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I’ve Been Unemployed and Now Can’t Afford My Minimum Payments. – Marco

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“Dear Steve, I have been unemployed since Jan 5th 2009. My UEI covers my hard bills, rent , car loan, car ins, untilities, a little food. I have used my savings to pay my credit bills thinking I would find a job. I have run out of my savings and have made poor mistakes that way I beleive. I have ... Read More »

    How Can We Get Out of This Credit Card Debt Since We Are Unemployed and Laid Off? – Bobbie

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    “Dear Steve, We have about 50K in credit card debt. My husband got laid off the end of Jan. 2010, with little in savings we can’t make our monthly payments with my income and his unemployment. Trying to figure out if we should try to work with the credit card companies themselves or do to a debt management/settlement program or ... Read More »

      I Can’t Find Any Work to Pay My Bills. What Should I Do? – Bob

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      “Dear Steve, I am a sub contractor.Half the places i did work for went out of business the ones that are still in business do not have any work not able to pay credit cads anymore no unemployment cant find work anywhere. What should I do now? Bob” Dear Bob, If you have made every attempt to find work and ... Read More »

        I’m 20 Years Old. How Can I Deal With My Debt? – Katia

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          I Hope God Has a Sense of Humor About My Debt. – Lisa

          “Dear Steve, I’m 51 and I’ve created debt in the past 4 years. I’ve never had debts before but I decided that I needed to invest in starting a business and in higher education rather than playing it safe all the time as I did previously. I have about $60,000 worth of debt, now which includes student loans and credit ... Read More »

            I’m 8 Months Pregnant and My Husband and I Were Laid Off at the Same Time. – Kristin

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            “Dear Steve, My husband and I were laid off in Nov of 2008 within 24 hours of each other, and I was eight months pregnant! We both looked for work for a long time. My husband just got a job about a month ago and I am still currently looking. We each have 2 credit cards in our name only. ... Read More »

              Can My Creditors Take My Unemployment? – Esther

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              “Dear Steve, I have approximately 10,000 in credit card debt. I lost my job several months ago,when my employer had his own financial issues. I had been paying off my debts at double the minimums or more prior to that time. Now if I pay even the minimums on my cards, I can’t pay for the bare necessities. I need ... Read More »

                These Are Scary Times For Us. We Are Not Used to Money Problems. – Jennifer

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                “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I have been unemployed for a year and a half. My husband is in the construction industry (and while I probably don’t need to say more) he has been employed on and off again for almost a year. We are both currently unemployed. We have both always worked and have been fiscally responsible. We have excellent ... Read More »

                  Is Credit Counseling Worth It? – Ross

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                  “Dear Steve, We have about 60K in secured and unsecured debt. Credit cards are about 40K, student loan 10K, and the rest is a timeshare loan at 10K. We also have a tax debt and will owe taxes again this year. I work on a temporary contract basis making 70K/year, but that will end later this year and there’s no ... Read More »

                    Unemployed, Broke, No Family, and in Debt. – Shelia

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                    “Dear Steve, I recently lost my job due to a conflict with the boss’s son. I had no chance. My claim for unemployment benefits are still pending investigation, while the bills have already spiraled out of control. I don’t even open the mail anymore, as I can’t pay 1 cent and seeing those threatening messages make me cry uncontollably. My ... Read More »

                      We’ve Spent All Our Savings Making Payments But Still in Debt. – Norman

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                      “Dear Steve, I am presently laid and cannot find work! Between my wife and I our income is $661.00. We have about $39,000.00 in debt. That includes 2 vechicles credit card and irs bill. We do not have a home ,rent and have no other bills.We have only 1 and a half years to pay on one vechicle, and four ... Read More »

                        You’ve Been With Me on Many Sleepless Nights. – Colleen

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                        “Hi Steve, I have $100,00 in credit card debt. I am an independent travel consultant and due to the economy my business is at 0. My monthly expenses are around $2000 per month this includes the credit card payments. My husband deals with the rest, such as mortage, food, etc. I am not late yet on credit cards but this ... Read More »

                          I Got Laid Off and My Credit Cards Won’t Reduce My Monthly Payments. – Michael

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                          “Dear Steve, I got laid off a couple of months ago and we cannot get any of the credit card people to reduce monthly payments for us. we are starting to drown. they all tell me that the only way they can help is if i stop paying, then they can help me. How can i get them to drop ... Read More »

                            I’ve Been Living Off My Credit Cards for a While. – Tai

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                            “Dear Steve, I am a married woman 27 years old. I have a two year old daughter and I am on a fixed income. I am considered disabled by the state in which I reside and receive $642 per month from SSA and SSI combined. My husband is not working and does not contribute to household cost as he did ... Read More »

                              We Are Flat Broke And Need to Drain Our 401(k). – Susan

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                              “Dear Steve, Currently collecting unemployment after being laid off from my job back in Feb 2009. It is exactly enough to pay my rent. My husband’s income is mostly from tips and some side jobs he does. We have very poor credit and our utilities are behind and have no savings. We have 2 children, one of which is in ... Read More »

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