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Tithing Not Required Says Majority of Evangelical Leaders

Ready to Collapse

Interesting article on CNN about tithing in which evangelical leaders say the Bible does not requires a church member to tithe. Tithing has always been one of those lightning rod issues that people have a core belief about but when faced with difficult financial times they sometimes abandon church rather than face the perceived shame of not being able to ... Read More »

    More Supernatural Debt Reduction With Todd Coontz of Rockwealth Ministries

    Todd Coontz

    Every since I wrote about Peter Popoff and his supernatural debt elimination prayer some of the television evangelists have hit my radar. Todd Coontz of Rockwealth Ministries was pitching essentially a donation for business success / debt elimination approach. What caught my ear was his use of “God supernaturally gave him the money.” It sounded like a line straight out ... Read More »

      Debt & Religion: A Look at the Islamic View of Debt With Imam Asal

      Zakat Example

      I was curious about how different religions viewed or interpreted debt so I embarked on a mission of finding religious leaders from different faiths and asking them to share with us their point of view so we could learn more. Life does not exist in a vacuum, especially a religious vacuum. And if there are major religious differences what does ... Read More »

        Elderly Investors Scammed by “Man of God” Fraud

        Sad Elderly Lady

          Photo Credit: Tiziano Caviglia Nigerian Citizen and Texas Resident, Samuel LeMaire, was recently sued by the SEC for alleged religious affinity fraud against elderly investors. The lawsuit filed June 7, 2010 by the SEC claims LeMaire presented himself as a “man of God” who intended to start a charitable foundation to help needy Nigerian children to investors by proposing ... Read More »

          Couple Scams Nuns for $800,000 and Spends it Gambling

          Ready to Collapse

          A Chicago man who along with his wife scammed more than $1 million from monasteries and religious groups was sentenced Friday to 39 months in federal prison. Edward Bosire, 40, and his wife, Angela Martin-Mulu, 36, posed as siblings who had fled political oppression in Africa, were in the United States illegally, and needed money for medical bills and other ... Read More »

            Your God Loves Debtors


            So many people tell me about how ashamed they feel about their financial problems. They feel like losers, cheats or just bad people for not being able to honor their repayment promises. It is truly unfortunate that people find themselves in money trouble with debt casting a huge black shadow over their life as far as they can see. But ... Read More »

              Should I Tithe While Getting Out of Debt?

              Ready to Collapse

              She and her husband are working diligently to get out of debt . They want to direct as much money as possible to digging out of their hole, but at this point they are also trying to keep their heads above water. I am not an authority [. ... Read More »

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