Something Just Doesn’t Add Up About Big Picture Loans

The same reader that received a fake government check loan offer also received an offer from Big Picture Loans. I’m jumping ahead to the fine print on the back. Big picture Loans “is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tribal Economic Development Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned and operated economic arm and instrumentality of the Lac … Read more

Shame On You Titan Consulting Group

An awesome reader sent me a completely distasteful mailer at this time of people waiting for their federal government stimulus checks to help them deal with the coronavirus pandemic. In the mailbox dropped this official-looking envelope from the Revenue Distribution Department. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If … Read more

Credit Associates or is it CreditAssociates – Mailer Review

A reader sent in a mailer they received from CreditAssociates from Dallas, Texas. The mailer looks like a typical settlement mailer but it does contain this interesting line, “Upon program completion, the credit bureaus should be notified by your creditors that your debt has been satisfied in full for less than the balance owed. And … Read more

Centurion Financial Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer Can Lead to Debt Settlement Offer

A reader sent in the mailer they received from Centurion Financial that mostly appears to be for an unsecured loan except for something they say on their website. Centurion Financial says, “We do not assume or pay any consumer debt, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Debt Settlement programs … Read more

White Mountain Partners Payment Reduction Voucher Mailer is Not What You Think

A fantastic reader sent in a mailer they received from White Mountain partners offering a debt consolidation loan. It appears the outside of the envelope does not have a return address on it but it came from Postal Permit 487. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you … Read more

Personify Financial Wants to Give You a Loan at Nearly 100% Interest Rate

I’ve previously written about a Personify Financial mailer with advice on how to read it. But this time I want to focus your attention on a different part of the loan mailer a kind reader received. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk mail you’d … Read more

Dutchess Partners Debt Consolidation Mailer Review

Here is another example of a mailer a fantastic reader received that says it is for a “pre-approved” debt consolidation loan. The mailer even gives a rate example. But is this really a loan offer from Dutchess partners? You decide. When a mailer says “We are writing to notify you that you have been pre-approved … Read more

How to Read Your Personify Financial Loan Mailer

A wonderful reader received a mailer from Personify and sent it in for review. The mailer is a great educational opportunity to help you be a wiser consumer to understand the statements made. The most common statement people seem to not understand well is “pre-qualified.” An average person may assume that if you are pre-qualified … Read more

United Debt Settlement Sends Out What Appears to be a Deceptive Mailer

A very kind reader sent in the mailer below through my I Buy Junk Mail program. The mailer is from United Debt Settlement. In my opinion, it is a deceptive attempt to fool people into thinking this is a government-issued mailer. As you can see from the envelope, it uses imagery and formats typically associated … Read more

Ballast Associates Loan Mailer – I Call BS

A reader sent me a mailer for a company called Ballast Associates who is offering a debt consolidation loan. Their website,, was registered just 90 days ago at the time of this posting. My, I Buy Junk Mail program turns up some interesting marketing information people are getting. According to the mailer and their … Read more