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Debt Settlement Related

Express Debt Settlement Threatens to Sue Client for Complaining After Taking $17K. Author Needs Your Help.

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The following guest post was contributed by Damon Day from DamonDay.com. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. A few months ago I wrote a story about a consumer that had come to me looking for assistance after she lost about $17,000 that she had paid to Express Debt Settlement (EDS) in fees. She knew she ... Read More »

    Debt Settlement From a Creditor Perspective. When it Makes Financial Sense.

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    The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee of Consumer Recovery Network. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. First of all, let’s establish that debts get settled for less than the balance as a matter of course. Issuers of unsecured credit cards do accept less than full balance settlements as payment in full and ... Read More »

      Considering Debt Settlement? Get Informed About Being Sued and How to Deal With It.

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      The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee of Consumer Recovery Network. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. There are limited options available to people struggling to keep payments current with their unsecured debt. The options you can look to are generally limited to Credit Counseling Associations (CCA) who can set you up in ... Read More »

        Debt Settlement: Telling the Good Guys from the Bad Guys

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        A recent video from Cambridge Credit Counseling that focuses on debt settlement companies that are doing things the right way. I think this marks one, if not the first, public statement by a mainstream credit counseling program talking about the benefits of debt settlement for some consumers. Cambridge Credit Counseling is a member of the AACC, who’s debt settlement members ... Read More »

          Debt Settlement Order UK – Don’t Believe the Text Message


          Debt Settlement Order Scam Looks like UK residents are now getting unsolicited text messages claiming the UK has passed some sort of new debt settlement order that allows people to pay back their debts for less. An example of the unsolicited text says: A Debt Settlement Order has been introduced, this means people struggling with debt can apply to have ... Read More »

            Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – High Upfront Fees and Commissioned Sales People Create The Perfect Storm For Unsuspecting Consumers

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            The following guest post was submitted by Damon Day. Damon is a Financial Consultant and a Debt Coach. Through his website he offers advice, tips and strategies for consumers to get out of debt without falling victim to predatory debt relief firms you see advertised everywhere. If you would like an unbiased consultation and a step by step plan to ... Read More »

              If Your Debt Settlement Has Recently Failed These Companies Are Offering You Help at a Very Low Cost.

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              Consumers that have found themselves facing a difficult time because their debt settlement company has gone out of business or filed bankruptcy, the debt settlement companies below are offer a life raft to help. The companies below have indicated to me they are willing to take on a limited number of consumers who have the cash-on-hand to settle their accounts ... Read More »

                Is Your Old Advanced Fee Debt Settlement Company Secretly About to Fail? What to do.

                photo © 2008 J.B. Hill | more info (via: Wylio)Next month will mark the six month anniversary of the passage of the FTC telemarketing sales rules which changed the landscape in debt settlement sales. As a consumer advocate I don’t think there is any doubt they TSR has had a fundamental and positive impact on the way debt settlement services ... Read More »

                  DIY Debt Settlement for Those Interested in Do It Yourself Debt Settlement – Podcast

                  Here is this weeks podcast where Damon Day, from DamonDay.com, and I talk about a number of debt industry issues including: If it is possible to settle your own debt. How to begin to approach do it yourself debt settlement. Hiring a debt settlement company is a smart thing to do if someone does not want to do it themselves. ... Read More »

                    You Know You Are Having a Bad Day When The Debt Relief Provider Refund Check Bounces

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                    Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here), this story was brought to my attention. It looks like the tax preparer, Leval Moore of Alpha Financial in New York, got hooked up as an affiliate or representative of a debt settlement company that did not deliver. Thankfully the story has a belated happy ending, sort of. While the first ... Read More »

                      Debt Settlement – The Tortoise and the Hare

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                      This is a guest post by Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Debt Settlement – The Tortoise and the Hare by Michael Bovee Debt Settlement is certainly an effective approach to get from under a crushing amount of credit card debt – for the suitable candidate. Over the ... Read More »

                        “This Is Peggy!”: One More Lead Generator Posing as A Debt Relief Company

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                        The following article was submitted by Sean Ryan from Active Debt Solutions. Active Debt Solutions is a member of the American Association of Credit Counselors that has pledged to put consumers first. YourDebtFreeAdvisor.Com 17632 Irvine Blvd., Suite 225 
Tustin, CA. 92780  
Phone 888-436-6481
 www.YourDebtFreeAdvisor.com Warning: AVOID THIS COMPANY http://www.yourdebtfreeadvisor.com/ A spammer on www.getoutofdebt.org was kind enough to place this message: ... Read More »

                          Reader is Frustrated With Credit Care Corp and P&E Solutions.

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                          I get a lot of tips and emails from readers. What you will find below is one very detailed email I received from a reader recently that talks about their frustration with a number of companies. The reason I am posting this email is because it is the second time I’ve heard a similar story in two days from two ... Read More »

                            Understanding the FTC Regulations for the Debt Industry

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                            Here is a recent video appearance I made with some of my fellow personal finance blogger friends on Financially Fit TV where we discuss new FTC rules covering debt relief services. http://youtu.be/a29XyW3Rz60 Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Transcript Hi everybody. I’m Nichole Kelly, and this is Financially Fit TV. What is Financially Fit ... Read More »

                              Express Debt Settlement Takes 17K and Refuses Refund? WTH

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                              My friend Damon Day published an article today about a consumer that contacted him for help in securing a refund for debt relief services. The story goes that Dinah spoke to a sales rep who identified himself as being part of Freedom Debt Relief but then signed Dinah into a program with Express Debt Settlement. Dinah then paid $17,000 in ... Read More »

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