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Mass Joinder Marketing Mess Manages to Manufacture More Misery

Ready to Collapse

How’s that for a title that uses M’s. But seriously, the mass joinder marketing mess in California turns another page. Following the Attorney General and California Bar raids last month that seized the records of some law firms and accounts, one of the attorneys in that sweep, Mitchell Stein, is fighting back. According to Courthouse News Service, Stein has filed ... Read More »

    Is National Forensic Group a Scam? – Ralph

    Ready to Collapse

    A reader sent me the following information on a company called National Forensic Group and wanted to know what I thought. The company is: National Forensic Group 208 Glen Cove Road Old Westbury, NY 11568 Tel: 516 248-4949 Fax: 516-248-9733 State of New York records say the company was incorporated on May 18, 2011, so it appears to be a ... Read More »

      UFAN Sent Me a Form 1012-R Mailer to Keep me in My House

      “Dear Steve, Received a Form 1012-R mailer from UFAN I called the # 1-866-395-7446 i was transferred to a legal assistant named Jacob Rasmussen. After explained all my situation he said that I will have to sent in a copy of the DOT (Deed of Trust) and the engagement agreement signed in order to be set up for a consultation ... Read More »

        Mass Joinder Stein Fights Back and Sues California in Florida

        For those unfamiliar with the mass joinder, tort litigation racket marketers have been engaged in, here are the basics. Some law firms have filed suit against lenders for the mortgage mess. And that’s fine. But marketers have been paid to sell consumers into these cases and those marketers have made all sorts of objectionable claims to consumers. I’ve published a ... Read More »

          Nevada Bitch Slaps Bank of America Over Mortgage Mess

          Ready to Collapse

          by Paul Kiel, ProPublica The state of Nevada dramatically expanded its lawsuit against Bank of America today, turning the narrow case it filed late last year into a broadside that targets virtually all aspects of the bank’s mortgage operations. Bank of America has previously denied wrongdoing. The sweeping new suit could have repercussions far beyond Nevada’s borders. It further jeopardizes ... Read More »

            David Ramba – Ramba Law Group – Target of Mass Joinder Investigation by Florida Bar

            David Ramba and Ramba Law group, who I’ve reported on before is back in the news. See Ramba Law Group Named in Article the Warns Consumers About Mass Joinder Suits Against Mortgage Lenders. According to the Palm Beach Post, Phillip Kramer, the attorney raided and sued by the California Attorney General for deceptive advertising and fee splitting in relation to ... Read More »

              UFAN – United Foreclosure Attorney Network

              UFAN Contact Screen

              This article was written back in August of 2011. Since that time Kristin Crone, Esq. of UFAN has taken a number of steps to address issues I was critical of and worried about. Personally I have found her to be a person of action that does try to help people. I think you will find the UFAN of today to ... Read More »

                Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition – Let’s Take a Good Hard Look


                Tami came into the site and posted a comment about a new company that appears to be selling mortgage assistance in California. Here is what she said: “Is this organization legitimate- Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC)? Recently, I was solicited by a legal case evaluator for this not-for-profit organization, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC) to help me avoid foreclosure. (www.consumerprotectionhelp.org) ... Read More »

                  Homeowner Defense Group and What You Need to Know About Them

                  I’ve noticed more questions recently about a company called Homeowner Defense Group so I thought I’d take a look for Janette and Justice. Frankly, some of the comments I’ve seen posted about them seem, well, planted. Homeowner Defense Group Let’s start with the domain name: HomeownerDefenseGroup.com Registered June 7, 2011 and only for one year. This typically represents companies that ... Read More »

                    Idaho Now Issues Mass Joinder / Tort Litigation Warning About Corvus Law Group

                    Ready to Collapse

                    With more and more states now taking action to protect consumers from bogus marketing of mass joinder and tort litigation suits against their mortgage company, now Idaho has jumped in the pool. The Idaho Attorney General says: A company called Corvus Law Group is mailing ads to Idaho homeowners inviting them to join scam lawsuits against their mortgage lenders, Attorney ... Read More »

                      Mass Joinder Raids and a Review of the Lawsuits Against Lawyers and Marketers

                      Mass Joinder

                      Yesterday a number of law enforcement officials raided offices of lawyers and marketing participants who have been involved in mass joinder efforts. Consumers were sold access to lawsuits with a number of claims against their lenders and were told they could get their homes free and clear, cash back, stop foreclosure, etc. These efforts were pushed by marketers that took ... Read More »

                        Avoid Precision Law Center. Appears to Be Intentionally Misleading People.

                        A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in communications regarding the sales pitch she received from Precision Law Center that is, make that now, was trying to sell her into a mass joinder, or a “Tort Litigation Lawsuit” as they like to call it. This mass joinder mess works like this. Marketing outfits get consumers to pay ... Read More »

                          Mortgage Industry Hates Borrowers. Not Worth Helping.

                          Ready to Collapse

                          by Lois Beckett, ProPublica, Outgoing Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairwoman Sheila C. Bair’s revealing exit interview by the New York Times’ Joe Nocera has generated plenty of buzz. But while the interview provided a comprehensive look at Bair’s role from 2006 to 2011, what caught our attention was her characterization of the foreclosure crisis. Bair said that the mortgage’s industry’s ... Read More »

                            Why It Makes Sense to Consider Debt Settlement for Second Mortgages and HELOCs

                            Ready to Collapse

                            The debt settlement strategy has generally been limited to negotiation of unsecured debt accounts like credit card debt, store charge cards, personal loans, and medical bills. With secured debts, there is always collateral at stake, in the form of property like a home or vehicle. Given the right of secured creditors to foreclose or repossess property, it didn’t make much ... Read More »

                              Modified Mortgages Still Not Honored By Lenders

                              Ready to Collapse

                              by Paul Kiel ProPublica Chanel Rosario was supposed to be one of the lucky ones. After years of sending and re-sending documents, waiting on hold and attending court hearings to avoid foreclosure on her Staten Island home, she’d finally received a much-needed reduction on her mortgage. Eagerly, she and her husband signed it and mailed it in last September. “We ... Read More »

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