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Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy Attorney, Madison, WI

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Head downtown in Madison WI and like any major city in the United States you will find Bankruptcy Attorney offices all over the place. Even more so in recent years, they seem to be everywhere. However, the new year has brought some good news for residents of Madison but perhaps some worrisome news for the Bankruptcy Attorneys in the state ... Read More »

    Sports Agent That Inspired ‘Jerry Maguire’ Files for Bankruptcy

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    Financial problems are not limited to just those down and out. High flyers run into their share of trouble as well. Sports agent Leigh Steinberg who is said to be the inspiration behind the movie character Jerry Maguire filed for bankruptcy recently. Steinberg is reported to have represented NFL players Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Ben Roethlisberger is now publicly ... Read More »

      Is Bankruptcy Sinful and Bad or Right and Moral? An Examination.

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      For all of my life and especially through my financial struggles the assumption that money troubles are tied to morality and that people with debt troubles are somehow morally broken or moral failures and need to repent at their very hour of need, persist. It’s a false belief that haunts nearly every single soul that has fallen into the pit ... Read More »

        College Grads More Likely to File for Bankruptcy

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        According to a new study from the Institute for Financial Literacy, the rate of bankruptcy filings among college graduates is increasing. One assumption is the burden student loans place on graduates is increasing at the same time that salaries and income opportunities is decreasing. While the study only tracked people through 2010, I’m sure the numbers will continue to increase ... Read More »

          All About Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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          Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies.” Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted the “Bankruptcy Code” in 1978. The Bankruptcy Code, which is codified as title 11 of the United States Code, has been amended several times since its enactment. It is the uniform federal law ... Read More »

            Dr. Drew Promotes Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Financial Help

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            A good interview about people that lived through financial struggles and came out the other side. One of the guests was a popular television weatherman that found himself in both divorce and bankruptcy. From the interview it sounds as if he had delegated the financial management to his wife and a breakdown in communications impacted more than just their finances. ... Read More »

              Bankruptcy 2010 Annual Report Out. Chapter 7 Still Mac Daddy.

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              The United States Courts just released the complete bankruptcy survey for 2010 bankruptcies. It shows that the majority of bankruptcy filings are for Chapter 7. Here is what the 2010 results show. I’ve highlighted the parts that stood out to me. Summary of Findings During calendar year 2010, more than 1.5 million bankruptcy petitions were filed by individuals with predominantly ... Read More »

                If Bankruptcy is Good Enough for the Los Angeles Dodgers, It’s Good Enough For You


                This morning the Los Angeles filed for bankruptcy in an effort to reorganize their debt. This is yet another example of how business uses bankruptcy to deal with their unmanageable debt but consumers feel shame and stigma when they need to call upon legal financial reorganization for help. According to reports, the Los Angeles Dodgers fell short of income needs ... Read More »

                  Gamecock and Former New England Patriot NFL Pro-Bowler Pleads Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

                  In a bankruptcy case originally filed in 2009 by Rick Sanford, a former USC Gamecock, NFL Pro-Bowler, and New England Patriot, Sanford may face jail time for bankruptcy fraud. It seems his original bankruptcy documents, were a little bit light on real facts. Following the discovery of some missing assets from his bankruptcy filing, Sanford was later charged with bankruptcy ... Read More »

                    Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Sheds Overhead. Files for Bankruptcy Protection.

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                    Bankruptcy happens to a lot of people. Corporations use it as a smart move in tough times. Today, Jackson Hewitt, the second largest tax preparation company, filed for bankruptcy protection. The largest credit, Bayside Capital, is expected to take over the company. Unsecured creditors should have no funds available for distribution but the company expects to remain in the tax ... Read More »

                      We Were Referred to Consumer Debt Defense. What Do You Think? – Danielle

                      Consumer Debt Defense

                      “Dear Steve, We have much credit card debt- greater than 100,000- we had not defaulted but they kept raising interest rates and minimum payments and now can’t keep up and have fallen behing on taxes. We are going to have to default to save money to pay our taxes this year. We were referred to www.consumerdebtdefense.com which is a law ... Read More »

                        Bankruptcy Filings Slow Heading Into 2011

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                        The latest numbers out from the U.S. Courts shows that while 2010 was a record year for bankruptcy filings, post 2005 reform, 2011 is setting up to be a slower pace. During the last quarter of 2010, which is oddly the first quarter of 2011 for the Judiciary’s records, the number of bankruptcy filings was down by one percent from ... Read More »

                          Bankruptcy Filings Way Up. 73% File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


                          The latest year-on-year bankruptcy numbers are out and nobody should be surprised that bankruptcy filings are way up. In the year ending September 30, 2010 the number of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings was up 14% and Chapter 13 bankruptcies were up 8%. – Source Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases account for 73% of all consumer bankruptcy cases filed. Now you can ... Read More »

                            Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Megachurch Goes Bankrupt

                            Crystal Cathedral

                            I remember watching Robert Schuller years ago on his weekly television program, “The Hour of Power” from his California megachurch called the Crystal Cathedral. Now the church is scrambling to overcome financial problems. On October 18, 2010 the ministry filed for bankruptcy protection. It seems a whole lot ironic that the argument against bankruptcy by some is somehow that it ... Read More »

                              Debtors’ Prison, Why Creditors Don’t Care if You Repay Your Debt, and Bankruptcy – The Get Out Of Debt Guy Show

                              On today’s show I talk with Dr. Louis Hyman, an expert in the history of debt. Not only was it great talking with him but we chatted just as long off the air. This is one guy you’ll be hearing more from in the future on this show. We talked about the history of debt, why budgets are flawed, a ... Read More »

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