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FTC Consumer Protection Chief Wants to Send Foreclosure Rescue Scammers to Jail

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For those that feel the FTC is not working on larger more global issues, rest assured the FTC wants to catch the bad guys and deal with them. David Vladeck of the FTC seems motivated to shut down the foreclosure rescue scamers. Read More »

    Family Credit Counseling: An Emerging Community Service

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    Family Credit Counseling: An Emerging Community Service by Mayo H. Stiegler The title of this article is taken from the recent report of the National Study on Family Credit Counseling on whose Working Committee I served as a representative of NLADA. The publication of its report comes at the end of two years’ study of existing non-profit financial counseling services ... Read More »

      Consumer, Beware!

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      Consumer, Beware! By Nancy Pratt AFL-CIO Department of Research Joe Brown bought a new car last year on the “no money down, years to pay” plan. Six months later he found he couldn’t keep up with his payments. His car was repossessed. Joe was sad, but he thought his worries about the car were over. He was wrong. Joe thought ... Read More »

        William Mitchell, the CEO of the LA BBB, Resigns Amid Pay-for-Play Grading Scandal

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        Not that long ago a controversy exploded that the BBB grading system was broken and not fair. A number of revelations came out and some of them not so flattering to the BBB. The Los Angeles Times is reporting William Mitchell, the CEO of the Southern California BBB has resigned following this embarrassment for “health concerns.” Okay, so the guy ... Read More »

          H&R Block Gets Cut Off on Funding For Refund Anticipation Loans

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          Bob Lawless over at Credit Slips is reporting an interesting development that tosses a wrench in the gears for H&R Block and their continued promotion of Refund Anticipation Loans for people that believe they will get a tax refund. Lawless said in his post: I used to think of these firms as tax preparers with a high-priced lending product attached ... Read More »

            Historic Debt Relief Ads


            A collection of some historic debt relief ads. Date and location unknown. Morning Democrat – October 4, 1955, Davenport, Iowa The News-Palladium, February 4, 1959, Benton Harbor, Michigan Hammond Times – May 7, 1963, Hammond, Indiana Hammond Times – May 7, 1963, Hammond, Indiana Hammond Times – May 7, 1963, Hammond, Indiana Anderson Herald – August 13, 1964, Anderson, Indiana ... Read More »

              Increase in Lawsuits Over Credit Card Debt Seen

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              An article out of New Jersey has identified an increase in the number of credit card related lawsuits that have been filed in an effort to recover money owed to creditors. “Lawsuits to recover debts of between $3,000 and $15,000 increased 25 percent from the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007, to the year ending June 30, 2010, according to ... Read More »

                Credexx Barred From Selling Auto Warranties

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                Service contracts sold by Credexx didn’t live up to the hype, Cooper says Raleigh: Auto service contract company Credexx and its owner are banned from operating for misrepresenting their products and services to North Carolina car owners, Attorney General Roy Cooper said Thursday. “My office hears frequently from consumers who pay for service contracts that don’t live up to the ... Read More »

                  Severe Debt Scarcity Coming to US

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                  By Ron Robins, Founder & Analyst – Investing for the Soul If US consumers believe it difficult to borrow now, just wait! In the next few years credit conditions are likely to go back seventy years when private debt was difficult to obtain. Most Americans intuitively believe there is too much debt at every level of society. But the economic ... Read More »

                    Wait For it, Wait for It. I Works and Jeremy Johnson Get NAILED by the FTC. Told You So.

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                    Back in June I wrote an investigative piece on After hearing about the site and reviewing it I became very concerned at what was behind it. Locally Jeremy Johnson is a humanitarian helicopter pilot, assisting the local Sheriff department in search and rescue operations and even doing some work internationally. Hooray, a hero. And good on him for that. ... Read More »

                      A Look Back at Consumer Credit in 1955

                      Debt 1955-1

                      Easy credit is not a new problem. Take a look at the images below from 1955. Click on the image to see a larger view. – Source Read More »

                        Fraud Busters, INC.

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                        Fraud Busters, INC. By Harry T. Brundidge So you’ve been gypped! Were you suckered into buying some of those “penny” get-rich-quick uranium stocks which are as phony as a three-dollar bill? Did you go for the “free” deep-freeze racket? Were you hooked by a bait-’em-and-switch-’em gent on a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine? Few of those gypped called the police, ... Read More »

                          The History of Getting Out of Debt This Week on the Get Out of Debt Guy Show

                          In this show I talk with Dr. Louis Hyman, a consumer credit historian. We talk about the history of debt relief. He points out that the process of intervening in the debt of consumer began way back after World War I with the advent of new consumer debt opportunities. It does not matter if it was the refinancing of debt ... Read More »

                            Should You Settle Your Debt Using an Unknown Online Form You Pay to Download?

                            Debt Settlement Agreement

                            A friend and reader of this site sent me in a link for debt settlement agreements which consumers can purchase online. Out of curiosity I asked some friends in the debt settlement world what they though of a consumer just launching into settling their own debt using such forms and they offered some good advice and probably not what you ... Read More »

                              BBB Warns Consumers About Nelson Gamble & Associates

                              A warning out of Oklahoma by the Better Business Bureau, Operations Director, Jim David, warns consumers about a debt settlement company, Nelson Gamble & Associates. NTV is warning consumers about Nelson Gamble & Associates: A company called Nelson Gamble & Associates located in Irvine, CA has an “F” rating with the BBB. It advertises debt settlement services with no up-front ... Read More »

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