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Pill Pusher Sued by FL AG Over American Home Solutions Group Loan Modification Activities

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The owners of American Home Solutions Group in Florida seem to be facing legal issues on all fronts. The owners, Jeff George and Dante Marquez are accused of “making “blatant misrepresentations” to homeowners in Florida and across the country. For a fee, they promised to help dig homeowners out of mortgage debt. Instead, they did nothing except pocket the money, ... Read More »

    Ireland on the Verge of Joining the Modern World and Proposes to Stop Throwing People in Jail for Debt

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    In 2007-2008 I spent a lot of time in Dublin, Ireland helping groups try to put forward reasonable solutions for consumer debt. The reality was Ireland had no bankruptcy law so people were getting tossed in jail, a real modern debtors’ prison situation. I worked on developing the first attempts to help the court understand the value of pro-rata repayment ... Read More »

      If You Thought the Recession Was Bad, Wait Till You See The Tax Problems Many Will Have as a Result

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      Jim Buttonnow from sent me over the following article to post in an attempt to warn consumers of the looming tax problems to come as a result of living through tough times. He raises some very important points and issues that will undoubtably catch consumers and land them in trouble with the IRS. This will lead more people to ... Read More »

        Consumer Debt Relief False Promises Not a New Problem. Let’s Look Way Back.

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        One statement I often hear from consumers and those inside the debt relief industry is how the debt relief companies that take advantage of consumers, don’t deliver services, leave them getting sued, and take their money in fees, is a new problem. The reality is it is anything but a new problem. Consumers getting less than they pay for in ... Read More »

          Executives Facing Jail Time for Auto Warranty Scam

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          Two executives with a Florida-based telemarketing company admit selling bogus auto-service warranties in a scheme federal prosecutors say victimized 15,000 consumers of nearly $40 million over a two-year span. Christopher Cowart of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Cris Sagnelli of Boca Raton, Fla., pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis to a felony count of using a ... Read More »

            False Attorney Signatures Cast New Doubts on Foreclosures

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            by Sasha Chavkin, ProPublica Many foreclosures have been thrown into question because of flawed documentation such as inaccurate affidavits describing a mortgage’s history. But three recent court cases point to another type of flaw in foreclosure filings that could place thousands more cases in doubt: false attorney signatures on court documents. Experts said that foreclosures that relied on court documents ... Read More »

              Why is Everest Debt Solutions Claiming to be a BBB Member on Their Site and in Ads?

              Everest Debt Solutions

              I was on Google and doing a search for something that involved the word debt in it and I saw the advertisement below. Now Everest Debt Solutions and I go way back. You can see my past articles on Everest Debt Solutions, here. In On October 9, 2009 I published an article that spoke about their use of the unauthorized ... Read More »

                Debt Relief Orders – The Cheap Way to Legally Stop Collection Calls and Eliminate Problem Debt

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                America might be at the forefront of coming up with creative and crafty ways for consumers to extend themselves with credit and debt but real props have to got to the UK for coming up with a great tool to help consumers eliminate problem debt, legally, fully, inexpensively and without bankruptcy. The tool is called a Debt Relief Order. The ... Read More »

                  Credit Cards Becoming Available Again for High Risk Consumers

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                  I’ve been saying it all along through this financial crisis, as soon as the banks feel comfortable with their ability to manage their risk they will be back to extending credit again to high risk consumers. And I’ve also been saying that while consumer savings rates are high now, all it will take is credit card offers and increasing consumer ... Read More »

                    The Best Day of the Week to Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan

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                    You know how sometimes you start wondering about odd stuff. Granted sometimes it’s things like, “How do they get the cream filling in a Twinkie?” Well recently I was curious what day of the week most people apply for a debt consolidation loan. I know, I’m odd that way. In the debt world there are typical patterns. Usually Monday, Tuesday, ... Read More »

                      SteveSavers – Group Discounts to Save Big Bucks on Debt and Credit Help

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                      Today I’m announcing a new free service of the site, SteveSaver’s. So what is a SteveSaverTM you are probably asking? There are a number of areas that people spend money on credit and debt issues. They spend money on credit counseling, credit reports, credit scores, debt settlement services, etc. So I thought, let’s bring group saving discounts offers to ... Read More »

                        Debt, Relationships, Fighting, Sexually Transmitted Debt and Financial Infidelity

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                        Hi, this is Steve Rhode. I’m a consumer debt expert and some people even call me the get out of debt guy. If you are looking for me you can find me on Twitter @GetOutOfDebtGuy and on the web at This time we are going to be talking about a serious subject, fighting about debt. Believe me, in all ... Read More »

                          Small Medical Debts Screw Up Credit Score and Damage Credit Report

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                          The Wall Street Journal is reporting a story about how small unknown medical debts can lead to big problems and a lot of expenses for especially those trying to get a mortgage or refinance. Otherwise well-qualified borrowers with good loan-to-value ratios and steady employment are increasingly finding it difficult to refinance because of medical billing mistakes marring their credit, say ... Read More »

                            FTC Accepts Settlement with Final Defendant in “Pre-Approved” Credit Card Scam

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                            FTC Accepts Settlement with Final Defendant in “Pre-Approved” Credit Card Scam August 16, 2004 Settlement Reached with Defendant Paul Schroeder in First Capital Case The Federal Trade Commission has approved a settlement with Paul Schroeder, the last of seven defendants to face FTC litigation in conjunction with First Capital Consumers Group. According to the settlement, Schroeder is required to transfer ... Read More »

                              Cross-Border Cops Crack Down on Bogus Advance-Fee Loans, Advance-Fee Credit Card Schemes

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                              Cross-Border Cops Crack Down on Bogus Advance-Fee Loans, Advance-Fee Credit Card Schemes November 16, 2004 FTC Survey Shows Advance-Fee Scams Top the List of Consumer Frauds United States and Canadian law enforcers have joined forces to target a scam that affects millions of consumers a year, bilking each of them out of hundreds of dollars or more, for loans they ... Read More »

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