How Many College Students Are in Debt?

American students and their parents continue to take out student loans to pay for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. People who are attending college are paying for tuition, room and board, books, and other necessities by taking out student loans or using credit cards. The Federal Reserve said in a report that over half of … Read more

Money Management for College Students

Parents expect that their children will head off to college with concerns about fitting in, finding friends, and not failing classes. What they may not think about, is the stress students may have from worrying about their own finances, probably for the first time. Many studies show that money is top of mind for most … Read more

Holiday Shoppers May Soon Turn to YouTube

It’s Prime Day on Amazon (AMZN), the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. With the ongoing pandemic causing many people to continue shopping from home, retailers are on the lookout for creative ways to highlight their products. A new tool in marketers’ pockets may soon be YouTube (GOOGL). The vision: imagine YouTube as a … Read more

Survey: 80% of college students financially impacted by coronavirus

aren’t spared from the effects. While many schools have sent students to live off campus or back home to their families, this doesn’t seem to have eased expenses for everyone. Likewise, job losses are adding to many students’ hardships. Student Loan Hero surveyed more than 1,000 college and university students to learn about how the … Read more

63% of Americans Say Coronavirus has Impacted Finances

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global pandemic, and its effects can be felt throughout all aspects of life. The empty office spaces, barren grocery store shelves and lonely remote workers tell a new story that hasn’t been told before. In this time of uncertainty, Americans are feeling less confident in their finances. Nearly two-thirds (63%) … Read more

5 Money Lessons That Xennials Can Learn From Boomers

Times have changed since baby boomers were young. Despite this, the money lessons they learned throughout the years still apply. Many xennials, on the cusp of Generation X and millennials, could improve their finances if they listened to the wisdom of baby boomers. Here are several of the most noteworthy money lessons xennials can learn from … Read more

Finance Experts Share Their Top Money Lessons of the Last Decade

When the Great Recession hit, it hit hard. Americans experienced job loss, foreclosures, a sharp rise in student loan defaults and high consumer debt. The recession also taught us plenty of important lessons. We asked 8 personal finance experts on their main financial takeaways on the past decade. Here’s what they had to say:  Image Credit: Nattakorn … Read more