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Credit Bureau Collection Services Pays More Than $1 Million to FTC for Violations of FDCPA and FCRA

A nationwide debt collector has agreed to pay a civil fine of more than $1 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated federal law by inaccurately reporting credit information and pressing consumers to pay debts they often did not owe. According to the FTC’s complaint, the company and two of its officers illegally tried to collect invalid ... Read More »

    Here is What a Debt Scammer Looks Like. Watch This.

    Ready to Collapse

    This video below was sent to me showing credit relief scammer Bob Lindsey on a CBS spot called “The Economic Report.” Lindsey has taken so many people under his many debt relief scams, and if you listen to what he has to say, he’s always the victim. This shill video is of Bob Lindsey and Michelle Palmer, not your average ... Read More »

      Online Scammers Pose as Police to Scam Victim, Again!

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      In a new cruel twist, scammers that have taken advantage of people and extracting money out of them online are going back after a second bit of the apple and posing as police in order to get more personal information out of the victim to scam them again. An article out of New Zealand reveled the way the scam plays ... Read More »

        Boston Bridal Scam Rips People Off With Fake Bridal Show

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        Boston police said today they feared thousands of people will descend on the Hynes Convention Center later this week for a bridal show – only to discover the “show” was an Internet scam. “What we found out is that there is no show,” Detective Steve Blair said at police headquarters this afternoon. “It was a scam.” According to police, someone ... Read More »

          Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding. Idiots.

          Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding had been operating in California and claiming that their loan modification and foreclosure rescue service were somehow handled by one or more attorneys. They were not. In January, 2010 the California bar shut down the companies, seized client files, terminated phone and ... Read More »

            Deals of the Day and Coupon Offers

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            Who doesn’t like to save money? I know I do. Well the good folks over at have been kind enough to provide us with information on the deals of the day you see below. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to find out what’s just waiting for you to pay less for. Get Out of ... Read More »

              Husband Throws Wife Off Balcony Over Debts


              KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Stanley Reimer, a Kansas City man pleaded guilty Friday in Jackson County Circuit Court to second-degree murder in the death of his wife. Reimer, 52, admitted to throwing his wife, Criste, off the balcony of their 4th floor Plaza Point apartment in August 2007. Court documents state Reimer, the former Art Museum accountant, told police he ... Read More »

                Real Housewives of Atlanta, What a Fricken Financial Mess They Are


                Lately I’ve been watching the Bravo TV series, Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t know why I watch the damn show but for a guy that rarely, if ever, yells at the television during sporting events, I find myself yelling at the screen watching this series. Mostly I’m yelling things like “You’re gonna lose that home NeNe” and “Bet you ... Read More »

                  Crooks Steal Thousands From Bank Just By Changing Their Shirt

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                  Police in one central Massachusetts town are investigating a highly unusual bank robbery. It took about four hours for the bank robbers in this case to drain more than $20,000 out of the Millbury National Bank, and they did it in broad daylight, during banking hours. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

                    Repo Men Recovering Cars On The Fly With High Speed Cameras

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                    Some amazing new technology out lets the repo companies snag repos on the fly without having to do it the old fashioned way of hunting the car down. New technology by MVTRAC allows repo vehicles to read license plates of cars parked or passing them. When the system goes “ch-ching” the driver knows they have a car to pick up. ... Read More »

                      United Law Group Brags About Doing It’s Job, Huh?

                      I have no clue what could be running though the minds of the people over at the United Law Group lately. The United Law Group offers loan modification services. Out pops a new press release from United Law Group all bragging and such about how they helped this foot doctor get her mortgage modified for the parents. The headline of ... Read More »

                        How to Successfully Get a Refund from Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network By Picketing

                        Picket Dude

                        I have previously written about Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network and the approach the network takes to providing financial counseling. He seems to have a a bunch of unhappy people that feel they have been ripped off. See the comments on “Investigative Report: Dave Burke and Real Talk Network (Real Talk Network, Inc.). Is It a Scam?” Here ... Read More »

                          American Idol Contestent Busted for Felony Identity Theft


                          According to TMZ, former American Idol contestant Chikezie Eze was just busted by Beverly Hills Police for using a stolen credit card to attempt to buy some cologne at Neiman Marcus. According to Chikezie it is all a misunderstanding but the Beverly Hills Police don’t seem to see it that way. Chikezie is out on $50,000 bail. I wonder how ... Read More »

                            eBay Motors Redirect Scam Makes it Easy For Users to be Taken

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                            A very interesting video was recently posted which shows how clever scammers have become in being about to capture eBay user information and bids that could result in someone winning a vehicle auction and sending their money to a scammer. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

                              United Law Group Attorney – Pissed Off.

                              Ready to Collapse

                              Press release from United Law Group today that handles debt settlement cases, among others. You would think that if United Law Group was a stickler for details and keeping records they’d recognize the reporter was Paul Elias, not Paul Alias. Refuting assertions that United Law Group is ‘either unscrupulous or incompetent’, the firm’s senior managing attorney Robert Buscho released documents ... Read More »

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