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Debt Collection

Crazy Australian Debt Collector Story of the Day

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From The Canberra Times comes this story out of Australia. An alleged kidnapper says he was collecting a debt owed for vehicles and drugs when he entered a top-floor apartment and terrorised two men hiding in a cupboard. Ngata told the jury yesterday that he was collecting a debt when he arrived at a top-floor apartment at the Bentley Suites ... Read More »

    Fake Process Servers Work Hard to Scare Money Out of Consumers

    Eagle Filing Service

    Previously I wrote about an outfit called County Filing Services that was calling people and making what appear to be false claims about court cases for alleged collection accounts. See this article, County Filing Services Says They Have a Summons for Me. – Jo. Someone just commented on that article there were other sites out there on the web that ... Read More »

      Washington State Moves to Prevent Arrest Over Debt

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      Over the past few years there have been some pockets of the country where some people have been issued arrest warrants for contempt of court over some debt collection legal cases. See Does Debtors Jail Exist in the 21st Century or is this a Scare Tactic Used by Creditors and Indiana Closes Debtors’ Prison in Vanderburgh County. The practice is ... Read More »

        FTC Says Midland Funding Class Action Suit is a Bad Deal For Consumers

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        he Federal Trade Commission filed an amicus brief in federal court opposing a class action settlement that would require consumers to surrender protections provided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and state laws in exchange for minimal payments. The proposed settlement in Vassalle v. Midland Funding would resolve several private class action lawsuits consumers filed against Midland Funding ... Read More »

          Debt Collectors Want Some Respect


          Debt collectors are tired of being treated poorly. The constant epithets, name calling, profanity receiver are calling out for some compassion in a New York Times article recently. Mark Neeb, the association’s incoming president, says that most debt collectors are the “salt of the earth” and are tired of being defined by the worst members of their profession. And it ... Read More »

            Debt Collector Wants to Have Phone Sex With Me. Asks Me About My Underwear. – Maria

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            “Dear Steve, My parents came into some hardship and were losing thier house of 20+ years. So I took out several payday loans. It got to bad that it was either my mortgage or the payday loan payment. I took out 4 loans. One loan has been willing for me to make small payments over the course of a year ... Read More »

              Debt Collector Claims Comcast Skipped Out on Paying Them

              I thought I’d take an opportunity to poke around and look at some recent debt collection cases and this one just happened to tickle me. Considering that Comcast, the cable people, are often the target of anger and frustration by consumers and debt collectors feel the same wrath from time to time, this case combines the two. It appears that ... Read More »

                Do You Owe Money? Then the Web is Not a Safe Place For You to Be

                I was researching another story when I came across this banner advertisement aimed at collectors for a service called CLEAR by Thompson Reuters, the same folks that own the news service. The advertisement said “Find the Debtor. Recover the Debt. CLEAR with cell phone listings & new numbers.” It was the cell phone comment that intrigued me. Granted, people chasing ... Read More »

                  Does the FDCPA Protect Me Even if I Don’t Owe a Debt?

                  The following guest post was contributed by Jeremy Golden. Jeremy Golden, Esq. is one of the resident debt experts here at that helps people for free. Jeremy is a consumer rights attorney licensed to practice in California. He represents individuals in cases against debt collectors for violations of the FDCPA. He also focuses on defending people in collection cases ... Read More »

                    Free FDCPA and Debt Collection Violation Help Now Available from

                    I’m happy to announce that attorney Jermey Golden has recently joined the team of growing experts here at Jeremy is an expert in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act issues, debt collector abuse and debt collection violations. Jeremy Golden, Esq. is one of the resident debt experts here at that helps people for free. Jeremy is a consumer rights ... Read More »

                      The Power of Debt Validation in Stopping the Robo-Signing Debt Collector

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                      The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee of Consumer Recovery Network. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. In the wake of robo-signing scandals involving home foreclosures across the country come the reports of similar behavior by debt buyers who file court actions in order to collect on delinquent unsecured debts such as unpaid ... Read More »

                        Citibank Debt Collectors Reportedly Killed Debtor for Complaining About Credit Card Balance

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                        A consumer who owed Citibank in Indonesia is reported to have been murdered after complaining about his growing Citibank debt. This is the second recent criminal case filed which involves Citibank employees. The other involved embezzlement from a customer account by a Citibank employee. The Jakarta Post is reporting: “Citibank customer Irzen Octa, who was also the secretary-general for the ... Read More »

                          All Am-Ex’s Live In Texas: Credit Card Debt Laws In The Lone Star State

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                          The following guest post was contributed by Cole Collins. Cole is a free lance writer in the personal finance industry with a concentration on consumer debt relief and credit card debt. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. While no residents of the United States this day and age should feel comfortable regarding their credit card ... Read More »

                            The 10 Best Ways to Deal With the Debt Collector

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                            So you’re in debt and the debt collector is calling. If you are reading this you are probably stressed out, worried, not sleeping well and most certainly freaked out. When dealing with the debt collector you’ve got two choices. You can either be scared or you can rob them of their power and deal with the situation in a open ... Read More »

                              The Importance of Reading the Fine Print of Credit Agreements

                              Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 10.17.41 AM

                              Last week a concerned mother wrote to us here at with a predicament with her son’s BillMeLater Account. Her concerns are as follows: “This debt is just outrageous and needs to stop with the deferred payment that they are going to sock onto this debt and will never be paid off. There is no reasoning with them at all ... Read More »

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