Mortgage Assistance Programs Mailer – Watch Out

It is amazing to watch the same old sales pitches for debt relief come back around and claim to be new. A wonderful reader sent in this mailer for the New 2019 Mortgage Assistance Programs. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk mail you’d like … Read more

Financial Skyline Debt Mailer Review and What to Look For

A reader just sent me a mailer they received from a company called Financial Skyline. On face value, it is just another offer for a loan. These offers seem clear but the debt settlement or debt relief space has been sending out similar mailers and then the majority of people are not “qualified” to get … Read more

Interest Rate Solutions Has GOT to be Kidding with IRS Mailer

First, let’s get this out of the way. The company claiming to behind this debt relief mailer says the following on their website. “nterestRateSolutions.com does not originate or make loans nor make any credit decisions in connection with loans.” – Source The disclaimer they offer goes on to allude that respondents to this and other … Read more

Another Crappy Debt Reduction Department Mailer Making the Rounds

A fantastic reader has sent in a mailer they received as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have a piece of junk mail that might be of interest, click here. This mailer says it was sent by something called Debt Finance Department and came from postal permit 1535 in Boca Raton, … Read more

Is Titan Consulting Group Really Selling Debt Settlement Using a Loan Mailer?

A reader sent me a mailer they allegedly received from Titan Consulting Group. The mailer listed a website for the company at titanconsultinggrp.com. That website says the company is located at 1412 Broadway, 15th Floor, New York, NY. The State of New York says there is no company registered to do business under the name … Read more

TriPoint Lending Mailer Review Leads Me to Have to Call BS

My Response to Tripoint Statement Below A big Kudo is owed to Michael Barsoum, the CEO of Alleviate/TriPoint. You can read his statement below. Tripoint reacted as a great company should. They admitted the issue, dealt with it, and addressed concerns raised. You absolutely can’t ask for more than that. From my point of view … Read more

FSC Credit Card Plan Service — What Gives Fresh Start Credit Solutions?

A reader sent me in a mailer he received from FSC or FSC Credit Card Plan Service. They say they are located at 4907 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL. That happens to be the address of Fresh Start Credit Solutions. – Source Why the mailer just doesn’t say Fresh Start Credit Solutions is a bit … Read more

National Hardship and Debt Relief Program (NHDR) Mailer Still Going Out

Apparently, the debt relief mailer from Santa Anna Postal Permit 507 has not changed much since 2014. The number of the mailer is still 123181. The mailer promotes something it says is “our National Hardship and Debt Relief Program.” But interestingly the mailer does not mention who “they” are. The mailer also says the program … Read more

Is Glider Lending Offer Possibly Related to Debt Settlement Assistance?

A reader sent me a mailer from Glider Lending through my I Buy Junk Mail program. On the surface, the mailer looks like just another offer for a personal loan to consolidate debt. In the last few years, there have been a number of such offers out there where consumers were told they did not … Read more

Beyond Finance Mailer Leaves Me Wondering Why Companies Worry About Compliance

Poor Dad sent in this mailer he received from Beyond Finance. I’ve written in the past about this Beyond Finance mailer sent in by another reader. In that review, I was critical that the offer seemed to hide behind what looked like a personal loan offer. In that previous post I congratulated Beyond Finance for … Read more

Tweed Lending Offer Raises Reasonable Questions

The same reader who sent me this other mailer, also sent me a mailer from Tweed Lending. The other mailer said it was not for a debt consolidation loan while this one actually says it is for a debt consolidation loan. The consumer who received this lives in Virginia. According to the State of Virginia … Read more

Consumers Might Need to Be Cautious With Freshstart Debt Relief Mailer

A fantastic reader sent in a debt relief mailer from Freshstart they received as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. The mailer appears to be well designed and based on another mailer I received from the same reader, appears to be targeted as well. In fact, the hard to read print on the … Read more

Consumer Debt Help Association Rings Alarm on Fake Collection Attempt

Timothy Cerruti of Consumer Debt Help Association sent in this amazing warning to share with consumers. Consumer Debt Help Association is a debt settlement company that sees a lot of different efforts to collect on client debts. I always think it is amazing when companies like Timothy Cerruti’s care enough about consumers to sound the … Read more