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Dual Action Cleanse Colon Cleaner Gives Consumers Financial Runs. Thanks Klee Irwin and Ultimate Nutraceuticals.

Ultimate Nutraceuticals is the focus of a lawsuit filed recently claiming the product Dual Action Cleanse (“DAC”) sold to consumers was grossly over priced and hundreds of thousands of consumers had their credit or debit cards charged without authorization for unordered pills, powders, or potions. So it is alleged that while the product was worthless, the only thing that got ... Read More »

    The “Living Together” Contract: A Guide for Same-Sex Couples

    Ready to Collapse

    A contract is no more than an agreement to do (or not to do) something. It contains promises made by one person in exchange for another’s actions or promises. Marriage is a contractual relationship, even though the “terms” of the contract are rarely stated explicitly, or even known, by the marrying couple. Saying “I do” commits a couple to a ... Read More »

      Sulfur Ridden Chinese Drywall to Cause Great Expense for Some Homeowners

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      A leading East Coast homebuilder learned four years ago that the Chinese-manufactured drywall it had installed in several Florida homes was emitting foul odors, according to documents obtained by ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The company, WCI Communities, was so concerned that it started planning to tear out the material and rebuild the houses. But it never disclosed the problem ... Read More »

        Coping With Medical Bills

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        With medical bills skyrocketing, many people feel they simply can’t afford to be sick. But illness and accidents happen anyway, leaving many families financially unhealthy or even bankrupt. While there is no single, simple solution to the high cost of medical care, this brochure is designed to offer suggestions on coping with large medical bills. Hospital Bills “Want to know ... Read More »

          Insurance Scores: How Your Credit History Affects Your Insurance

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          What does the information in your credit report have to do with your automobile or homeowner’s insurance? Perhaps more than you think! Many insurance companies these days use insurance scores to help determine eligibility for their policies, evaluate policies for renewal and sometimes to determine rate discounts. Insurance scores are popular with insurance companies because they have been proven to ... Read More »

            Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself and What to Do If You Are a Victim

            Telephone Communication Log

            Think your money and peace of mind are safe from thieves? Think again. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing types of robbery today. As many as 300,000 people are defrauded each year by crooks using stolen identities. Guess who ends up paying for the millions of dollars that stores and lending institutions lose in this way? That’s right. ... Read More »

              Should I Lease My Next Vehicle?

              Figure 1 - The Argument for Leasing

              Searching for that perfect car or truck is not such an easy task anymore. Every auto dealer has a special deal just for you — and that deal is not all that easy to understand. Before you go shopping for your next vehicle, think about whether you want to lease or buy and make sure you understand both options. What ... Read More »

                Living Together: A Financial Contract for Unmarried Couples

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                A contract is no more than an agreement to do (or not to do) something. It contains promises made by one person in exchange for another’s actions or promises. Marriage is a contractual relationship, even though the “terms” of the contract are rarely stated explicitly, or even known, by the marrying couple. Saying “I do” commits a couple to a ... Read More »

                  Credit Card or Debit Card: The Great Debate

                  Credit Card vs. Debit Cards A Side-by-Side Comparison

                  Having trouble getting approved for a credit card? Do you have bad credit? Maybe a debit card is the answer. Today, more and more banks and financial institutions are rushing to issue their customers debit cards. In fact, many of these companies routinely issue “enhanced” ATM cards that can also be used as debit cards to make purchases. This article ... Read More »

                    Widow or Widower: How to Handle the Bills After the Death of a Loved One

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                    You’ll go through a tremendous amount of emotional and financial stress after losing a spouse. Trying to take charge of all the household responsibilities while making important decisions about your future can seem overwhelming. This publication is designed to help you take control of one small, but very important, part of your financial life: the bills. As soon as possible ... Read More »

                      How to Survive a Job Loss

                      Example 1

                      If you’ve ever lost a job, you know how devastating it can be. It doesn’t really matter how you lost it — a company reorganization, merger, forced retirement or simply being fired — the results are the same. It probably feels like everything you’ve worked for is gone, including your income. And because losing a job is often unexpected, you’re ... Read More »

                        Auto Loan Modifications From Auto Relief Group, Consumers Call Them a Scam

                        Here is a comercial from an entity that advertises themselves as the Auto Loan Reduction Center. The problem is, after searching, I can’t find any company really named the Auto Loan Reduction Center. – Source. And quite frankly, I’m not surprised. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/AutoLoanReductionCenter.flv /] Lately I’ve noticed more advertisements and mentions of auto loan modifications or truck loan modifications in ... Read More »

                          Hulk Hogan Selling Debt Settlement as “Don’t Sweat The Debt”

                          Hulk Hogan Don't Sweat The Debt

                          Another awesome reader sent me a link to this article at [email protected] If you have a tip, send it on as well. A story out of Connecticut describes how National Media Connection, owned by Matt Goldreich, has signed Hulk Hogan to film to generic commercials to pitch debt settlement services. And that’s where Hulk Hogan comes in – no holds ... Read More »

                            Forensic Audits = Scam. FTC Goes After Law Firms and Others.

                            The Federal Trade Commission has named several new defendants and added new charges concerning so-called “forensic audits” to its lawsuit against an operation that allegedly bilked homeowners who were trying to lower their mortgage payments. The action is part of an ongoing crackdown on scams that target consumers who are behind in their mortgage payments or at risk of foreclosure. ... Read More »

                              Overextended Borrowers Stop Paying Mortgages and Capitalize on Time to Eviction

                              Ready to Collapse

                              In this day and age the amount of people unable to pay their mortgages is on the rise. Be it medical bills, loss of income or a change in circumstances, many people are running into shortages in their lives leaving them coming up short for that monthly mortgage payment. While these times in life are stressful and demanding some families ... Read More »

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