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United Financial Systems Looks Set to Implode. Run For The Hills!

For some time I’ve been writing about United Financial Systems. They are a non-profit 501(c)3 credit counseling company. They’ve been around since 2001. Interestingly they still display the American Association of Debt Management Organizations (AADMO) logo on their site showing they are “Fully Certified” but AADMO went out as a trade association over a year ago. For years United Financial ... Read More »

    Is Debt a Bigger Problem Than Racism?

    Ready to Collapse

    Reverend Buster Soaries feels that being in debt today is the equivalent to living in financial bondage or slavery. Church members are turning to their pastor for advice and guidance to overcome financial problems. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

      Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Megachurch Goes Bankrupt

      Crystal Cathedral

      I remember watching Robert Schuller years ago on his weekly television program, “The Hour of Power” from his California megachurch called the Crystal Cathedral. Now the church is scrambling to overcome financial problems. On October 18, 2010 the ministry filed for bankruptcy protection. It seems a whole lot ironic that the argument against bankruptcy by some is somehow that it ... Read More »

        U.S Bank Says People on Unemployment Don’t Count as Customers

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        From our friends over at the Consumerist comes this nugget from a reader. I have been unemployed in Oregon for a couple of months. Oregon uses US Bank to distribute funds and gives beneficiaries a visa debit card in which is deposited their funds every month. We needed a printout to prove I was receiving benefits so my wife went ... Read More »

          Legal Assistance Guide for Identity Theft Victims

          The Federal Trade Commission has created a guide to help attorneys and victim advocates provide legal assistance to identity theft victims. Geared toward resolving issues out of court, the Guide for Assisting Identity Theft Victims describes how advocates can intervene with creditors, credit reporting agencies, debt collectors, and others, as well as self-help measures that victims can take. Victims may ... Read More »

            “We Quit” in Debt Settlement and Making Your Finances More Friendly – The Get Out of Debt Guy Show

            Revelations in debt settlement tops today’s show. Alex Viecco from New Era Debt Solutions openly talks about his disgust with the current state of debt settlement and why his company boldly and publicly resigned in disgust from The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). In this show Alex is followed by some exceptional good financial advice and insight on a consumer ... Read More »

              A Who’s Who in the Foreclosure Scandal.

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              by Marian Wang, ProPublica The unfolding foreclosure scandal just keeps expanding. Scrutiny first fell on the “robo-signers” who rubber-stamped banks’ foreclosure paperwork, but they’re one of the many players who may have contributed to the mess.To help sort it all out, we’ve drawn up a cast of characters. Let’s start with the basics: Loan Originators/Mortgage Issuers — Banks make mortgage ... Read More »

                Superior Debt Relief Services Offers Some Strong Words Against Attorney Debt Settlement Model

                Superior Debt Relief Services has an article on their site, here, that speaks directly against those pursuing an attorney front debt settlement business model. Their words are probably strong than mine have been at times so I’ll let the following excerpts and warnings from their site speak for themselves. Enter- a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – the attorney-based debt settlement ... Read More »

                  Military Members Drowning in Debt

                  Ready to Collapse

                  My friend Michelle Singletary of the Washington Post had a great column recently talking about the amount of debt military service members are carrying. It’s a topic worthy of discussion and awareness. The article points out that: Military personnel and spouses are generally heavier users of credit cards than civilians, the survey found, and they are more heavily indebted to ... Read More »

                    I Spent The Morning in Court Watching Debtors Lose


                    This morning I spent time sitting in the local courthouse watching debtors go up against creditors in judgment cases. All the debtors lost and judgments were granted to the creditors. One judgment from 2000 was renewed for another term. The first case I watched was that of a guy with a copier purchase or lease. Since the copier was in ... Read More »

                      It’s Official, Tax Relief Providers Not Happy Campers. It’s Their Turn, Turn, Turn.

                      I don’t quite know where the tax relief industry was during the whole process to regulate the debt settlement industry. A process that took a couple of years by the way. But all of a sudden, with new regulations that will apply to the tax relief industry going into effect on October 27, 2010, the tax relief industry is waking ... Read More »

                        Debt & Religion: A Look at the Islamic View of Debt With Imam Asal

                        Zakat Example

                        I was curious about how different religions viewed or interpreted debt so I embarked on a mission of finding religious leaders from different faiths and asking them to share with us their point of view so we could learn more. Life does not exist in a vacuum, especially a religious vacuum. And if there are major religious differences what does ... Read More »

                          My Interview With Adam Baker From

                          Ready to Collapse

                          Adam Baker is a brave soul who places his financial reality out there for people to gawk at. Along the way he’s created a really nice blog at and has a lot of good advice to share regarding doing better financially. Recently I had an opportunity to interview him via video link and got a chance to discuss how ... Read More »

                            Robo-Signer Foreclosure Scandal Update

                            Ready to Collapse

                            by Marian Wang, ProPublica There are more headlines every day about banks using shortcuts and questionable paperwork to push through foreclosures. A group of 40 state attorneys general is expected to announce an investigation this week into the mortgage servicing industry, while calls for a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures– an idea the White House opposes— have grown louder. It’s not ... Read More »

                              Celebrities in Financial Trouble This Week


                              Money problems are not limited to us mere mortals alone. Celebrities fall into financial problems as well. Here is the latest crop reported by TMZ. Screech From Saved By The Bell Screech had his first foreclosure scare in 2006 — when he allegedly fell behind $250,000 on his mortgage payments. It all happened again a few months ago in April ... Read More »

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