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How Can People Afford the Dentist and Dental Care?

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The recent Frontline story on the dental crisis faced in America today is especially timely for me. I just went to the dentist to replace a broken filling and was shocked by the cost of modern dental services. And the underlying issue is if you don’t invest in getting the work done it can lead to bigger and more expensive ... Read More »

    Debt Settlement Myth #6: It’s Safe To Take 36-48 Months To Settle My Debts

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    This is the sixth in a series of posts discussing the most common myths about do-it-yourself debt settlement. Most traditional debt settlement firms are still quoting program durations of 36-48 months, sometimes longer, and clients are led to believe that it’s safe to take that long. By “safe,” I mean a low risk of lawsuit activity. After all, multiple lawsuits ... Read More »

      Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy Merger With Macey Bankruptcy Law Raise Issue With Alleged Former Attorney

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      A tipster (send in your tips here) and alleged former attorney with Macey Bankruptcy Law sent me a statement and ask me to check into claims about the number of offices Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy now has along with its merger with Macey Bankruptcy Law, formerly Legal Helpers. The tipster (send in your tips here) expressed concern over the claims ... Read More »

        CFPB First Public Enforcement Action Against Capital One for Payment Protection and Credit Monitoring

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        The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced its first public enforcement action with an order requiring Capital One Bank (U.S.A.), N.A. to refund approximately $140 million to two million customers and pay an additional $25 million penalty. This action results from a CFPB examination that identified deceptive marketing tactics used by Capital One’s vendors to pressure or mislead consumers into ... Read More »

          Dubai Debt Collector Assaulted by Iraqi Trader

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          A 47-year-old Iraqi trader, OFM, allegedly assaulted a debt collector who came to his office and left him 5 percent permanent disability, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. The victim, MAA, 57, testified that on April 23, 2011, at around 11am he visited OFM in his office in Al Rifaa area to collect a debt. “I entered his office and showed ... Read More »

            Student Loan Debt Significantly Erodes Hope for Financial Future

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            There is no good news about student loans. While everyone has had their eye on credit card debt, it’s the stupid student loans that are the exploding problem. Since student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, once you are on the hook for the loans it can damn near be a financial death sentence. The Federal Reserve Bank of New ... Read More »

              Killer iPhone App Delivers Free Credit Score and Credit Monitoring

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              The folks over at Credit Karma have been busy little bees. I’ve been a fan of their free credit score and credit score modeling tool and mentioned them on the site. But now they’ve outdone themselves with their new iPhone app. The app is free to download and delivers a ton of useful information, except for the credit score modeling ... Read More »


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                Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today filed a consumer-protection lawsuit against a Kansas-based debt collection agency that has illegally sought to collect on payday loan debts in Arkansas. The Pulaski County Circuit Court lawsuit claims that National Credit Adjusters LLC of Hutchinson, Kan., violates the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act in its attempts to collect on payday and high-interest installment loan ... Read More »

                  US Bank Stops Bitch Slapping Ohio Unemployed With Overdraft Charge

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                  Those in Ohio who are receiving unemployment benefits will be getting a bit of a reasonable break come July 18, reports Policy matters Ohio. Seems that until now, the Reliacard prepaid debit cards that are issued by US Bank to deposit benefits on would hit the unemployed with a $17 overdraft charge. But you’ve got to wonder, since it is ... Read More »

                    Dotcom Success Cashes Out Winds Up Busted in More Ways Than One

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                    Live on Line, one of the initial dotcom success stories, sold for $70 million in 2000. Jeffifer Sultan, the owner scored big and went on to form Global Media Services with her boyfriend and Live On Line co-founder, Adam Cohen. That’s where this story tips and begins a slide downhill to become another example of massive wealth doesn’t always wind ... Read More »

                      Superior Court Judge Candidate Allowed to Run for Office With Recent Bankruptcy

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                      Out of Georgia today we see yet another example of how bankruptcy is not the job killer many gear it will be. A state administrative judge has ruled that Juvenile Court Judge Willie Saunders is eligible to run for a Superior Court judge position, according to an opinion filed today. Although Saunders owes federal taxes, his plan to pay the ... Read More »

                        Alleged Fiji / Thailand Based Jennifer Yoffe and Tim Gibbons Spam Faxes Are Out of Control

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                        A reader just forwarded to me yet another fax that was just sent by United Benefits / United Employee Benefits Group (uebg.org) that is sending out fake spam faxes to work fax numbers to sell some sort of debt relief / debt restructuring service. This would not be the embarrassingly stupid scheme if it wasn’t for the fact that the ... Read More »

                          My Husband Died in the UK and I Paid His BarclayCard Balance But Now Assisted Probate Services Wants More. – Jax

                          “Dear Jon, In december 2009 I lost my husband in a road accident.In january 2010 I received a statement from barclaycard with a balance of £110 that had paid for my christmas gift from my husband to me.I paid the balance in full and cancelled the card after explaining the circumstances.The card was solely in my late husbands name and ... Read More »

                            17 Year Old Kills Father Over Debit Card Dispute

                            Michael P. Farrell/Times Union

                            In yet another tragic example of how money problems can lead to the most horrible on consequences, typically murder or suicide, a dispute of a debit card transaction led a 17 year old to shot her father in the head with a towel wrapped rifle. Trinity Copeland of Troy, New York is in the Rensselaer County jail following the dispute ... Read More »

                              Help Save X Trial. Oh, and Never Get Stuck by Friends Again Who Promise to Pay, and Don’t..

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                              Have you ever been in that uncomfortable position of being the organizer of some event or trip between friends and someone didn’t pay what was promised and you got left funding the difference? Yea, me too. Crowdtilt has launched in 2012 and makes it their mission to make sure you don’t get left holding the bag. With this service, people ... Read More »

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