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FTC Goes After Residential Relief Foundation, U.S. Homeowners Relief, National Foreclosure Relief, U.S. Foreclosure Relief, Federal Housing Modification Department, Crowder Law Group, Dinmica Finaciera, Nationwide Financial Aid, and Northern Federal Aid

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The Federal Trade Commission today announced a series of law enforcement actions as part of the FTC’s continuing crackdown on scams that target homeowners behind in their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. At the FTC’s request, federal courts have halted two allegedly bogus mortgage relief operations that posed as government mortgage assistance programs, pending trial. In addition, 17 marketers have ... Read More »

    Don’t Stop Shopping for Fun When You Can Spend Less and Get a Bigger Emotional Benefit

    Shop for Fun

    The other day I was sitting in the office of Dan Ariely at Duke University and we were chatting about behavioral economics from the point of view of getting out of debt. During the conversation the comment was made that if people became aware of the connection between spending and the “high” or good feelings they experienced as a result, ... Read More »

      Debtor Nation Soon to Be Released. Pre-Order Now. I Did.


      Not that long ago I chatted with Dr. Louis Hyman, a debt historian, on my podcast, listen here. I just found out his book, Debtor Nation: The History of America in Red Ink (Politics and Society in Twentieth Century America) is now available on Amazon for pre-order. If you are interested in the history of debt, like I am, I ... Read More »

        Roni Deutch, the Tax Lady, Ordered to Stop Accepting Fees From Consumers

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        Roni Deutch, the lawyer who sells a national tax relief service, is expected to be ordered by California judge that she can no longer accept fees from consumers until further notice. This stems from a suit filed by the State of California in their “Heartless Scam” action. The Sacramento Bee is reporting: In a tentative ruling Monday, Judge Shelleyanne Chang ... Read More »

          Couple Gets Out of $88K in Debt in Three Years. Exception or Rule?

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          CNN broadcast the story below on how one couple managed to dig themselves out of debt in about three years. It is a good news story for those people that can afford the minimum payment on their debt plus pile on extra funds. In this case the couple used a credit counseling service to help them achieve their goal by ... Read More »

            Avoid Foreclosure Scheme Feeds on Desperate People

            JP Global Property Management

            I’d love to tell you this is a new foreclosure scam, but it certainly is not. In troubled times people have often been persuaded to sign away the title to their property in hopes they can avoid foreclosure by renting their property back from an investor or company that promises to bring their mortgage current. Marketing Material Used to Dupe ... Read More »

              Timeshare Fraud Reaches New Low in Florida. Victims Resold to Recover Scammed Money.

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              Inbound Marketing Advisors, American Recovery Task Force, National Recovery Task Force, Fortune Property Management & Investments, Kevin Bates, and Anthony Passaro were all named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by the Florida Attorney General in an effort to stamp out timeshare fraud. The Attorney General alleges that the defendants bought lists of consumers that fell for claims by marketing ... Read More »

                Demand for Consumer Debt Rises Says TransUnion

                photo © 2009 Adam Baker | more info (via: Wylio)I will boldly go on the record and say that while there have been some fundamental shifts towards minimalism as a result of the economic downturn, those trends will reverse themselves if consumer confidence increases and credit becomes easier to access. I’m not being sanguine here, just a realist. People are ... Read More »

                  Court Slams the Door on Ring of Debt Relief Providers Violating Telemarketing Sales Rules

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                  At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal district court in Chicago has shut down an international robocall ring that allegedly conned consumers out of $995 each with false promises that it would reduce their credit card interest rates, but provided little or nothing in return. As part of its crackdown on frauds that seek to take advantage ... Read More »

                    Do You Like to Shop From Home. Reporter Wants to Talk to You.

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                    Charging from the sofa: when convenience turns to debt What could be easier than shopping from home? You’re relaxing with the TV, the hosts are chatting about items that look great, seem necessary, and appear to be unbeatable deals – but you better hurry because they have limited quantities! For some, the ability to call in an order from the ... Read More »

                      Auto Payment Assistance, Variety Investment Corporation. What is It?

                      A few hours ago someone came in to the site and posted a comment about so I thought I’d look into what the site was offering. The website says the program will “help you out” if you are ever able to make your payments. is owned by: Variety Investment Corporation Herbert Hamlet 214 NE Ponce De Leon Avenue ... Read More »

                        Actor Timothy Busfield, “West Wing”, “Thirtysomething” Facing New Part in “Foreclosed”


                        Actor Timothy Busfield, is said, by TMZ, to be facing some tough times making his mortgage payments. TMZ has obtained documents filed with the California Recorder’s Office — which show Busfield defaulted on the mortgage for his Malibu pad — and if he doesn’t reach an agreement with the bank soon, they plan on auctioning off the home in early ... Read More »

                          The Rally in Raleigh November, 2010. Aftermath.

                          Rally in Raleigh-3343

                          This past weekend my first ever Rally in Raleigh was held in order to bring together members of the debt relief industry to try to engage in a conversation on how to make the debt relief industry a safer and better place for consumers. Alex Viecco from New Era Debt Solutions offering some feedback as everyone listens. The following people ... Read More »

                            Do You Have a Burning Question for Debt Relief Providers? This is the Time to Ask It.

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                            This coming Saturday (November 13, 2010) I am holding a meeting of debt relief professionals from all over the country. The meeting will be videotaped and made available online later. This is your best opportunity to get straight answers from the debt relief community to your questions or concerns. The purpose to to have a discussion about how the debt ... Read More »

                              Government Loan Modification Money Not Being Used by Banks

                              Ready to Collapse

                              by Paul Kiel, ProPublica When the Obama administration launched its flagship foreclosure prevention program in early 2009, it pledged to spend up to $50 billion helping struggling homeowners. But the government has so far only spent a tiny fraction of that. A recent Treasury Department report summarizing TARP spending put the total at $600 million through October. Although the Treasury ... Read More »

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