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It Takes Two (Creating a Family Financial Battleplan-Part 1)

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Two years ago I wrote about creating a financial game plan. It’s been a popular post and I think it’s due to couples looking for a solution that they can create together. Though most of the advice still hold up, I wanted to break down the steps for couples just starting out with getting their finances together. The first topic ... Read More »

    Can’t Pay Debts Turned Over to Collection Agency. – Barbara

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    My husband has been out of work for almost three years and exhausted all unemployment over a year ago and I am retired and getting a small pension and Social Security. Consequently our income has been greatly reduced. We have a couple of very high phone bills that have been turned over to collection and we have absolutely no extra ... Read More »

      Personal Finance Struggle Universal. Many Dealing With Trying to Make Ends Meet.

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      When you are struggling to find enough money to get through the month or make ends meet, it an feel as if you are all alone in that effort. Money troubles are internationally universal and experienced by people around the world. Just yesterday I wrote about consumer debt levels increasing in Australia and Canada. The reality is that since the ... Read More »

        I Used the Credit Card of a UK Friend and Now the Creditor is Calling Them. – Arnold

        “Dear Jon, i used the credit card of my friend,and im not abble to pay the monthly bill because of my salary situations,and right now the bank is always calling my friend for the payment,the payment that i am the one who’s responsible for that my question is possible to transfer in my name the responsibility for the payment ... Read More »

          More People Preparing to Eat Dog Food in Retirement


          To make it through tough times more Americans have borrowed, stolen or raided their small retirement funds to make ends meet. Loans from retirement funds jumped 20 percent last year. This really can’t be a big surprise to many. Faced with difficult financial decisions people will tend to gravitate towards the oath that seems easiest and less painful immediately. It’s ... Read More »

            Consumer Debt a Growing Problem in Canada and Australia

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            Recent reports out of Canada and Australia paint a similar picture for consumers in both countries. Consumers are loading up on consumer debt and it is becoming a concern for regulators. Right now levels are about the same, consumer debt is approximately 150 percent of income. Both Canada and Australia have experienced less unemployment that the United States or even ... Read More »

              Sports Agent That Inspired ‘Jerry Maguire’ Files for Bankruptcy

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              Financial problems are not limited to just those down and out. High flyers run into their share of trouble as well. Sports agent Leigh Steinberg who is said to be the inspiration behind the movie character Jerry Maguire filed for bankruptcy recently. Steinberg is reported to have represented NFL players Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Ben Roethlisberger is now publicly ... Read More »

                West Virginia Settles Charges Against Capital One

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                West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw announces a settlement his office reached with Capital One Bank (USA) N.A.; Capital One Service, LLC, a Delaware corporation; Capital One Services II, LLC; Capital One Services III, LLC; COSI Receivables Management, Inc. (collectively Capital One), to resolve claims involving credit card practices in place prior to January 1, 2006. In 2005, the Attorney ... Read More »

                  Scathing Report From Allegro Law Debt Settlement Bankruptcy Drags In Others

                  Allegro Law was an attorney model debt settlement company that charged advanced fees for services to consumers. The group previously fell and Keith Nelms, Esq. was subsequently disbarred and filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, taking client deposits with it. The Allegro Law debacle follows in line with the mess created previously by Hess Kennedy, another attorney model debt relief firm ... Read More »

                    Gambler Debt Soaring to Crazy Heights and Climbing. Blamed on a Hopeless Economy.

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                    In Wisconsin a gambling addiction hotline has seen a substantial increase in the amount of debt gamblers are carrying. The average reported gambling debt in 2011 was more than $157,000, a huge increase over the average debt in 2010. The Executive of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling said that more people are maxing-out credit cards, getting short-term loans, or ... Read More »

                      Be Smart and Find the Best Credit Card That’s Right for You

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                      For anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on the site you easily come to the conclusion that it is primarily about getting rid of debt but getting out of debt is more than just about eliminating your bills. Getting out of debt is also about not getting into overwhelming debt. One way to do this is ... Read More »

                        FTC Charges Settled By CVS After Deceptive Prescription Pricing For Seniors And Disabled Consumers

                        Stories like this scare me. Especially when I have family that utilizes these pharmacies and participates in the Medicare program. If you’re using Part D prescription drugs from CVS, read on…. It was announced late last week that the CVS Caremark Corporation has settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for deceptive pricing charges that hit many seniors and disabled ... Read More »

                          Summary of 2011 Consumer Complaints and Scam Reports

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                          The site hosts the Debt Relief Consumer Complaint Scam Database where consumers can file reports against companies they feel took advantage of them. In 2011 there were 189 consumer complaints filed. Here is a breakdown on those reports. Complaints by Consumers Were received from: Alaska: 4 Alabama: 2 Arizona: 3 California: 25 Colorado: 2 Connecticut: 1 Florida: 10 Georgia: ... Read More »

                            Hi Steve Im Interested in Starting a Similar Service, Could you offer me some advice!

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                            Hi Steve?, I am 27 yo and have a very high level of intelligence, or so I am told. However in today’s economy its just too hard to find any work out there. I am am for-most concerned about financial gain. I am well versed in I.T, web design etc.. also learning to use Linux. I have limited start-up capital, ... Read More »

                              Debt Dispute: Phoenix Marketing Managers Claim to Offer Next Big Debt Relief Product – Debt Defense Services

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                              A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded me an email from a company called Phoenix Marketing Managers that claims to have a superior product for the debt relief industry and is seeking affiliates. Only one problem, it seems like it is way too expensive and will draw the attention of regulators with some of the unsupported claims made. From ... Read More »

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