Sound Advice to Help Struggling Families Thrive Throughout a Recession

I Took Out a Credit Card to Make Money for Dental Work and My Plan Didn’t Work. They Are Asking for Income Verification and Suing Me.

Signs of an impending financial downturn can strike fear in struggling families. Determine to get ahead by using the prospect of tough times to motivate yourself to turn your finances around and create generational wealth. Here’s some advice from the Get Out of Debt Guy to help. Manage Your Stress Polls indicate that the stress …

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Hidden Factors That Increase Financial Struggles for Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, and Other Public Safety Employees

Being a firefighter, police officer, or any other public safety position can make you much more susceptible to experiencing financial stress and failure. Over all the years since I started helping people with debt in 1994, I’ve helped many involved in public safety. They’ve had similar but distinct struggles. One of my past clients told …

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Pros & Cons of the F.I.R.E Movement

Most people dream of the day that they clock in to work for the very last time.In most cases, we imagine that’ll be when we’re a little grayer around the ears, but what if you could take the freedom and independence of retirement and experience it, say, thirty years earlier? That’s the basic principle of …

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25 Tips for Sharing Expenses with Roommates

Having roommates can be a great way to reduce your monthly living expenses. It can also mean living in a bigger apartment or a nicer area than you could otherwise afford. But negotiating finances with friends (or strangers) also comes with potential pitfalls, especially if you have roommates who don’t always pay what they owe, …

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Lessons From the Dotcom Bubble

If you’ve been watching this year’s tech stock rollercoaster with an odd sense of déjà vu, you’re not alone. Members of the market-watching media have noted the strong parallels between today’s tech sector and what went down when the dot-com bubble burst back in 2000. And those similarities—rising stock valuations, an increase in initial public …

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What to Do With Extra Money


Whether you got a nice bonus at work, an unexpected inheritance, or sold something of value, coming into some extra cash can be an awesome thing. However, it also means you have a decision to make–what to do with that money? Before you start spending it, you might want to take a moment to come …

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Beginners Guide to Good and Bad Debt

As anyone who has ever watched their bank account balance decline after paying bills knows, owing money is no fun. But debt often serves an important function in people’s lives, putting things that can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more—a college degree, a starter home—within reach. Such cases aren’t quite the same as …

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Complete Guide to Paycheck Deductions

It can be exciting to get your first paycheck, but it can sometimes be a little bit disappointing when you find out exactly how much you are taking home. Looking more closely at your paystub or direct deposit slip, you’ll see several line items that are called “deductions.” Deductions are all of the things that …

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