Attorney Charles Marshall Loses Yet Again for Assisting Debt Relief Company

Brookstone Law, Advantis Law, and Advantis Law Group were all participants in an effort by non-attorneys to suck in licensed attorneys to participate in their debt relief scheme. As you can tell for the title of this post, it didn’t end well for anyone involved. Attorney Charles Marshall wanted to get out from his personal … Read more

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and Curiosities of Serve All Help All Nonprofit

I can’t help it. More questions have been raised about Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and their nonprofit status. As I mentioned in this post, even though the company name says they are a nonprofit they are not. Instead, the nonprofit group Serve All Help All says Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates operates as a … Read more

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Questions Raised

A reader posted a very interesting comment about Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. The reader said: “ 1503 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa Pepe Abad’s Current Office. Right Hand is Roman – Robert Kutz. Brother to Damian Kutzner – recently sent to federal prison for fraud from ULG. They all utilize Alias’s. Multiple start up … Read more

Florida Foreclosure Rescue Attorney Law Practice Going Down Like the Titantic

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Florida attorney Mark Stopa, who previously sold foreclosure defense services, is facing unfortunate difficulties. The news source says, “The 41-year-old St. Petersburg lawyer became one of the state’s best-known foreclosure defense experts, quoted in national publications and portraying himself as a bulwark against heartless and conniving lenders.” But … Read more

625 People Denied Mortgage Loan Modifications and 400 Foreclosed On Because – Wells Fargo

In a recent government filing, Wells Fargo admitted to a very disconcerting set of facts. The SEC document says “An internal review of the Company’s use of a mortgage loan modification underwriting tool identified a calculation error that affected certain accounts that were in the foreclosure process between April 13, 2010, and October 20, 2015, … Read more

Deutsche Mellon National Asset Took My Property and I Want it Back

Question: Dear Steve, I was dealing with a loan modification company that didn’t do anything for me & instead I got a foreclosure notice. When that happened they said they were connected to a company that could get me a new mortgage with a low-interest rate. I was desperate & wanted to believe them so … Read more

Subprime Mortgage Are Back Baby! Non-Prime Mortgage is the New Name.

Interest rate negotiation can result in a lower interest rate than you are paying now.

Enough time has now passed since the subprime meltdown of the 2008 timeframe. Lenders are predictable in their ability to forget and be cyclical. When times are feeling good, they expand lending into riskier areas. It happens every single time. Well, the subprime mortgage market is making a comeback again. For people with credit scores … Read more

Damian Kutzner Spills the Beans and Shares Advice on His Way to Prison to Help Protect Consumers in Debt

At one time Damian Kutzner was living the debt relief high life. He had participated or even concocted the mass joinder mortgage elimination scheme at the height of the real estate meltdown. A large number of good people believed the sales hype. The end result was a couple of attorneys who are suspended, a couple … Read more

Host of Debt Relief Companies Sued by FTC Under Sealed Complaint

On January 8, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against Consumer Defense, Consumer Link, Prefered Law, American Home Loan Counselors, American Home Loans, Consumer Defense Group, Modification Review Board, Brown Legal AM Property Management, FMG Partners, Zinly, Jonathan Hanley, Benjamin Horton, and Sandra Hanley. The Defendants, in this case, are names I recognize from … Read more

Brookstone Law Group Case Update: I Paid for Them So You Can Read Them

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) previous sued Brookstone Law Group for scamming consumers facing mortgage problems. As part of my usual research I just paid a shed load of money to access these documents and while I’m not going to write about them, I am going to publish links to the court documents here so … Read more

Damian Kutzner Keeps Putting Off His Criminal Sentencing for Mass Joinder Scam

Damian Kutzner is a name some may recognize having been the alleged mastermind behind the failed debt relief efforts of United Law Group, and Brookstone Law. In 2014 Kutzner was charged with criminal activity for his role in United Law Group. The United States alleged Kutzner directed and controlled the activities of United Law Group … Read more

Another Debt Relief Attorney Loses Law License for Three Years

I’m not even going to pretend to know what it is like on the front lines of a legal practice in America. I’m not an attorney. But it must be tough because good attorneys keep falling for the rope-a-dope pitch from some debt relief companies to put their law license on the line. Vito Torchia, … Read more

More Banks to Let You Put Your House On The Line to Pay Off Student Loans

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae recently announced a change in underwriting polices they say will help more people with student loan debt to be able to qualify for a mortgage. What I find most interesting about this is how lenders are adjusting their policies to get more people to qualify for mortgages rather than society dealing … Read more