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FTC Takes Action Against Timeshare Resellers. And They Should.

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I don’t know what is worse these days, people selling timeshares, people buying timeshares or people claiming to be able to resell timeshares. Well the FTC just recently took action against some timeshare resellers who were out to inflict pain on consumers. I love the title for the press release from the FTC on this as well. Funny. Get Out ... Read More »

    Wells Fargo Repossess And Tries to Sell Car Woman Owned Outright

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    Mistakes happen. But in this case Wells Fargo apparently made a doozie. A Tacoma Washington woman had her totally paid off car repossessed and taken to the auction house for sale. Now we all know that kind of thing happens when you fail to make your payments but in this case the woman had the clear title to her car ... Read More » Cheap Debt Consolidation Loans Now Available to NC Residents

      Lending Club Borrowers

      Well it appears that has added a new state to their list of places they can help borrowers in. LendingClub just announced that loans can now be made in North Carolina. Now normally the thought of talking gleefully about debt consolidation loans would seem like a strange statement for me to make but LendingClub is the exception to the ... Read More »

        DMP Payments Late Through Americorp from First Consumer Debt Consolidation/Hess Kennedy. Who’s Responsible?

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        A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the following statement and I’m posting it in hopes of hearing from others with information about the situation to see if anyone has any additional scoop on the situation. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Tipster says: “Thank you for your site. I am a current debt management ... Read More »

          What Elections Could Do to Financial Regulations

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          by Marian Wang, ProPublica As Americans go to the polls today, their votes will influence a number of issues that we’ve been watching, whether it be the foreclosure scandal or implementation of financial regulation and healthcare reform–some of our favorite topics. So here’s our attempt to parse some of the election coverage and bring these issues into sharper focus: Foreclosure ... Read More »

            Best Deals In Fast Food – Ask Steve – The Get Out Of Debt Guy #2

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            This weeks Ask Steve is all about fast food and how to order for a family and stick to a budget. Thanks to a question from Brenda I got to explore how much it costs to feed a family of four at some of the most popular fast food stops. My research took me to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and ... Read More »

              Bank of America Mortgage Modification Through HAMP, Blows!

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              New data out from the Treasury Department on the Making Home Affordable Program shows the depressing conversion rate of people seeking to get their mortgage modified and stay in their homes. What is so amazing in the data is the wide difference in the conversion rates per lender. Here is a list of lenders and their rates of converting mortgages. ... Read More »

                Foreclosure Mediation Programs By State

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                A number of states have laws on the books for mandatory foreclosure medication in an effort to avoid foreclosure. Here is a list of states that have such programs and a link for more information. States With Foreclosure Mediation Programs California Connecticut Delaware Florida Hawaii Illinois Indiana Kentucky Maine Maryland Michigan Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York New Mexico ... Read More »

                  Debt Collector Robo-Signers a Bigger Mess Than Foreclosures

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                  The New York Times is reporting debt collection agencies have been robo-signing even more files than have mortgage companies for foreclosures. The robo-signing is a big deal because before a creditor moves against a consumer they are supposed to review the file and complete an affidavit the information they are stating is true and accurate. The courts depend on the ... Read More »

                    Financing the American Family – 1935

                    This 1935 film was presented by Household Finance Corporation to help promote their loans. It gives a history of how money is used and has great shots of busy city streets. The answer to modern family financial troubles is a loan. The husband is turned away by the big mean bank who can’t help him with a small loan. The ... Read More »

                      Owe The IRS? Former IRS Agent Tells You What You Need to Know to Deal With the IRS.

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                      Jim Buttonow and I met recently and had a chat about tax relief companies and what people need to know about how to deal with tax problems. Bear in mind, this interview was recorded prior to the latest FTC announcement that enforcement action against tax relief companies will be suspended for now. Jim Buttonnow from and I talk about ... Read More »

                        My Free Books You Can Download Right Now to Help You With Money Troubles

                        Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro by Steve Rhode

                        Over the years I’ve written a number of books to help people with money issues and worries. I now give them away for free to visitors to my site as my way of helping people for free. How to Get Out of Debt Without Getting Scammed and What to Do if You Have Been Click Here to Download This Book ... Read More »

                          Manifesting Money

                          Here is a video I wanted to archive for you on the approach of the law of attraction and manifesting money. This is an approach I’ve heard many times before and this short video gives an introductory overview of manifesting your way out of debt. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/Manifesting-Prosperity.flv /] To see more videos and films about money credit and debt, that ... Read More »

                            Buried by Debt (2005) – Film

                            “Buried by Debt: The Dangers of Borrowing” is a 2005 educational video designed to raise awareness about the practice of abusive lending and to let borrowers know how they can protect themselves. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/Buried-by-Debt-2005.flv /] To see more videos and films about money credit and debt, that I picked for you to see, click here. Get Out of Debt Guy ... Read More »

                              Credit Repair Operation Barred By Court From Collecting Up-Front Fees

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                              A credit repair operation has agreed to stop making false claims and stop charging up-front fees under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement is part of an ongoing crackdown on scams that target financially strapped consumers, taking hundreds of dollars of fees to purportedly remove negative information from consumers’ credit reports even if the information is accurate ... Read More »

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