Lifebridge Servicing Mailer Received by Consumer Gets Really Odd Very Fast

A fantastic reader sent in a mailer they received advertising a loan. The mailer from Lightbridge Servicing came from postal permit 1935 and appears to not provide any identification on the outside of the envelope. After looking at the mailer and comparing what the BBB has to say about the company, I’m confused. The mailer … Read more

Debthunch Mailer Review Discovers It’s Not What You Think It Is

A reader sent in a mailer they received from a company named Debthunch. It is always a good idea to check out any company that you are not familiar with to make sure you know who you might be giving over personal information to if you contact them about the advertising offer. The reader received … Read more

Town & Country Acceptance Corporation Mailer Raises a Whole Lot of Questions

A kind reader sent in a postcard they received in the mail that offered some type of debt relief assistance. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk mail you’d like to sell, click here. To see other mailers, click here. You can see the backside … Read more

What is Reality – Which Debt Relief Mailer is the Real One?

I have the most amazing readers. One just sent in a bunch of junk mail that littered their mailbox. A couple of the mailers caught my eye. I recently wrote about a Barron Advisors mailer. I said the mailer was suspicious in my opinion. Here is what it looked like. So when the mailers for … Read more

Barron Advisors Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer – Suspicious

This debt consolidation loan mailer a reader received deserves some special attention if you are thinking of jumping in. So here is what caught my attention. The mailer claims the website of the company is which redirects to Domain Tools says that domain was registered 78 days ago. – Source The website says … Read more

Interest Rate Solutions Sending Out Loan Mailer That Leads to Debt Settlement Pitch

A fantastic reader has sent in a recent mailer from a company named Interest Rate Solutions. This appears to be the same company that I wrote about in Interest Rate Solutions Has GOT to be Kidding with IRS Mailer. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have … Read more

CDRP Notice for Debt Settlement Not Even Half Effort by Anonymous Marketer

A fantastic reader sent in this mailer they received regarding a CDRP debt relief program from “Credit Services.” The mailer is a great example of what to watch out for as a smart consumer. Let’s start with the envelope. The only information printed on the envelope that is any help is the piece was sent … Read more

Can This Credit9 Mailer Lead to a Debt Settlement Sales Pitch?

At first glance, the mailer a reader just sent in for Credit9 appears to be just a vanilla personal loan mailer. However, two things caught my eye. The first was the nearly unreadable disclaimers on the bottom of the site. The second quick thing was when the privacy policy said, “The Americor Financial (“We” … Read more

Mailbox Fills With Loan Offers When You Have Money Troubles

A reader contacted me and said, “these have all come in the last two to three weeks. I lost my job in February and have been trying to modify my mortgage, etc. I am in no position to borrow more money for sure. It blows my mind how many calls, emails, and letters I get … Read more

Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction Initiative Stench Never Gets Better

A reader sent in this Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction Initiative mailer that is still in use. It’s a load of crap and you can look at past posts on other similar mailers to get the gist of why I think this is deceptive. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail … Read more

Mortgage Assistance Programs Mailer – Watch Out

It is amazing to watch the same old sales pitches for debt relief come back around and claim to be new. A wonderful reader sent in this mailer for the New 2019 Mortgage Assistance Programs. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk mail you’d like … Read more

Financial Skyline Debt Mailer Review and What to Look For

A reader just sent me a mailer they received from a company called Financial Skyline. On face value, it is just another offer for a loan. These offers seem clear but the debt settlement or debt relief space has been sending out similar mailers and then the majority of people are not “qualified” to get … Read more