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Forensic Mortgage Analysis Scam – Beware

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Consumers are urged to be on the lookout for companies promising forensic mortgage analysis services. It’s an offer many struggling homeowners can find hard to resist. It begins with a flyer or phone call from a company offering to review your financial documents in order to find a dramatically lower mortgage rate. But the problem is, it often is an ... Read More »

TOP STORY > >Hunker down in hard times – Arkansas Leader

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TOP STORY > >Hunker down in hard times Arkansas Leader, AR - 6 hours ago “ Get out of debt – don’t let anything hold you down,” Reeves said. “We’ve cut back on spending everywhere we could to save money. ... Read More »

Still Stormy? – FWWeekly

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Still Stormy? FWWeekly, TX - 12 hours ago TBT needs about $700000 by year’s end to get out of debt . Once more, the dancers are stepping up to the plate, putting together a benefit program in Scott ... Read More »

You Ain’t Your Fucking Debt

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On the way from a weekend visiting really good friends and having lots of laughs, yesterday I was talking with Pam in the car, in the rain, and on cruise control. I was just thinking back on how all the difficult moments of our nearly 28 year relationship have changed our course. There was the day our daughter stopped breathing ... Read More »

“Traditional Debt Settlement Companies Are Working for the Creditors, Not the Consumer.”

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I recently wrote a review about a new company called Capital Protection Group. It occurred to me as I was working on it how times have changed in the last year. Debt settlement companies used to say “Credit counselors are working for the creditor, not the consumer.” Debt settlement companies seemed to want to position themselves as the champion of ... Read More »

We Are Helping Kids Today

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I just wanted to share with you the following projects I donated to in the name of the GetOutOfDebt.org site to help students learn more about money credit and debt. If you would like to donate to help students, visit DonorsChoose.org. The Projects We Contributed to Today It’s Time for MONEY “I teach special education students grades K-5. All of ... Read More »

Debt in Stone

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Debt, originally uploaded by iandavid. Some people feel like their debt is set in stone. Apparently they are correct. This debt is set in stone. Just a nice picture that I had to share. Steve Read More »

Things People Get Wrong About Credit Card Debt

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Excellent article in the Washington Post titled “Five myths about America’s credit card debt.” You should read it, click here. Highlights from the article. 1. Middle-class American families have long depended on bank credit cards to manage their budgets. Not true. 2. More people have credit cards because companies got better at managing risk and began marketing to lower-income customers. ... Read More »

Chris Kesterson, President of Debt Settlement Trade Association TASC Settles Charges by State

Chris Kesterson

The Association of Settlement Companies, a debt settlement trade association, proclaims to be the watchdog of the industry and to “promote good practice in the debt settlement industry.” But I’ve got to ask myself, if TASC is so focused on working on behalf of consumers then way did the TASC President, Chris Kesterson, (seen left) just settle legal issues with ... Read More »

Beware of Twitter for Cash Scam

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A popular one right now? One web site is designed to look like a newspaper front page, with the logos of real newspapers and TV networks. The person featured has a rags to riches story…college dropout now making $10,000 a month working from home. All you have to do is order a twitter cash starter kit for $1.95, but that’s ... Read More »

Master Builders for Christ and Vision Builders Christian Center Steal Homes of People Facing Foreclosure


I’m not sure if it’s just me or that there seem to be more financial frauds occurring in the name of God. Using the words of God and a promised opportunity of hope in desperation, three Delaware residents stole the foreclosed houses of desperate homeowners. – Source Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden announced that Jamaar Manlove, Larry Manlove, Rhonda Manlove, ... Read More »

Debt Settlement Trade Association USOBA Holds Conference at Resort

Is it just me or does it see a bit insulting that at a time when the debt settlement industry is under fire for profiteering and taking advantage of consumers that the United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives trade association is holding their upcoming summer 2010 conference at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The ultimate in comfortable ... Read More »

Payday Store Manager Saves Grandmother From Scam

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Lincoln County sheriffs investigators say they’re getting several calls a week about con-artists targeting the elderly with ‘the grandparents scam.’ It’s where a caller claims that the would-be victim’s grandchild is in jail and needs bail money. W-S-A-W NewsChannel 7 is reporting one case where the con-artist put a younger female on the phone, posing as the actual grandchild. The ... Read More »

ChristBilt Builder Arrested For Stealing Money and Running a Scam

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I am never surprised by the amount of fraud that is perpetrated using religion and christianity and as foundation for the scam. I wonder how many people thought they could easily trust a company with Christ in the name? Out of Atlanta, Charles Laboone, seen getting a free ride in a police car, was arrested for taking money from people ... Read More »

Developer Fleeces With Subprime Mortgage Fraud. Defense – Rabbi Said It Was OK.

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A Brooklyn developer accused of fleecing dozens of Hasidic families in a massive subprime mortgage fraud scheme took cover behind a divine defense on Tuesday. Eliyahu Ezagui’s lawyer told jurors his client received “a blessing” from the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson to build affordable housing for the Lubavitcher community in Crown Heights. “It was a mitzvah to him, a Hebrew ... Read More »

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