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Is 4Ginfinity.com Yet Another Get Rich Quick Money Making Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Scam?


A recent comment on a previous post of mine directed me to 4ginfinity.com, “The Next Generation Straight-Line.” Frankly, my opinion is that people need to avoid money game programs like this. It appears to be nothing more than a naked pyramid scheme. The site offers a buried statement that it is not a get rich quick program. The site header ... Read More »

Banishing Debt Spells and Other Stuff to Waste Your Money On

Banish Debt Spell

Over the years I’ve seen so many people offer so much crap in an effort to persuade people there is some magic way to deal with debt. most of it seems to be nothing more than a way to separate people from their money. Here are some examples of the type of stuff that is available online. The banishing debt ... Read More »

Is Your Mortgage Illegal, Violate the Constitution, Doesn’t Really Exist and is Unenforceable? Hint: B.S.

For so long I’ve heard the arguments that some claim that a mortgage is not a real document and violates all sorts of laws and arguments and can’t be enforced. People sell all sorts of crazy courses and make all sorts of claims to get money from people in order to show them how to “cancel” their mortgage. I’ve mentioned ... Read More »

My Crazy Bipolar Husband Beat Me Up and Left Me With a Broken Leg. – Cathey

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, My crazy bipolar husband beat me up and left me with a broken leg and 78,000.00 in unsecured debt. I make 70,000.00 a year and am able to make my mortgage payment (I have 30,000.00 in equity) and student loan. However, with his loss of income, I can no longer make the 3,000.00 a month credit card payments. ... Read More »

What In The World Did Nelda See in John?

Ready to Collapse

After watching this video I’m left thinking, “What did they see in each other?” John’s arguments about why he didn’t pay the debt are so weak. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

Student Loan Rap

Ready to Collapse

My favorite section: New interview everyday of the week. What’s a school kid to do but to say to the bank “shoulda known better not to borrow from you.” Ain’t got nothing but my car and shoes. Stacking up the debt what’s a scholar to do. Those banks got me like they got you. Shoulda known better not to borrow ... Read More »

Husband and Wife Murder Suicide Over Debt. Facing Foreclosure.

Ready to Collapse

It is always so senseless to read or hear about these stories. There is no debt worth killing yourself over, there is always an option. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

People Screwing Themselves Out of Their Own Jobs. The Miracles of Capitalism.

Under what has to be classified as the irony of capitalism, American consumers are doing more to prevent themselves from kickstarting a robust economy. Look, I’m all about getting out of debt and enjoying a life worth living, and this recent piece by Ben Stein was awesome to talk about a life worth living. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/Decide_to_Live.flv /] But let’s get ... Read More »

Easy Credit, Nothing New. See These Old Ads.

1938 Radio Ad for Easy Credit

Here are a couple of old radio ads, one from 1938 and one from 1952, both advertising easy credit to purchase the products. I really enjoyed the 1952 television ad with all the same techniques used today to sell credit. Look for: Pay as little as 35 cents a day after a small down payment Lowest Possible Credit Terms Take ... Read More »

Credit Repair Boss Steals Nearly a Million Dollars from Best Buy

In 2006, Joseph A. Graziola, III was charged by the Federal Trade Commission for his fraudulent credit repair activities under his company Bad Credit B Gone. This case ended with a $322,047 judgment against Graziola. Bad Debt B Gone was nailed for making the same old stupid and fraudulent promises of removing accurate but negative items from credit reports. This ... Read More »

Steve Rhode getoutofdebt.org – Myvesta.org Beware Steve Rhode and getoutofdebt.org…this company is a fraud Internet

I wanted to take this opportunity to address a false report, titled the same as this one, about me on a site called Scam Checker. – Source. Unfortunately the site does not allow me to post a rebuttal on the site, so I’m posting it here. If you look at the source file the rebuttal link is an ad to ... Read More »

Respecting Your Wishes if You Become Ill or Incapacitated: A Guide for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Ready to Collapse

All gays and lesbians, whether coupled or not, should consider what will happen if they become seriously ill or suffer a medical emergency. Ask yourself several questions. Who do you want to have authority to act for you if you are incapacitated and cannot make your own health care decisions? Who do you want to be allowed to visit you ... Read More »

Forgotten Regulations That You Can Use to Make Your Creditors Treat You Fairly

Ready to Collapse

If you are concerned about the way credit card companies and other lenders do business, you will be pleased to discover a little known regulation enacted for your protection. Regulation Z, or the Truth in Lending Law, regulates certain credit card practices and helps you know the true cost of credit and achieve a fair and timely solution to credit ... Read More »

How to Rent an Apartment With Marks on Your Credit

Ready to Collapse

If you’ve had credit problems in the past, you may find it difficult to rent an apartment through traditional means. Many rental agencies and some private landlords do “credit checks” before renting, and a poor payment history can hold you back from getting the place you want. But don’t give up! You do have options, especially if you are willing ... Read More »

How to Sell Stuff You Don’t Want

Ready to Collapse

Were you buried by an avalanche the last time you opened a closet door? Does your garage hold everything under the sun except your car? Do you need to raise some money to pay off bills? Whether you’re cleaning out your house or bill collectors are cleaning you out, selling stuff that you don’t need or want is a great ... Read More »

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