What is Financial Therapy and How Can it Help Stop Money Fights?

Financial therapy is a relatively new field that combines the emotional support of a psychologist with the money mindset of a financial planner. Seeing a financial therapist can allow clients to begin to process their underlying feelings about money, while working out plans for retirement, savings, investments and other goals. Financial therapists (sometimes referred to … Read more

Why Your Unconscious Brain Drives You Into Debt You Can’t Easily Control

If you have not taken my online Money Personality Test you should do it. The test quickly helps show you what your money personality is and gives you a better understanding of how you look at money, credit, and debt. People feel guilty when they don’t manage their money like people say they should. But … Read more

Americans Cruising Towards Financial Nightmare but Nobody Who Needs This Article Will Read It

I’ve been involved in helping people with money troubles since 1994. Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of different economic times. I’ve watched boom-bust cycles repeat over and over. And I’ve watched people make the same mistakes over and over. Watching a pattern unfold and being able to read the tea leaves is interesting … Read more

Researchers Again Prove Some Consumers Are Suckers for Status

A bunch of really smart people who can collect data and calculate cool looking math formulas have again told us why people are driven by unconscious motivations that lead them into debt. Debt is never the problem but the symptom of the underlying issues that caused the debt. Debt is the scat of previous money … Read more

Do You Want to Know Why You Are Absolutely Setup to Fail When Dealing With Your Debt?

As someone who has helped people with debt and money troubles since 1994 I’ve seen thousands and thousands of consumer situations when dealing with all sorts of debt. From mortgages, credit cards, car loans, bank loans, personal loans and students loans; I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked with people with gambling problems, shopping addiction, overspending, … Read more

3 Ways Cognitive Bias Causes You to Spend Money

As a Dollar Stretcher reader, you probably know how distractions can help the retailers to slip their hands in your pocket without you even realizing. But what you perhaps didn’t know is retailers deliberately utilize some sneaky techniques to create such distractions. These are much more subtle than any noise or attention grabbing posters and … Read more

Spend Money – Get Shocked

Here we are in the middle of 2016, and technology has never been at a greater height, nor has it ever been used in the manner it is being used for. To my mind the greatest use of technology these days is our mobile phones. They are little computers and do everything. Our mobiles make … Read more

The New American Dream Is A Better Reality

A new study of what “the American dream” means in 2015 has concluded… Americans have moved away from a belief system dominated by financial achievements and have moved toward a desire for a healthy mental and physical life. For financial experts like myself, that might seem like dour news. It’s not. I’m ecstatic about the … Read more

What Broadway Says About Money Through Show Tunes – Audio

Money, credit, and debt issues filter through our lives in so many ways. In this look at money through Broadway tunes, we get a closer look at what casual society has to say about being rich, poor, broke, happy, sad, and the morality of money. This program runs about an hour but it’s worth setting … Read more

Five Steps to Pocket Change: How to Persist When Your Finances Get the Best of You

The following guest post was contributed by Heidi Beckman. Heidi is a clinical psychologist and proponent of using the science of personal change to improve financial habits. She has been reading and interpreting research on motivation, persistence, and self-control for the past ten years. She works in a medical setting and loves to help patients … Read more

Financial Literacy Not a Band-Aid to Change All Factors for Smart Money Management

The Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation in conjunction with The University of Melbourne released a Research Report in March 2011 about Financial Literacy and “What Causes Suboptimal Financial Behaviour? An Exploration of Financial, Social Influences and Behavioural Economics”. This following article will showcase their report and findings. All quotes and data used are … Read more

Dan Ariely and I Sit Down and Talk About the Behavioral Economics of Getting Out of Debt

Dan Ariely, a world recognized behavioral economist and I had an opportunity recently to sit down and talk about a number of issues and underlying unconscious choices that lead people in debt to make good or bad decisions in dealing with debt. Dan talks about the mistakes the financial services industry makes and the best … Read more

Don’t Stop Shopping for Fun When You Can Spend Less and Get a Bigger Emotional Benefit

The other day I was sitting in the office of Dan Ariely at Duke University and we were chatting about behavioral economics from the point of view of getting out of debt. During the conversation the comment was made that if people became aware of the connection between spending and the “high” or good feelings … Read more

Demand for Consumer Debt Rises Says TransUnion

I will boldly go on the record and say that while there have been some fundamental shifts towards minimalism as a result of the economic downturn, those trends will reverse themselves if consumer confidence increases and credit becomes easier to access. I’m not being sanguine here, just a realist. People are emotionally attracted, as a … Read more

Shop-O-Nomics: How the Missing Dollar Sign Makes You Spend More

I’m giving your reading muscles a break today and instead of writing you an article here’s a video based on a study put out by Cornell University in 2009 about the “Effects of Menu-price Formats on Restaurant Checks“. The study suggested that people were more inclined to purchase and spend more if the dollar sign … Read more