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What Do You Think of Solid Ground Financial? – Lorie

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“Dear Steve, I am self employed hairdresser and the economy has hurt my business so much we cannot contuine to make our monthly payments. Just today I signed papers to let solid ground financial settle my debt..I am scared, and wondering if we did the right thing…I don’t want to get sued, or have my creditors call our work. we ... Read More »

    Yep, It’s Official Mann Bracken Out of Business. Ordered to Cease All Debt Collection Activity.

    Recently people have been leaving comments that the national debt collection company Mann Bracken is not cashing their checks. Well it appears clear now that Mann Bracken has been put out of business and they have lost their debt collection license from the State of Maryland. On January 1, 2010 Scott Kramer, Esq. of Mann Bracken sent a letter to ... Read More »

      More Lawyers Arrested for Loan Modification Scam Involving Home Relief Services and US Loan Mod Processing.

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      A lawyer and his business partner have been arrested on charges of defrauding over 400 victims in a $1.25 million loan modification scam that targeted distressed homeowners. A warrant has been issued for another business partner in this case. Former attorney Christopher Lee Diener, 42, and business partners Stefano Joseph Marrero, 40, and Terrence Green Sr., 43, all neighbors in ... Read More »

        Debt Settlement Industry Invaded by the Mafia, Mob, and Organized Crime

        I have been doing a number of reviews of companies in the debt settlement industry lately and one thing has become very clear, the industry seems to be rife with some really bad people. Now nobody wears a tag around their neck that says “I’m in the Mob” and there is no Mobbook to look at but what is very ... Read More »

          Tim McCallan And His Nine Lives in the Debt Relief World

          Timothy T. McCallan may be the smartest person in the underworld of debt relief industry. Under his direct and indirect manipulation the debt management and debt relief world has changed invisibly over many years. I would argue that Tim McCallan may be the biggest fish to have never been caught in any regulator crackdown. The McCallan story really centers around ... Read More »

            Loan Modification and Foreclosure Prevention Programs Are Not Working for Most

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            North Carolina just released a report which did a great job of narrowing in on the core issues that I hear from many people attempting to get their mortgage loans modified or who think a foreclosure prevention program is going to help save their house. For a small minority of applicants these programs are effective, but for the vast majority ... Read More »

              FTC Halts Bogus Credit Card Business

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              May 19, 1998 A business that claimed it could obtain unsecured credit cards — even for consumers with past credit problems — for up-front “processing fees” of up to $129 has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that in almost all cases they failed to provide the cards and, in others, they failed to disclose additional processing and annual ... Read More »

                Project Credit Despair’ Snares 20 ‘Credit Repair’ Scammers

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                ‘Project Credit Despair’ Snares 20 ‘Credit Repair’ Scammers February 2, 2006 Defendants Allegedly Lured Consumers With False Claims The Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), and eight state law enforcement agencies today announced a crackdown on 20 operations that deceptively claim they can remove negative information from consumers’ credit reports – even if that information is accurate and ... Read More »

                  How to Find Joy in the Midst of Financial Troubles. For Me, it is a Camera or a Motorcycle.

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                  In the past I’ve written about how important it is to not let your debt situation ruin your life. See “Don’t Let Your Debt Consume Your Life. Take Advantage of Free Beauty Around You.” Today I wanted to share with you another love in my life, my Suzuki Burgman motorcycle. I love to ride and if you already own a ... Read More »

                    Medical Student Debt Leads To Thoughts Of Suicide and Burnout

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                    Having worked for years in the medical field I applaud anyone that decides that they want to become a doctor. But I’ve met my share of people that seem to have become doctors for “the money” or who once they became doctors, wanted to do something else with their lives. Being a doctor is not easy, but being a medical ... Read More »

                      Is The Government’s Financial Bailout Going To Help You Get Out Of … – WebWire

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                      Blaine, Washington - Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or stranded on a deserted island for the last month, you’ve no doubt been hearing all the talk about the big financial bailout that the US Government is giving to the banking system and ... Read More »

                        How To Save Money Without Really Trying

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                        Saving Money Step-By-Step I know it might feel impossible to put more money in your pocket. The key though is having a plan and following it through. Time after time people prove to be their own worst enemy in this process. I’m not being cynical, just a realist. No advice in the world is going to help you if you ... Read More »

                          How to Eliminate Your UK Debt When Living in the US

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                          There is almost nothing worse than lingering debt you left back home. Collectors want to get paid but if you are a UK citizen now living in the U.S., that might be hard to do. It’s not just that things are getting financially tighter for everyone that creates a problem for British citizens by living in the U.S. to repay ... Read More »

                            Beware of Your Debit Card. Credit Cards are Safer.

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                            Why a Debit Card is Not All That Attractive The debit card has an allure for many because it allows people to make credit card like transactions without the fear of debt but all of that comes at a price and a risk. A debit card is not a credit card, obviously. With a debit card, transactions are paid from ... Read More »

                              Deceptive Billers Agree to Settle FTC Charges

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                              January 31, 2002 Operators who allegedly sent bogus bills to consumers or charged their credit card accounts, claiming that the consumers owed money for audiotext or Internet services they did not order or authorize, have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that their practices violated federal law. The settlement bars the defendants from engaging in deceptive billing practices in ... Read More »

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