A Deep Dive Into the Xact Loan Mailer. Scam or Blessing?

A wonderful reader sent in this mailer from Xact which is a great example of the type of advertising that always makes me want to know more. I admit the mailer is a bit blurry but the mailer alone was enough to start me digging. There were a few key phrases that made me want …

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Payoff by Happy Money Mailer Raises Legit Questions

A reader sent in a mailer they received from Payoff by Happy Money. You can see the front of the letter below. What caught my eye was the address on the back of the mailer. It says PO Box 129, Palatine, IL 60078. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail …

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Bruins Capital Mailer Leads to Strategic Consulting for Settlement

A reader sent me a mailer they received from Bruins Capital for a Debt Consolidation Loan. The consumer said, “I fell for the one with Bruins Capital. They redirected me to another service, and then I filled an online form, and Strategic Consulting called with an offer to pay off all debt at a reduced …

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Don’t be Fooled by Credit Card Balance Relief Mailer


A great reader sent in the following mailer she received through my I Buy Junk Mail program. The outside of the mailer does not say who it is from and appears to want people to believe this is a government mailer. The mailer says it comes from Postal Permit 1827 that has also appeared on …

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